West of England Collie Society
April 2018

SAC classes

Would like to thank the club for encouraging new judges into the breed. My very first appointment was made easy with my steward for this l thank.

Class 1  puppy dog or bitch  
1st Gladwell Sunswirl Win Step to Jotars (imp BLR)
9 month old sable dog with a clean head. Lovely expression and smacks quality. Ears would like a bit tighter but had super eye placement. On the move he showed what being a pup is all about . Just loved him . Presented well
2nd Lockyer Riverside Song VIP with Gataj (imp Rom)
Loved the expression on this pup at only 7 month old has a lot to like about him. Moved well but needs to tighten .Ears on top and a rounded muzzle just  hope he grows on. Short hocks lm sure will do well when matures.

Post Graduate dog or bitch
1st Lockyer Think of me Prince of Sunlight at Gataj (imp Hun)
All male was my first thought as he entered the ring . No mistaking his sex . Sweet eye and ears bang on top. Good length of back and super bone. Although he had other things on his mind when asked to move the handler did enough to show me his qualities . Shape wise  a worthy winner .
2nd Legge  Lynmead sent with love to Kalzan
Pretty shaded sable bitch that loved her day out . Ears a little wide and light for me. Had a lovely almond shaped eye . Moved really well and presented to perfection.
3rd Skinner Samhaven Time is Money with Nikal.

Open dog or bitch
(5 -0)

1st Congdon Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell (imp Rus)
A mature tri male that had all eyes on his handler. Moved with drive that made him an easy winner. Has length of back and super bone. From the distance floated around the ring . Presented beautifully .
2nd Skinner Nikal Its Gud to be Black
Nearly 7 years old a surprising find . In super condition was unlucky to meet 1st dog . Ears and eye lovely and moved well. Good turn of stifle and at one with handler .
3rd Lockyer Gataj Fairytale Surprise.
Reg Ware