Thank you to the committee for the warm welcome and beautiful gift.special thanks to my two stewards and to all the exhibitors who accepted my decisions in a sporting manner.

MPD 2-1

1st Johnston Starlenga Harry Potter 7mth s/w still a raw baby showed his head off, good eye and earset,reach of neck, good bone time is on his side.


1st.Norska De Remember our love for Starlenga.well grown tri quality pup,has a beautiful expression,head handles well lovely dark eye,his outline is good,good bone short hocks good tail set,moved well sparkling condition BPD RBD.

JD 2-0

1st Culbrae Little Bit of Red.he is such a glamourous boy with his huge white shawl makes a lovely picture.he has a dreamy expression good bone in immaculate condition,good body shape which makes you look twice,moved very well BD RBIS

 Brodie Shanaburn Clan Chief.this dog proved to be quite a handful for his owner very unsettled, jet black coat in good condition, moved a bit erratic.


1st Proctor Wilmaranna Out of the Blue for Cathbri.b/m matured a lot since I last saw him,he is a good colour harsh coat,head handles well used his ears to best advantage,a little proud of his tail.

GD 4-2

1st Findley Camanna Clearwater aptly named b/m as his colour is lovely.great outline showed nonstop just needs more coat to complete the picture

2nd Patterson & Blaney Wilmaranna Forever Blue heavier built dog than one he is well off for bone, has a lovely head sweet well placed eye just wish he would use his ears more, he is a good mover another day would change places.

PG 2-1

1st Caplan Chantique Lover Boy of Whitecraigs shaded s/w was a handful at times but got his act together.overall outline good.would prefer slightly smaller eye, used ears well when he had too,moved soundly

2nd Johnston Sea Dreamers One and Only this dog was fuller in coat just preferred the more positive movement of 1st.has a lot to like about him

LD 3-2

Melvin & Jobson Leeamanway River Phoenix at Nithview s/w on his high horse today,good shape ears well used, would prefer a smaller eye,good neck in good condition

OD 2

1st Barron & Jenkins Xcode Della Bucca Delle Fate at Rannaleroch young tri boy who has a lovely outline,used his ears well,good reach of neck ,felt he moved a little close behind

2nd Carmichael Kilchrenan Keltic Brier heavier type than one who proved a handful in great condition if a little overweight moved rather erratic

VET D or B 3-1

1st Brodie Shanaburn Fluffy Kisses.hard to believe this girl is 10yrs what a mover,put down in lovely condition moved at one with handler BVIS

2nd Ashe Starlenga Mysterious Girl at Forrestwalk unlucky to meet one nice sized bitch in good condition just coming back in coat moved well


1st Ashe Starlenga Thumbilna at Forrestwalk 7mths baby who is really raw at the moment teething badly so flying ears,she has a nice eye and good reach of neck, coat coming on nicely,needs more time

PB 3-2

1st Walker and Ritchie Nelinka De Remember our Lovefor Starlenga a very sweet tri ideal size and shape ears on top at all times, she has a lovely reach of neck on a good body, good bone and lovely tight feet,perfect presentation, moved well. BPB BPIS

2nd Corney Peblu Gold Sensation eye catching s/w with full white shawl, nice eye and ear set,showed non stop, coat of good texture moved ok

JB 3-2

1st Peblu Gold Sensation

2nd Brodie Shanaburn Soft Sweet Kisses this bitch was very much on edge she is a good size she moved well but handler had tight hold of her so was hard to assess

YB 1

1st Walker & Ritchie Chantique Cinderella at Starlenga a very sweet bitch ideal size lovely outline standing head handles well good neck strong bone not a hair out of place moved well but was proud of her tail


Patterson & Blaney Wilmaranna Blue Diamond.b/m a nice clear colour not in full coat at the moment showed herself off well clean head good ears moved ok

NB 2-0

Nelinka De Rember our Love for Starlenga

2nd Wilmaranna Forever Blue

GB 3-0

1st Johnston Sea Dreamers Walking on Sunshine pretty s/w ideal size and shape very feminine expression shown to her best advantage not a lot of coat but nothing to hide good on the move RBB well done

2nd Foster Aldredelie Aphrodite nice s/w would prefer smaller eye used ears well good length of back moved out well

PG 3-2

1st Topham Seanchrois Extraordinary Blue Girl. 3yrs has a lovely head expression is good nice make and shape a little heavily marked but she is a sound and moved well

2nd Carmichael Kilchrenan Zenas Design tri in good coat but must like her dinners movement let her down

L 5-5

OB 6-2

1st Blaikie Kourika Karrisma my notes say stunning and she is beautiful tri has the most beautiful head that just makes you keep looking at her .her shape and bone are to die for put down to perfection lovely short hocks tight feet and floated round the ring BB & BIS well done

2nd Brodie Shanaburn Magical Kisses another tri in wealth of coat nice head sweet eye wouldn't use her ears slightly bigger than one but good proportions, this handler was having a trying day

3rd Brand & Reid Ronansprey Midnight Kiss

Judge Pauline Sibbald