Yorkshire Collie Club 03/09/2018
Special Award Classes

Firstly a huge thankyou to the committee for inviting me to judge. I could not have received a warmer welcome from them and they had clearly put a lot of effort into organising an excellently run show. Thanks also to my steward Claire Bannister for ensuring that everything ran smoothly with the ring.
Looking back at my general notes it would be remiss of me not to mention concerns I have about presentation in some exhibits. Some exhibits had substantial knots in their undercoat which were immediately apparent when placing your hands on the dogs. Dirty teeth were an issue as well.
You cannot impact on the construction of your dogs; however you can present them to their advantage and to present a dog with knots and dirty teeth only serves to detract from the good virtues that your dogs have to offer.
Special Award Puppy Dog or Bitch (3 entries,0 abs)

  1. White’s Mejola Physical Attraction – 7 month old tri bitch who’s just right for her age. She presents pleasing picture in profile. Her head needs a little time, but she has that on her side and with her head construction I don’t anticipate this will be a problem. Soft expression draws you in and when placing your hands on her you are not disappointed. Nice strong neck, with good angulations front and rear. Once she settles on the move she has a lovely free flowing action with nice reach and drive.
  1. Whitaker’s Siluto Misterious Girl – 7 month old tri bitch who just needs a bit more time for everything to come together. Nice in profile she has a quite lovely blunt wedge head shape with good clean lines. Well angulated front with nice chest depth and good rib. A little untidy on the move today but she is only a baby and I am sure she’ll finish a lovely bitch.


Special Award Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (6 entries, 0 abs)

  1. Scott’s Aniesh Touch of Black – 4 year old tri male who I suspect can be overlooked as he is not overstated in any way. He presents a nice profile; however it is when you get your hands on him that you really appreciate his virtues. He has the most endearing of expressions which comes from his well-constructed head with lovely nice, clean, lines. Well set ears, with ok neck and lovely front and rear angles. Nice deep chest with a good spring of rib which is well back. His nice angulations make him a fluent mover both away and back and in profile. From a personal perspective, I would like to see him moved a touch quicker to really illustrate his reach and drive.
  1. Skinner’s Samhaven Time is Money with Nikal – 4 year old tri bitch and a girl who I have admired previously, and that admiration has not changed. Everything I have said about her previously still stands, she was being a little madam on the move today which really did spoil her movement away and back. A real shame, as when she first came in I thought she would be my class winner.


Special Award Open Dog or Bitch (5 entries,0 abs)

  1. White’s Mejola Fate and Fortune – I was quite taken with this 2 year old blue boy. At first glance you are drawn to his excellent blue colouring which can’t fail in catching your eye. All male in stood in profile with a sense of purpose and air of nobleness. Couldn’t help but look forward to getting my hands on him and he didn’t disappoint. Excellent head with soft expression & good ear set. Lovely strong neck into well set shoulders with a nice straight front. Lovely depth of chest & well shaped rear angles and neat pushy hocks which are well let down. His construction means this boy can really move out how his construction says he should. He takes a little time to settle into this stride but when he does his reach and drive is there for all to see. My concluding note said simply lovely, and he is.
  1. Copsey’s Passionate Embrace at Gemheid – 6 year old sable bitch, well up to size, lovely in profile and a head which has good planes providing a nice endearing expression. Super neck and nice angulation front and complimenting angles to her rear. She really does come alive on the move and thoroughly deserved her place in this class. Well presented and in fantastic condition.

Adam Adjucet