Thank you to the SKC committee for the invitation to award CC`s at their show and to my very efficient steward. I  have very fond memories of SKC having won a CC & RCC with Karlaina Kiss N Cuddle at this show in the past.
Thank you for supporting me with your lovely entry of quality dogs, l was thrilled to read that the Rough Collie entry topped the Pastoral group, and l was delighted to see my BPIB take Group 4 in the Pastoral PG.
Sadly the noisy conditions and the floor surface in the hall affected a few of the collies performance in the ring, which did have an effect to my placings on the day as l needed to see a sound moving collie, so therefore a few that l really liked paid the penalty, which was such a shame.

MPD (8) A lovely start to the day with a super MP class.
1st Hasssock`s CAMANNA CODENAME  Well grown puppy of 7 months, already well schooled and didn't put a foot wrong. He has a nicely balanced head with a dark obliquely set eye giving a sweet expression, ears well used and correctly placed. Good reach of arched neck and nice angulation in front and rear. Lovely round bone and really moved out well for one so young.
2nd Brooker`s CORISAN FRENCH CONNECTION TAF  Very smart sable of just 6 months old attending his first show, he really appealed for his sweet eye and expression, ears well carried and used, ample reach of neck and good angulations, super bone. Very well presented and shown, moved out confidently and at one with his handler.
3rd Walker & Ritchie`s NORSKA DE REMEMBEROUR LOVE (FRA IMP) Completed a trio of lovely puppies.

PD (5)
1st Cronk`s CULBRAE CODE RED AT CHELBORN Upstanding puppy dog of 11 months who has a lovely clean well balanced head, dark almond shaped eye which was set correctly giving him an intelligent alert expression. Very nice arch to neck set into well laid shoulders, ribs well sprung and good top line with correct rise over loins. Moved out soundly keeping his tail down, Very well presented and shown to BPD & BPIB  Pleased to see he took Group 4 in the Pastoral puppy group, Congratulations.
2nd Lockyer THINK OF ME PRINCE OF SUNLIGHT AT GATAJ (IMP HUN) Another nice puppy, this boy was slightly stronger in head than 1 but had a lovely dark sweet eye, good neck and well balanced body, lovely bone and feet, he moved out well with a good length of stride.

YD (2)
1st Cronks  CHELBORN STORY TELLER Handsome jet black Tri whose coat shone with health, loved his head which was so well balanced, beautifully moulded fore face and correct flat back skull, sweet dark eye, ears well set and alert. He is very well balanced in body, with correct angulation. Coat well fitted enhancing his outline, very long tail which was carried perfectly on the move. A close contender.
2nd Proctor`s WILMARANNA OUT OF THE BLUE FOR CATHBRI Nicely coloured blue merle with a good expression, ears well used, nice length of back, very attentive to handler, moved out well but tends to stand wide at the back.

PGD (10)
1st Scott`s MAGICAL MOON OF LOWLANDS GREEN VALLEY FOR CHANTIQUE Stunning S/W dog who has the most beautiful moulded head with correct stop and flat skull, very sweet dark eye and neat ears which were correctly placed and used giving him the most appealing expression. He has a well arched neck and correct length to height ratio which makes him very well balanced. Nicely angulated shoulders and deep chest. Good straight front and lovely round bone. His hocks are strong and powerful which enabled him to move out with real drive from the rear carrying his well set tail low. He put in a first class performance and was shown in super condition. Couldn't be denied the CC l hope the other two will soon follow. Congratulations.
2nd Iley`s LYNMACK TOMMY HILFIGER BY ILEYDA JW Smart sable who's head was a pleasure to handle, he has a well rounded blunt muzzle and good under jaw, sweet dark eye and ears well used. Nice front with straight muscular forelegs, his rear angulation was good and he moved soundly. Shown and presented to perfection.
3rd McClelland & Brotherton`s RASHEL SHOW TIME AT ALAUNA

LD (11)
1st Melvin & Jobson`s LEEAMANWAY RIVER PHOENIX AT NITHVIEW What a delightful boy this is, full of joie de vivre, he had to be the happiest dog on show today! I loved his well balanced body, just the right ratio of length and height, superbly presented and in full harsh weatherproof coat. Excellent reach of neck which was enhanced by his full white collar. He has an alert mischievous expression and used his correctly tipped ears very well. Nicely muscled which enabled him to move out soundly and with confidence.
2nd Wray`s TAKHISIS TRICK OR TREAT Mature Tri with a appealing expression, he has very nice head with clean cheeks and correct amount of stop, neat ears but was a little reluctant to use them today. Jet black coat of good texture. Well made body with nice angulations fore and aft, moved out soundly.

OD (7) Lovely class all worthy of top honours.
1st Tippers  CH TIGANLEA TOO GOOD TO BE FORGOTTEN Aptly named S/W who was shown in tip top condition, l liked everything about him, he has a well balanced head with a sweet obliquely set eye, clean cheeks and correct amount of stop, his ears are neat but were a little reluctant to be used due to the noise in the hall. His muscular arched neck leads into his well angulated shoulders and nice length to back which gave him good balance. Lovely bend of stifle and well let down hocks. In full well fitting harsh coat which was expertly presented. He was one of the best movers on show today, so light and effortless he just floated across the ring, it was a shame that the noise of the hall unsettled him a little in the challenge, a well deserved RCC
Very appealing B/M who was unlucky to meet 1, he has a lovely clean head with a flat skull and sweet eye giving him a super expression. Well sprung ribs and strong loin. I liked his substance and bone. Moved soundly keeping his top line, in full coat which was excellently presented.

