MPD (6 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st HASSOCK Mrs A Camanna Codename. 7 mth S/W of good size, well off for bone and substance. Shown in tip top condition. His movement was very sound for his age, just needing to lengthen throughout, but that should come with age.
2nd: RANDALL Mr & Mrs D & S Ladnar Balthasar , First outing for this very well presented B/M, and he wasn’t fazed at all. Head handles well with nicely rounded muzzle and well used ears. Decent  neck and good angulations. Moved well for his age.
3rd: EDWARDS Mrs J A Copamage Tropical Cyclone Over Elshajo 

PD (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: CRONK Mrs V Culbrae Code Red At Chelborn. This 11 month golden sable appealed as soon as he entered the ring. Up to size, all male but without any coarseness. He has a quality head of good length, but without being deep, and a perfeclyt shaped dark eye giving a soft expression. Excellent shoulders and well developed rib cage for his age. Good length of back, although he does tend to stand under himself a bit, which can make him look a tad cobby, which he isn’t. He was presented to perfection and moved very well for his age. He was a whisper away from a top honour and I have no doubt that he could be something special. Pleased to award him BP and then later see him placed 3rd in a quality Pastoral puppy group. 
2nd: BROWN, Miss H & JOPSON Mr R Lillyway Lattimer At Nithview. 11 mth Tri of good size and balance. Nice head pattern of good length. Good neck flowing into a well angulated front and correct length of back, deep chest, neat feet and nice bone.  Moved well enough and presented well.  
3rd: GLADWELL Miss S J Sunswirl Win Step To Jotars (Imp) NAF 

JD (6 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: BARTRAM Mr C P & Mrs R Ambartr King Of The Ring. S/W of very nice type, a good size and very balanced throughout. His head is very clean and a good length with no depth. Nicely shaped dark eye. Ears well placed although reluctant to use them, but the hall was very noisy and many exhibits had the same issue, so I made allowances for this.  He excels in movement and is very light on his feet. He just needs time to widen and drop in chest.  His presentation could have been better.
2nd: GALLAGHER Mr M & Mrs M J Kisalagi D'Artagnan At Galdana (Imp).  Another sable of good size, with much to like about him. He has a masculine head but would prefer it a bit leaner, good eye with a genial sweet expression, enough neck and good angulations and well off for bone. His movement was acceptable. 
3rd: GLADWELL Miss S J Sunswirl Win Step To Jotars (Imp) NAF 

YD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: HUMPHREY Mrs S Shasam Sign Of The Times JW S/w, presented to perfection.  He had a nicely rounded muzzle and good under jaw, but I would prefer more length to his head. Adequate neck, well sprung ribs, and nice bone. Moved and handled well. 2nd: BARTRAM Mr C P & Mrs R Ambartr King Of The Ring 3rd: BYRNE Mrs C Ingledene Affairs By Nite 

ND (1 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: LOCKYER Mrs M Think Of Me Prince Of Sunlight At Gataj (Imp) 11 mth, 4th in Puppy. His head pattern is too short and deep for me, and would prefer him to have more length overall. Rear angulation very good which showed on the move as he had good drive from the rear, but needs more reach in the front. The presentation was excellent.

GD (4 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: WHITE Mrs J Mejola Dangerous Liaison. B/M of very nice breed type and presenting a very nice silhouette. Head of good length and clean though the cheeks. Just enough stop, decent eye, and well placed and used ears. Good neck that he knows how to use, body balanced and of correct length. Movement was free and easy. Very well presented.
2nd: LOCKYER Mrs M Gataj Beau Of Surprises JW. A very well balanced tri, with a correct jet black coat of good texture. His head handles well, with a nicely rounded muzzle and well placed stop, good under jaw and tight lip line. Kind eye of nice shape. A little deep in skull and his ears could be tighter. Good angulations which showed in his movement.
3rd: GLADWELL Miss S J Moon Happy Jotars (Imp) 

PGD (3 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: WELSH Mrs B P Karafaye Scotch Blend At Thistlewing nearly 3 yrs s/s/w and brother to my BOB. He has many of the same qualities as her, although still needs more maturity. His head is clean and balanced, of good length and no depth. Well shaped eyes of nice expression. Flat in backskull and neat well set and used ears.  Good neck flowing to correct body shape. Ample bone and neat feet. Tail well set. Presented well and very sound on the move. Correct coat of beautiful colour.
2nd: WHITE Mrs J Mejola Fate And Fortune. B/m of correct type and like his kennel mate presents a nice silhouette. Head of good length and very clean. Nice eye with gentle expression. Ears well placed but very reluctant to use them. Lovely crest to his neck used to his advantage. Good height to length ratio, just needing to drop and develop in chest. Moved with ease with good drive from the rear, but just lacking reach in front.  

LD (11 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: HASSOCK Mrs A Camanna Colour Me Perfect. A perfect name for this 2 ½ yrs quality B/M of fantastic colour. He appeals immediately for his size, shape and balance. His head is masculine, but without any coarseness and of good length. Well round muzzle and flat in back skull. Strong neck of good length, flowing into correct shoulders and good upper arm. Well sprung ribs of good length and strong loin. Good rear angulation and nice short hocks. His coat enhances his shape and is of great colour and with rich tan markings. He was put down to perfection. He moves with good reach in the front, but needs to tighten on the rear. Res CC.
2nd: GLADWELL Miss S J Jotars Blue Moon JW. Another very nice B/M who appeals for his balance. Presented to perfection as always from this kennel. His head handled well, although for me I would prefer it a bit leaner. Nicely rounded muzzle with good under jaw. Kind eyes giving a soft expression. Ears well tipped, but could be tighter on top. Body of correct balance and with good substance and bone. Coat of good texture and another of a excellent colour. Moved and presented very well.
3rd: CORBEN Mrs P Caprioara Silver Cloud 

