West of England Collie Society
Championship Show
July 2018
Rough Collie Bitches

Today we had a lot of problems with the heat . It was 31 degree's outside and the sun was burning. The committee decided judging would be inside.

A good choice, a bad decision though to not put carpets down, The floor was like glass.

A lot of bitches stood badly and couldn't move on the floor. Places could change on a different floor or on grass. shame a few I really liked lost out on top honours


1st.  Margetts Amalie Let Me Be at Collingvale S/W Presented to perfection. I couldn't believe she was  10 years old, apart from a little white on her face, she still retains the beauty of her youth. I would of thought this bitch was a champion.  Super conformation a lesson in balance, she is a lovely size, so correct at the rear in stifle \ hocks. Judging by the muscle she must still enjoy a lot of free running. Head handles well. Lovely expression, ears bang on top. She moved correctly in her class but decided she wasn't going to go in the challenge. Serious consideration for top honors today.

MP 3 (1) 1st Walker & Ritchie Nelinka De Remember Our Love for Starlenga ( imp Fra ) Tri of 8 months What a lovely picture she presents, her coat shone, beautifully groomed. Well balanced all over. Head is lovely, ears are correct and she uses them, nice expression, well boned legs and neat tight feet. Good body shape , short hocks. Another effected by the floor today. When she put the effort in her movement was true. Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed

PB 3 (1) 1st Tippers Tiganlea Too Good To Be True. 11 months s/w Well grown. She decided today not to co operate with her handler and kept standing badly , but she moved well. Well placed ears , good foreface, nice reach of neck and deep chest. good rise over the rump, fininishing in a long tail.

2nd Ware's Monsalona Call Me A Star at Wassail. Nice size and colour B/M The coat is well broken. good tan markings. Head handles well and is balanced, she does have a problem with her ears but should settle with age. Good reach of neck, nice length of back moved better than she stood.

Junior 4 (1)
!st. Growcott's Lillyway Lemonade Blush. I wrote on my notes, a bit of a handful and she was. When she pulled it together, she presents a nice picture, ears, eyes and stop correct. Now and then she stood four square on good legs and feet,  moved well, with a bit more maturity she should be in with chances of tickets.

2nd Walkers & Ritchie Beldones Baby Think Twice at Starlenga. Finer all over than 1 B/m of lovely colour, no black patches, well broken. Her head is lovely, she has nice well placed eyes. Her ears are on top and she can use them. Another who stood badly but moved well, one of the few who moved with drive.

3rd James. Gerian Sunbarley with Jamesfair

Yearling 6 (1)

1st. Waterhouse Danrox Wicked Fairytale at Lynmead . S/w of 8months. Gorgeous head and expression , eyes are dark of good shape and placement, stop correct as are ears, which she used non stop. Good reach of neck and  level topline which she kept on the move nice rise over loins. Good bend of stifle , short hocks . moved ok

2nd Humphrey's Shasam Shades of Guilt. S/w . Good stop and nice flat skull , correct ears which she used. In good coat , well groomed. Nice for size, short hocks, moved well.

3rd Avery Monsolana Scottish Queen of Lynview

Maiden 5.

1st Nelinka De Remember Our Love for Starlenga

2nd Monsolana Call Me Star at Wassail

3rd Avery Monsolana Scottish Queen of Lynviews

Novice 2 

1st Monsolana Call me a Star at Wassail

2nd Monsolana Scottish Queen at Lynviews. Good solid type blue Merle. Good bone and feet, deep chest. Wasn't happy today, used her ears sparingly and didn't like the floor

Graduate 6 (2) A lovely class of 4 similar bitches it was just splitting hairs. another day , another floor they could all change places.

1st Tames Claudette at Rahlissa . In good coat,  she excels in shape, good reach of neck, well off for bone , neat tight feet, good bend of stifle and short hocks, moved well, shows well.

2nd Hollywoods Black and Sassy with Amalie. Just as the name says, Tri of the blackest of coats and sassy , oh my she  is that. What a handful . She has the most gorgeous head and expression, with a flashback  to expressions I remember. eye is oval, dark and correct, stop correct, ears bang on top small and tight. all makes her stunning and then, she never stands still, her legs are every where, all she wants is to play, she crosses them, stands on three legs, crouches, jumps, does everything but stand there and yet when she moves she bought it all together and moved so well.

3rd. Shipp's Gillyflower Della Buca Delle Fait (imp Ita )

Post Graduate (4)

1st. Telforth Little Mix S/w. 5 years old. A favorite of mine. Spot on for size and shape. Left most of her coat at home but who blames her, it just shows her balance. No courseness or exaggeration anywhere on her. She showed well She moved well. Super head and expression, sweet gentle eyes, good stop , ears on top gives the desired expression. Good legs and neat feet, good bend to stifle and short hocks, well muscled rear. I was pleased to award her res CC.

2nd Blackmore Derbypark Dame Edna at Magenta. 3 year old Tri colour . Good head pattern, ears could be tighter. she has a good deep chest with plenty of heart room in a nice rounded spring of rib . Nice reach of neck, good balance of length to height . moved well

Mid Limit Bitch 4 (1)

1st Brooker Gerian Sun Kisses over Corisan Lovely s/w who demands attention. One I have judged before and she is developing well. Lovely head with the darkest of eyes , good stop, foreface and underjaw., good ears which she uses. Good reach of neck and sloping shoulders, nice length of back with a good spring of rib, well bent stifle. moved well.

2nd Ware's Bella Bimba Della Buca Delle Fate at Wassail S/w . another nice type from this kennel and another unfortunate with ear problems. I know how distracting this can be working to keep the ears tipped and forgetting about standing well. She stood with legs anywhere but in the corners In good coat , nice length . good legs neat feet.

3rd. Congdon Isn't She Lovely Des Beldones via Arronwell. (imp Fra )

Limit bitch 6 1st. Brookers Lovely Flowers Du Bois Des Amazones for Corisan Shaded sable, presents a good overall picture. very similar to her kennel mate , Sweet dark eye , neat ears , good stop, giving a dreamy expression. Stands four square on good boned legs and neat feet. Another who disliked the floor, such a shame.

2nd McDade Beldones Sweet Illusion with Lyndale. slightly bigger than one but also a nice type, nice eye and ear placement, she showed well, deep chest and good spring of rib, stood four square on good legs and feet. This one didn't like the wall, so we couldn't get the best stride out of her.

Open Bitch 7 (3)

1st McGowan Riverside Song Bossa Nova Baby Joins Corisan Sable and white of 3.5 years now in her prime. Another from the Corisan kennel slightly bigger type, she is so balanced, her head handles so well, from her dark eyes to the tip of her dark nose, it all fits together so well to give a sweet cheeky expression. Good slope of shoulder leads to good rounded bone and neat tight feet. A deep chest and plenty of heart room in those ribs. lovely rise over her loins, good bend of stifle and short hocks, she moved well. I was pleased to award her the CC, her crown I believe .

2nd Humpheys Brylyns Guilty Pleasure is Shasam. pale s/w nice overall type, lovely dark eyes good ears, nice foreface and underjaw. Good reach of neck, nice length of back, moved and showed well

3rd. Growcott's Jopium Fasinator

Judge Jean Catliff