Scottish Breeds Canine Club 2018
Rough Collies
Thirty years after winning my first CC, I was granted the honour of awarding my first set at Scottish Breeds Canine Club. Thank you to the committee for putting your trust in me and to my stewards for efficiently keeping the proceedings running so well on the day.

DCC Tippers’ Tiganlea Too Good to be Forgotten, RDCC Congdons’ Jugband Blues du Clos de Seawind via Aaronwell, BCC and BOB McGill & Boyd’s Lynmack Edge of Glory at Stregato, RBCC Hawkins’ Brilyn Molly Coddles. BPIB Blaikie’s Geosamka Simply Has To Be at Kourika, BVIB Mitchell & Jordan’s Avonfair Secret Attraction.  I was delighted to hear such good spirited cheers from the exhibitors for all of the main wins and I thank those exhibitors who accepted my choices graciously.

When it comes to looking for my 'perfect' Collie, I want to have my cake and eat it. I want sound structure, excellent function, and a dog that oozes breed type. I want a head that handles correctly, an expression that is sweet and true, and a temperament that is solid. Then there is the X-factor, that little bit of sparkle that goes above and beyond everything else and truly makes you smile inside.

60 dogs is not a numerically high entry, but there were very few absentees on the day with no empty classes and the overall quality, especially in the bitches, I felt was good.

My line ups in both sexes pleased me greatly and I hope that what I was looking for was obvious to those watching. Both of my CC winners moved around the ring with power, class, elegance and ease, each of them muscled to perfection.

Veteran Dog
1. Welsh’s Ladnar Perfect Time at Thistlewing
Blue merle, almost eight years old, one can guess his breeding instantly from his absolutely stunning clear blue colour, he was presented to perfection and showed well. Lovely in side profile, clean and balanced head, teeth more than fair for his years. Lovely eye and expression though would like his ears a little tighter. Nice reach of neck. Moved out well for one of his years holding his topline and troubling the youngsters in the challenge, a lovely boy to start the day with.

Minor Puppy Dog
1. Shipps’s Tremaro King of Dreams
Lovely natured golden sable pup, he has so much promise, but is right now, a rather gangly teenager, not totally in control of himself on the move although when standing his angulation both front and rear is good. At this age, I can make allowances for this and would hope it would improve as he grows and develops in muscular control. Well boned and already looking like he will be a lovely size, with a clean masculine head of decent length, dark well set eye and soft expression, he also has a nice ear set.
2. Brodie’s Shanaburn Clan Chief
Beautifully turned out and shining sweet tricolour baby. His eye is dark and both well shaped and set, ears are good. Stop needing to clear but at this age, perfectly acceptable. He is still immature and does not have quite the reach of neck or masculinity of 1.

Puppy Dog
1. Jones & Blackburns’ Erjon Eminent
Finer in type throughout than 2, this lad has a clean head, decent underjaw, lovely oblique eye set and well placed and used ears for one of this age. Nicely laid shoulder and reach of neck. I would like just a touch more length of back to him and he was tending to tuck himself under today which accentuated this. Moved with speed today but I would like to see him dial down a gear and take longer strides to really show his reach and extension.
2. Watt’s Culbrae Red Again
Good sized, masculine golden sable boy with lovely substance throughout but who still needs to mature into himself. Head is clean, eye is correct, ears could do with being tighter and I would like more moulding to his muzzle and more underjaw. His shoulder and rear construction is ok. Another who needs to tighten in movement throughout but this will hopefully come with age.

Junior Dog
Two adolescents here both rather happy with their tails.
1. Gregory & McLarty’s Phreelancer Phortunes Leap
There was a lot I liked about this s/w dog, who is ever so well put together and has everything going for him at this age. Well sized, lovely bone and substance and really well balanced and rather elegant already with a lovely length of back for a dog. His head is clean, skull flat, ears set and used well, nicely placed stop. Presented in lovely condition and really well muscled. Broke my heart a bit on the move with his tail but this aside, he is a super dog for his age.
2. Proctor’s Wilmaranna Out of the Blue for Cathbri
16 month old blue dog, another boy with good bone and substance which is nice to see. Gleaming whites also a pleasure to behold. Eye is a dark and well shaped. I preferred the earset and therefore expression on 1 who was also stronger on the move especially in the rear.