MPB (4)
1st Tipper & Jeffries TIGANLEA SWEET TREAT  Feminine puppy of 8 months. She has a refined head of nice length and sweet eye giving her the desired expression, ears correctly tipped and well used, good length of neck enhanced by her white collar. l liked her overall balance which won her the class, moved out confidently. 
Sweet tri in huge puppy coat, very feminine expression, clean head with correctly placed stop and neat ears, good bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Showed and presented well.

PB (8)
1st Tipper`s TIGANLEA TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE Well grown confident sable in full coat. She has the correct medium sized eye with good placement, nice stop and flat skull and uses her ears to advantage. Nicely bodied with a good spring of rib and depth to chest, good front and rear quarters, with well let down hocks. Neat feet and well off for bone. Moved with purpose to win BPB
2nd Hawkins & Foy BELDONES LOOKS LIKE FUN  loved this super puppy, so well balanced with just the right length to height ratio. She has a dark obliquely set eye, correct stop and ears well used which all combined to give her a very sweet expression. In full rich sable coat which was nicely presented. I thought she was my class winner but sadly she took a dislike to the floor.

JB (5)
1st Walker & Ritchie`s BELDONES BABY THINK TWICE AT STARLENGA  Beautiful feminine B/M who oozes charm, so well presented to make the most of her attributes, she has a sweet almond shaped eye, flat skull and well rounded blunt muzzle with good chin, nice bone for size and neat feet, moved with strength and drive and covered the ground with ease.
2nd Rutherford RIVERSIDE SONG UNBREAKABLE HEART AT KELBEWOOD  Very nice sable who was between coats today but this only showed off her lovely shape. Nice head with sweet dark eye but would prefer a shade more filling to her fore face, ears on top and well used giving her an alert expression. Excellent construction both front and rear, moved out really well.

YB (6)
1st Randall`s SAMHAVEN HOPEFUL LADNAR JW Quality blue bitch who won this class on her excellent movement. She has a sweet eye and nicely moulded fore face, clean under jaw and perfect bite. Nice length to back and lovely bone for her feminine size, very neat well padded oval feet. So well handled and presented to get the best out of her, shown and moved on a loose lead.
2nd Shipp`s GILLYFLOWER DELLA BUCA DELLE FATE (IMP ITA) loved this bitch and was splitting hairs with 1, Richly coloured glamorous sable, who is so well balanced in head and body, super reach of neck and length of back, beautiful dark soft eye giving her a kind expression, just starting to go out of coat.

PGB (8)
1st Fox`s   ERJON EUPHORIC FOR ALANITA Immaculate Tri turned out in top order, just right for size. She has a sweet dark eye, nicely moulded fore face and well used ears. She is so well balanced with good angles front and rear giving her a lovely outline. Correctly fitted coat that enhanced her shape. Shame she moved a little reluctantly in the challenge as she was a close contender.
2nd Hawkins & Foy`s BELDONES BARLEY SUGAR Pale sable presented in excellent coat and condition, her head handles well but a little reluctant to use her ears. Strong neck and top line, correct front and rear assembly. Moved well from all angles.

LB (10)
1st Hodges`s JOPIUM SECRET FANTASY JW  Quality sable who has a kind eye giving her a soft expression, correct level head planes, stop and set of ears which were used non stop. Well balanced in body giving her a lovely profile. Excellent muscle tone. Her fitted coat was presented to perfection. Such a super show girl, her strong hocks powered her along to move out very soundly and freely.
2nd Wray`s BELDONES PANDORA  Flashy golden sable carrying a huge well presented coat, she has a sweet dark almond shaped eye, good under jaw and slight stop giving her the desired expression. Good spring of ribs and bend of stifle. Moved out well carrying her tail low. Very attentive to owner.

OB(8)  Wonderful class of top quality bitches.
1st Burrow`s CH TIGANLEA TINKERBELL AT REVDVICKI loved this bitch at first glance when she entered the ring and on handling she did not disappoint. Elegant bright golden sable so full of quality. She has a clean well balanced head with just the right amount of stop, nicely moulded fore face, flat skull and ears perfectly tipped and placed, all combining to give her the true collie expression. Beautifully arched neck enhanced by her immaculate white collar. Well angled shoulders, firm back with slight rise over loins and good bend of stifle. Her coat shone with health and fitted her outline perfectly. She has the elegance, style and dignity l look for in a Rough Collie. On the move she covered the ground with such ease and confidence to win CC & BOB
2nd Hawkins & Foy`s CH BELDONES FIT FOR FUN  beautiful sable with the sweetest of expressions, very feminine and in full bloom. She has a very nice outline with ample reach of neck and good length of back. Correct spring of ribs and depth to chest, good topline, well bent stifles and neat oval feet. She moves with good reach in front and drive from the rear keeping her tail low. Presented and shown in top class condition to win the RCC
3rd Davies CH TIGANLEA SILVA TRINKET AT SABIHA Completed a trio of stunning Champions.

VB (1)
1st Watt`s CULBRAE CHARM OFFENSIVE  Delightful veteran bitch of 81/2yrs reminded me of one of my oldies and looking at her breeding l see she is related. Very nice head with correct parallel planes, ears well placed and used, good length of back and bend of stifle. Moved soundly and presented well.  BV.

Karen Colman-Smith (Judge)