London and Provincial Collie Club Open Show Sunday 25th August 2019

What a lovely warm day. I would like to thank L and P for asking and having faith in me to judge the SAC, this being my first breed show. I thoroughly enjoy myself. I need to also thank all the exhibitors entrusting me to go over their dogs, such a privilege.

Special Award Classes
Smooth Collies
Class A - S A Puppy Dog or Bitch Entries 0

Class B - S A Post Graduate Dog or Bitch Entries 3

1st - Tiranti: Wynele Sea Captain Garthfield
This 2 1/2 yr old blue merle male dog was well built, full of muscle and very friendly. Well placed stop, eyes and ears gave a handsome expression. Good scissor bite and clean teeth. Lovely strong neck, great angulation front and rear, filling out nicely and well balanced; moved off strong could do with a different handler to show him at his best.

2nd - Benton: Oakestelle Artemis
2y 2m old blue merle bitch with lovely clear blue coat of good texture, finer head than first, used ears well. Good lay of shoulder and nice angulation front and rear still maturing. Nice length of body. Showed well when she settled into her task at hand.

3rd - Benton & Bemelmans: Oakestelle Asteria

Class C - S A Open Dog or Bitch Entries 3 (1)
This class had two fabulous dogs to go over; one dog and one bitch both of equally good qualities.
1st - Loader: Coneypark Countdown for Allangill
3 yr old S/W male was lovely to go over from the tip of his nose to tip of his tail. Well develop head which was definitely male, dark almond eyes, well placed ears and lovely head planes all giving handsome look. Strong neck, moving into good lay of shoulder, good fore chest and well sprung ribs. Front and rear angulations felt good which was shown in movement. Good top line and good length of tail. Moved around the ring with ease.

2nd - Benton: Oakestelle Venus De Milo
6y 1m A lovely blue merle bitch who holds her age well, another well muscled smooth. Balanced bitch in profile. Head was nice to go over a little fine for me. Nice dark eye, well used ears in correct position making sweet expresssion, good arched neck, firm back and good angulations glided smoothly around the ring.

Rough Collies
Class: D - S A Puppy Dog or Bitch Entries 0

Class: E - S A S A Post Graduate Dog or Bitch Entries 4
1st - Daley: Rahlissa Charmaine with Melayla
2 1/2 yr old S/W Elegant bitch with dark almond eye, well placed ears used to her advantage the stop was a little to deep for me. Good fore chest good angulation front and rear, good topline and lovely long tail. She was out in her light summer dress today. Moved around ring with grace.

2nd - Arrowsmith: Saganan Dancing in the Dark
1yr 9m old Beautifully presented tri bitch. Nice head correct stop, could have sweeter eye and she didn't use her lovely ears today. Lovely profile, head and body balanced in harmony.
Strong arched neck going into good lay of shoulder. Topline firm, rise over loin good, angulation front and rear strong, giving good drive.

3rd Hull: Lizmark Gold Sovereign

4th Collino: Imaginist Sparrowhawk

Class: F - S A Open Dog or Bitch Entries 6

1st - Beaden & Arrowsmith: Saganan Blue Diamond
1y 9m old Blue merle good colouring. Sweet expression dark almond shape eyes, ears used well and correctly placed, good scissor bite and nice clean teeth. Lovely long neck going into good lay of shoulder, excellent fore-chest, good angulation front and rear lovely long tail. Good length of body. Moved around the ring with ease

2nd - Benton &Smith: Brooklynson El Dorado
2y 9m old S/W male. Lovely male head and also nice to go over. Lovely dark almond shape eye, good ear carriage and good stop. Nice arched neck going into well laid shoulders, deep chest, ribs well sprung good length of body. Carrying a little excess weight. Moved well around the ring.

Janine Hanson (JARDS)


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