Novice Dog
1. Brodie’s Shanaburn Clan Chief

Post Graduate Dog
1. Kelly’s Ballahanna All Guns Blazin
First word I have written in my notes is WOW. Loved this boy who is carrying a wealth of juvenile fluff around his head which I have to say I would strip out as his ears are lost and it all detracts from his very clean head patterns, and lovely dark eye which is shaped and set so well giving him a perfect Collie expression. There was so much I liked in this dog who screams type for me. Masculine yet elegant, super neck, excellent construction both front and rear. He was also carrying far too much hair on his rear pasterns which flapped as he moved, he has such a super rear action with real strength and drive which should be accentuated and shown off. He was the other main contender for my RCC but was not totally settled today in the hall and did not make the best of himself. I would love to see him at an outside show, matured in another year or two as I thought him rather special.
2. Wray’s Takhisis Dream Weaver
S/w dog of lovely substance and type, immaculate presentation. His head and eye are absolutely for me. Head proportions lovely, muzzle well rounded, eye soft, sweet and well set. I would like to see his ears tighter. Carries a nice topline and rear action is good but he does not have the upper arm and neck and therefore overall outline of 1.
3. Hassock’s Cammana Cast a Long Shadow

Limit Dog
The hardest class of the day for me in some ways with a lottery of different types, each displaying their own merits.
1. Congdon’s Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell (Imp Rus) JW SHCM
The presentation on this tri was exceptional today, he was truly gleaming. He won his class for me on overall masculinity, balance and form although he does not have that certain elegance that I look for in a dog. His head has some good qualities, his skull is flat and his cheeks clean but his stop is long and so his expression isn’t quite right for me. He is a stocky dog, but well made and moves out with surprisingly good reach and drive. Beautifully handled today.
2. Brookers’ I am Fantastic du Bois des Amazones for Corisian (Imp Fra)
Conversely to 1, this lad does have the sweetest head and expression. I love his type, but I so wish there was more of him all over. I have judged him before and thought that today, he looked much improved with less hair being carried on his skull. His head handles so nicely, eye is soft and sweet, skull is flat. Ears are neat, well placed and well used. He was looking so adoringly at his mum today that his neck was disappearing into his shoulders and spoiling his outline, but on handling, his shoulders and rear angles are both good. Well presented, and moved much better today than when I judged him last.
3. Hassock’s Cammana Colour Me Perfect

Open Dog
A quite delightful selection of dogs here, all of which are clearly worthy of top honours. My choice today was made on overall balance and soundness of form throughout. My winner held his top line so perfectly on the move and had the most elegance and power of the three.
1. Tipper’s Tiganlea Too Good to Be Forgotten
Masculine dog of real size and substance with no aspect exaggerated. Coat is of the correct texture and was presented to perfection. Lovely depth of chest and spring of rib to him. Strong through his pasterns both front and rear. His head is a delight to go over, textbook in fact, with everything so correct and perfectly in proportion, from whichever angle you look. His eye is lovely, again, for me, textbook. He isn't the showiest sort, but when something catches his eye, the neck draws up, his ears tighten and he brings everything together and shows you what he is capable of. Fabulous condition and the musculature of a real athlete which means that his movement is a dream: going away, coming back and in profile. For me, he has some of the best movement in a collie dog I have ever seen and his lightest of foot coupled with real reach and drive is an absolute joy to watch. There is nothing exaggerated about this boy and today was absolutely his day. He could not be denied the CC and I will be the one cheering the loudest when he receives his third, I wholeheartedly believe that he deserves his title.
2. Congdon’s Jugband Blues du Clos de Seawind via Aaronwell (Imp Fra)
Imposing blue with a rather commanding presence about him. His colour is quite stunning. Again, the proportions and stature I love and look for in a dog whilst still having a real elegance to him. His shoulder handles quite well but he doesn't have the front reach in side profile of the winner. His rear movement is strong and true and this gave him his place over 3 today.  His head made me smile, it handles so very well with a beautifully filled foreface, excellent proportions and a super, well placed eye and stop. Glorious ears, bang where they should be. The blue markings on his face are some of the most beautiful I've seen on a dog which only added to the melting appeal when he looked me in the eye. RDCC.
3. McDevitt’s Ch/Ir Ch Caronlea Lukin Black JNR Ch JCW15 CW17
Special note for this dog who I feel was quite unlucky to meet only my CC and RCC winner today both on such good form.

