December 2018

Rough Collie P (2,0)
1 Growcott's Lillyway Lemon Popsicle 8 months old sable bitch with nice clean head, lovely eye and ear carriage giving a sweet expression. Good shoulders leading into correct topline and rear. Moved ok. BP & PPG4.
2 Beardworth's  Maysinder Empress Of India 11 months old tri bitch, good ear carriage, lovely colour with good tri markings, moved ok, but preferred head and shape of first.

Rough Collie PG (3,1)
1 Davis' Most Majestic Victory Of Rosschell 22 month old gold sable bitch, nice eye, head shape and well placed ears, good length of neck into good shoulders and topline , moved well. RBOB
2  Wright's Aqualita Rosetta 3 years old sable bitch, nice eye but sadly had left every bit of her coat at home.

Rough Collie O (3,1)
1 Growcott's Jopium Fascinator 6 years old tri bitch, lovely head and expression with the correct shape and placement of eye, lovely ear carriage, good length of neck into well placed shoulders, correct topline and good rear angulation. Moved well. BOB
2 Wright's Pelido David Weir 5 year old shaded sable dog, masculine looking dog with good muzzle, well boned and in good coat. Moved ok.

Mark Williams (Kelmbri)