West of England Collie Society

Sunday 8th July, 2018


Judge : Fay Hutchings (Collidach)


My first CC appointment for Smooth Collies and I had a fabulous day. West of England gave me my first Breed Club Open Show appointment, so I was more than pleased to be given the opportunity to judge for them with my first CC appointment. It was an extremely hot day, so judging was held inside. Although, generally, smooth collies cope brilliantly with most floors, this one proved a challenge. Even I felt myself go a couple of times. It didn't do some of them any favours with feet, and taking corners was difficult, saying this they all coped admirably. I was super pleased with my overall entry, condition and presentation in most was excellent. A few round eyes and narrow fronts still need to be corrected but these today were in the minority. Thrilled to see the smooth collies go on to a clean sweep in the main awards. Thank you again for a lovely day, super lunch and lovely dogs.


Veteran Dog (1,1 Abs)



Puppy/Junior Dog

No Entries


Post Graduate Dog (4,2 Abs)

1st Beeney's Coneypark Black Sabbath

Upstanding Tricolour Male, Loved his outline standing and on the move.  Lovely Masculine head, with one of the nicest eye shapes.  Super rear angulation, moved correctly and easily with great reach in front.  A very close decision for the CC, had to settle today for the RCC.  Beautifully handled. Shall watch his show career with interest, A upper house dog.

2nd Moores, Manordeifi Bow Regard

Sable, Smaller type of dog, but enough bone, lovely head, and ears good when concentrating.  Nice mover, preferred the overall outline and movement of 1st


Limit Dog (2)

Two lovely males

1st Eke's Foxearth Flag Day

Lovely young tricolour Male.  Lovely shape standing and on the move, a very easy correct moving dog, could go on all day and along with the Reserve dog I would stand and watch.  Super condition with excellent muscle.  Super rear angulation.  Excellent feet.  Lovely well developed front.  Like his head and eye, and when using his ears gives a lovely expression.  His 2nd CC and although pushed by the Bitch winner a deserved BOB,  Hope his 3rd is not far away (I'm sure its not) and thrilled to see him go Best in Show.  Congratulations

2nd Denton's Brackenhaye Fields of Gold

Another lovely male, loved his rich sable colour, lovely head and eye shape, and a super shape when stacked and on the move, moved correctly, but was holding back a little which cost him.  Another male I'm sure will be up in the top house.


Open Dog (3)

1st Gay's Ch Yagane's Blue Mist

Blue Merle Dog, a favourite of mine, but today not putting in a performance,  good well broken colour, love his head and lovely collie  expression. Although ears a little heavy.  Has super bone and correct front.  Moved well, but very reluctantly, and losing his topline a tad. 

2nd O'Brian's Straighlines Secret Love at Seanchrois

Tricolour dog, not seen before, a finer type then I would like for a male.  Head a little narrow then I would like but had correct ear carriage.  Nice shape stacked, moved ok.

3rd Denton's Ryecombe Jaffa Jake at Brackenhayne

Veteran Bitch (3,2Abs)

1st Moore's Manordeifi Silver Sparkler

A old favourite of mine, Blue Merle bitch approaching 9 years old, which you would not believe, was a lovely shape stacked with a good solid topline both standing and moving.  Lovely head and eye shape, Good well broken colour.  BVIB Moved well and thrilled to see her go BVIS.  Well done

Puppy Bitch (2)

Difficult decision between these two tricolour litter sisters.

Both were a lovely shapes 2nd a little longer casted.  Both need to develop in front. And were both well angulated.  The 2nd is very well schooled to her advantage, and the 1st is still a little naughtier and needs a bit more ring training, but got better as the day went on to take Best Puppy in Show, Just preferred the profile movement of the 1st today.  Thank you for bringing them, I'm sure they will change places often.

1st Johnston's Foxearth Full Moon

2nd Hooley's Foxearth Fashion for Jagentraum

Junior Bitch (1)

1st Johnston's Foxearth Full Moon - as puppy

Post Graduate Bitch (6, 2 Abs)

1st Carpenter's Plaisance Eva La Belle

B/M Bitch, good colour although heavy marked.  Loved her head and eye shape.  Super body and condition. Correct front and a picture stood.  A fluent mover and beautifully handled which won her this class. Considered her for higher honours.

2nd Meacham's Blamorder Curlywurly Girly at Zellamere

Another lovely tricolour girl who took my eye for her lovely shape stacked.  Correct head planes, and good expression but a little round in eye.  Gave her handler a hard time moving as she really wants to go.  A another up and down once settled gained her this place. A bit more ring practice needed, she will get there

3rd Moore's Manordeifi Summer Magic

Limit Bitch (6 1 Abs)

1st Denton's Brackenhaye Shape O'My Heart

Tricolour Bitch, this bitch stood away in the bitches for me today, loved her super outline stacked and a joy to watch on the move.   Loved her correct head, with excellent ear carriage.  correct balanced front and rear angulation.  Gave her the CC without hesitation.  just lost out on BOB today as I felt the dog just put that bit more in on the go round.  but it was extremely hot, and the dog had had at least a rest, always thought it is harder in the girls. But thrilled to see after a rest she went on to win Reserve Best in Show. Congratulations.

2nd Sweeny's Plaisance Blue Belle

Blue Merle Bitch, Nice broken colour,  I have always like this bitch, lovely shape, loved her head and excellent eye shape and ears, moves correctly and holds a good topline stacked and moving.  Just outmoved by the enthusiasm of Shape O'my heart and spirit on the day.

3rd Brown's Blamorder Back in Town

Open Bitch 7, 1 Abs)

1st Hartley's Ch Foxearth Finnish Spirit at Jimjack ShCM

A lovely well balanced tricolour.  Attractive head with a pleasing eye and expression.  Good rear angulations, and well developed front,  Lovely condition and coat, excellent feet.  Did enough to take the RCC on her movement on the day.

2nd Denton's Ch Kevranna Theras Enate Echo

Pushed the class winner very hard,  nice balanced head and eye shape, used ears constantly.  Lovely shape standing and on the move,  correct front and nice rear angulation.  Just preferred the movement of the 1st on the day.

3rd McArdle's Ir Ch Blamorder Jelly Bean Queen for Slievemac Ir Jnr Ch

Completely a lovely trio of bitches, this one from Ireland, thank you for bringing her.

Fay Hutchings