Veteran Bitch
1. Mitchell & Jordan’s Avonfair Secret Attraction JW
Delightful golden s/w bitch, absolutely my type, such a quality lady oozing charm, beautifully balanced throughout with a super length of back. Coat in lovely condition, a quite perfectly fitting jacket. Clean head, lovely eye which is placed and proportioned well. Used ears well to create the expression I look for. Moved out well with drive, belying her years completely. Front construction more balanced and correctly angulated than 2 meaning her reach is better on the move. BVIB.
2. Oliver’s Marjalu Talk Talk
Nice sized blue bitch, well proportioned and well presented, I liked her length of back. Carrying a few more pounds than I would choose today which affected her movement. She has a pretty expression but I would like to see her carry her ears tighter.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1. Brodie’s Shanaburn Soft Sweet Kisses
Precocious pup, gleaming tricolour with instant appeal. She is not a big girl yet but has enough bone for me to hope that she will make size. She showed rather well for one so young, her head is a correct length, and handles well. She has a super eye and her expression is so sweet. She is well angulated for one of this age and could make a super adult. She was bouncy on the move thoroughly enjoying herself  as she went around the ring but did enough to let me see her movement and win her class.
2. Mc Cartes’ Beldones Fun N Games at Roughrigg
S/w bitch, who does not have the flashy appeal of 1, but is understatedly correct in everything as you go over her. Head is clean, no flaring at all with skull flat and nicely moulded foreface. Ears and eyes both correctly set, just needing to grown into herself at this age and tighten up muscularly on the move.
3. Tipper & Jeffries’ Tiganlea Sweet Treat

Puppy Bitch
So nice to see a class of several quality puppy bitches of really correct size for their age with good leg lengths and bone.
1. Blaikie’s Geosamka Simply Has to Be at Kourika
This nicely sized bitch has instant appeal on first glance, flashy whites accentuating a super neck and outline in profile. Head length is balanced and fits with the rest of her well, she is refined yet sweet and uses her ears well. I hope she gains just a little more moulding to her foreface as she matures. Height to length of back ratio just right and moves out well. She became more settled as the class went on and better still in the challenge, enough to win herself BPIB.
2. Wray’s Takhisis Aphrodite
Another flashy girl with instant appeal, beautifully presented. Lovely size again, would like just a touch more length of back on her for her height. Super type, eye size and set spot on. Head handles well for her age and is nicely balanced, but as in 1, I hope she matures on with some more moulding around her foreface. Not carrying her ears as tightly today as the set suggests she is able but lots to like in this very promising young lady. Moved with strength front and rear.
3. Mitchell & Jordan’s Scottlyme QKissagram for Avonfair

Junior Bitch
1. Hawkins’ Brilyn Molly Coddles
What an exciting young lady this is. She wowed me when she walked into the ring, everything I look for in a collie is all rolled into one glamourous package here. Her shape and balance in profile is like something from a book, it is perfection for me with an exceptional reach of neck that absolutely glides down to a well made front, wonderful topline, proportioned length of back and rear angulation creating the perfect sillouette when she stands. She holds herself with a real ‘look at me’ posture and definitely has that X-factor. Ear set bang on, perfectly placed, tipped and used. Head is a dream, expression is sweet. Super bone and substance that means she is elegant yet looks like she could work happily in the fields. Moves with real drive.  I have written in my notes ‘love everything!’ and I do.  I have no doubt this lady will gain her title, she is special. RBCC and BJIB.
2. Newman’s Phreelancer Phaith Hill
Tri bitch, in A1 condition, presented to perfection. She is another eyecatching youngster that you cannot pass by. I loved her size, make and shape, but she did not quite have the reach of neck of 1. Head handles very well indeed. Did not move quite as well at the rear as her standing construction would suggest, so I would hope that this can be improved.
3. Mitchell & Jordan’s Scottlyme QKissagram for Avonfair

