I would like to thank the Annandale Canine Society committee for the invitation to judge the Rough Collie classes at their Open show.  Thank you for a lovely day, with a big thank you to my ring stewards who kept everything running smoothly.  It was lovely to judge all the dogs (no absentees), they were all presented well.  It was nice to see my Best Rough Collie Puppy  gain Pastoral Puppy Group 2.

Rough Collie Puppy 2 (0)
1st Steven’s Cambrogan Blowin  A Hoolie  7 month old s/w bitch of good shape, nice wedge head with well placed oblique eye & well placed ears.  Well constructed, with good reach of neck and shoulder angulation.  Good topline and bone.  Moved and showed well.  BP & Pastoral Puppy  2.
2nd Rycraft’s Riverside Song Back For Good In Rydellsky  11 month old s/w dog.  Nice head with dark oblique eye, nice shape, good bone.  Nice topline, moved well.  Was not too happy showing today.

Rough Collie Graduate 3 (0)
1st Brown & Jopson’s  Lillyway  Lattimer At Nithview  2 year old tri colour dog of beautiful shape & construction.  Nice blunt head with correct set dark oblique eye giving a pleasing expression.   Well set ears which were used at all times, in good coat, well presented.  Moved and showed well.
2nd Carmichael’s Kilchrenan  Zena’s Design 3 year old tri colour bitch, nice wedge head with dark almond eye.  Well laid shoulders, good topline with nice turn of stifle.  Moved and showed well.  Preferred eye on 1st.
3rd Melvin & Jopson’s  Nithview Country Bumpkin.

Rough Collie Limit 4 (0)
1st  Carmichael’s Kilchrenan Keltic Mist JW 4 years old  b/m bitch, good clean wedge shaped head with dark sweet eye giving pleasing expression.  Well constructed, nice bone, good shoulder angulation and nice topline which was held on the move.  Well presented carrying a good coat, would prefer to see a clearer blue merle colour.
2nd Melvin & Jopson’s  Lillyway Lovin’ You At Nithview  5 year old tri colour bitch in beautiful dark coat.  Lovely head with flat skull, lovely dark almond eye giving sweet expression.  Well proportioned with good angulation,  good bone, short hocks.  Beautifully presented, moved well.  She just wasn’t happy with herself today.  Could change places with 1st on another day.
3rd Steven’s  Cariadhaf  Cookies And Cream For Cambrogan.

Rough Collie Open 4 (0)
1st Carmichael’s Kilchrenan Keltic Brier JW 4 year old tri colour dog.  Well constructed upstanding male with correct length of head, well placed stop. Lovely dark almond shape eye, ears well placed and  used giving an overall intelligent expression.  Good reach of neck, set into well laid shoulders, deep chest with good spring of rib.  Level topline which was held on the move, good bend of stifle with short hocks, moved with drive and purpose.  In fabulous coat, beautifully presented.  Happy to  award him BOB.
2nd Melvin & Jopson’s Starlenga Street Fighter At Nithview  SHCM  8 year old s/w dog with lovely balanced head, dark oblique eye, well placed ears.  Nice  bone and of good construction, good shoulder  and rear angulation.  Moved and showed well, beautifully presented as always from this kennel.   
3rd Steven’s Cariadhaf Crazy Dream.

Judge Catherine Hollinshead.