Novice Bitch
1. Hawkins’ Brilyn Molly Coddles
2. Brodie’s Shanaburn Soft Sweet Kisses
3. Mitchell & Jordan’s Scottlyme QKissagram for Avonfair

Post Graduate Bitch
1. Fox’s Erjon Euphoric for Alanita
This tri bitch was shining today. Perfectly presented and sympathetically handled, she isn't a flashy girl, but the more I looked at her, the more I found to like about her. Her head handles well, a lovely clean wedge, stop correct without being deep at all. Skull flat, eyes perfectly set and in proportion to her head. Nice length of back to her, good neck, decent should angulation and rear construction sound creating a super silhouette. She outmoved everyone else in her class today and behaved impeccably in the noisy venue.  She is one of four I considered for the RCC, I would like to see some more furnishings to add to her well fitted body coat which would complete the picture and create one of real overall balance.
2. Sibbald’s Telforth Little Mix
Glorious petite s/w lady who I like very much, she is perfectly proportioned throughout with a super outline, and a quite lovely reach of neck. Well made throughout and I love her length of back. Head is clean and correct, eye set correct, muzzle rounded, expression soft and sweet. She holds her topline very well on the move, and was just unlucky to meet 1 today on such good form.
3. Jones and Blackburn’s Erjon Exclusively Special

Limit Bitch
1. McGill & Boyd’s Lynmack Edge of Glory at Stregato
We all hope to find something special, and this elegant bitch absolutely shone as she entered the ring, I could not take my eyes off of her. I have never seen her or her handler before. I hoped she would handle well (she did) and then I hoped she would move as well as her structure would suggest (she did). Looking back over my notes, I have written 'best front I have seen in a good while'. Her shoulder is so well made and glides into a lovely and shapely reach of neck. Her top line is so solid, her rear well angulated and her tail long. The perfect collie bitch coat, a well fitted jacket with elegant, glamorous furnishings that would in no way hamper her doing a day's work. She was presented to absolute perfection. Her head is clean, her muzzle softly rounded, her eye my perfect interpretation of the word 'medium' with a good colour, shape and set. Her skull is flat and her ears well set and nicely tipped. Her expression is one of enquiring and kindness. On the move, she stole the show with strength, fitness, speed, agility, and drive. I could not fault anything about her and she was everything I was looking for. I was told at the end of judging that her sire is the same as that of my bitch RCC winner, they are certainly both cut from the same very elegant cloth. I hope that this is the start of a successful and exciting journey and that she is campaigned to her title. BCC & BOB.
2. McDade’s Beldones Sweet Illusion
S/w bitch, super type, maturing into a very elegant lady. Head handles well throughout, liked her eye set and shape, and she has a good underjaw. Muzzle is beautifully moulded. She is well made throughout and in full coat, but has a little too much over her loin spoiling her outline. She did not move with quite the drive that I wanted to see today.
3. Brooker’s Telforth Sweet Dreams to Corisian JW

Open Bitch
This class was a total joy and I smiled all the way through. Every bitch here was lovely in their own way. On the day, my winner was the one who gave me the complete package of everything I was looking for.
1. Burrows’ Ch Tiganlea Tinkerbell for Revdvicki
Golden s/w bitch, now making a real name for herself in the breed and I feel privileged to have had the chance to go over her myself today. She is so elegant and showy, and holds herself with the impassive dignity we all desire. She has a rock solid temperament and was impeccably behaved in the hall even when planes were flying overhead and unsettling the others. Presentation and condition excellent throughout. Head handles nicely, proportioned well, moulded beautifully. Her eye is dark and sweet. She is so well made, with nothing is out of place anywhere although if I could do one thing it would be to give her just the slightest extra length to her back to give her the ratio to that of her height that really appeals to me. Moved out well, with a super topline, she really did give me a couple of difficult decisions to make today and pushed very hard indeed for the top awards.
2. Wray’s Beldones Duchess of Dreams
What a glorious colour on this shaded s/w bitch presented in top form. Eye is dark, moulding beautiful, skull flat and she has a soft expression which could melt the coldest of hearts. I would like her head just a fraction longer and her ears a touch tighter. Could have a little more length in her upper arm but she still moved out exceptionally well and with real lightness of foot yet excellent drive today.
3. Blaikie’s Kourika Karrizma


Hannah Walder (Hanvale)