OD (5 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: FALLETTO Mr G Int Ch One Extraordinary Blu Di Cambiano.  I can see why this 4 yrs B/M has won well in many countries around Europe. He catches your eye from the moment he comes in the ring with his “Impassive dignity”. His head is clean and so well balanced, Masculine, but without excessive depth perfect place and amount of stop, well shaped eyes with the sweetest of expressions. His ears are well placed and when he did use them they were perfect. Beautiful neck which enhances his outline. Good angulations and length of back, and coat of exceptional colour. Ample bone and neat feet. Moved freely and easily, and presented to perfection. CC.
2nd: QUINCE Mrs L Karafaye Black Quillan .  6 yrs Tri, presented in excellent condition. Not the flashiest of dogs, but not much to dislike about him at all. Nice head pattern of good length, well filled in muzzle, nice under jaw and good lip line. Flat in back skull. Well placed ears which he uses well. Adequate amount of neck leading to body of good shape and balance.  Ample bone and nice feet. Shown in excellent hard condition which showed in his movement which was steady and correct.  3rd: SMITH Mrs L Shandlmain Driftinstorm 

VD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: CLARE Miss T Bluchip Solar Storm Of Skyeshelm.  A lot to like about this 7 yrs Tri, not the biggest dog but so very well balanced throughout, he has a good length of back and correct angulation that allowed him to move freely around the ring. His head is also very well balanced, with a very kind expression. Shown in excellent condition and handled very well. 
2nd: WELSH Mrs B P Ladnar Perfect Time At Thistlewing  Another very nice veteran of a slightly different type. Nice head, if a bit shorter in pattern to the winner, correctly placed stop, good eye and expression, topped with well used neat ears. Enough neck and with good shoulders and upper arm. I would prefer him slightly longer, but this did not stop him moving soundly round the ring. Coat of good texture and colour.
3rd: CORBEN Mrs P Wicani Spectral Blue via Caprioara 

MPB (6 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: GARSIDE Mrs D Barrenclough Golden Lilly. Very feminine baby with a very clean head and sweetest of expressions. Perfect ear carriage, long neck and shapely body, good front angulation, a little straight in rear, but that didn’t affect her movement which was free and easy round the ring. Just hope she grows on to be big enough. BPB
2nd: SPENDELOW Mrs J D Samhaven Unique To Uffspring.  A very pretty 6 mth B/M with so much to like about her. Clean head with lovely moulded muzzle, well placed stop. Sweet expressive eye, well placed ears. Good angulations, and well set tail. Her colour needs to clear and she needs to tighten on the move, but acceptable for her age.
3rd: JACKSON Miss T Sassari Made Me Silver 

PB (4 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: LOCKYER Mrs M True Colors At Prince Of Sunlight At Gataj (Imp). 11 mth S/w with decent angulations’  and her movement was good, but for me her head pattern is too short and deep in back skull and as a result doesn’t give the desired expression and her ear carriage needs to be tighter.  Nice bone and very neat feet. Shown in good bloom and presented well. 
2nd: GROWCOTT Mrs J S Lillyway Lemonade Blush. S/W, Overall appeals for her shape, but not as confident as 1, Nice eye and expression, but a shorter head pattern, good confirmation and shown in good coat and condition.
3rd: BARTRAM Mr C P & Mrs R Ambartr Eternal Light 

JB (5 Entries) Abs: 1 The first two both appealed for overall type and balance and could change places on another day.
1st: NEWMAN Mrs L Phreelancer Phaith Hill, Very balanced Tri shown in sparkling condition as always from this kennel. I preferred her eye shape and expression to the 2nd. Very clean head, with nicely rounded muzzle, good lip line and flat in skull. Excellent angulation front and rear and body of good length to match. Ample amount of nicely rounded bone. On the moved she was strong and positive. I will watch her future with interest.
2nd: GEDDES Mr & Mrs JN & V Ingledene Spirit Of Ecstacy. Many of the same comments apply to shape and balance as 1, she also has a nice clean head of good length. She moved well, but not quite as positive as the first. 3rd: HANSON Mrs J Ambartr Plancee At Jards JW 

YB (7 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: GLADWELL Miss S J Ch Monsolana Love N Kiss Jotars (Imp) JW. This young girl didn’t put a foot wrong and was one of the best movers of the day. A born show girl who was handled to perfection.  Her overall outline is lovely and so balanced. Her head handles well, with a nicely rounded muzzle, good tight lips, well placed stop. Sweet eyes and well placed ears that she used none stop. I personally would just prefer her to have a slightly longer leaner head pattern. She has a beautiful neck flowing to correct shoulders and front. Level top line and excellent turn of stifle with short powerful hocks.  Presention excellent and a beautiful colour. She moved round the ring with ease. 
2nd: GROWCOTT Mrs J S Nithview Country Dreams At Lillyway  A very nice S/w of good type and a lovely colour. Her head handled well. But what I really liked was her overall balance and body shape of good lines from her neck to her tail. She also moved well. 
3rd: BEARE Mrs S P Jemspark Maid In Secret 

NB (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: SPENDELOW Mrs J D Samhaven Unique To Uffspring  2nd: HANSON Mrs J Ambartr Plancee At Jards JW. Overall this s/w is a very nice shape and has a lovely reach of neck. She also  moves well. Her head is of good length, but a bit strong for me.  3rd: LOCKYER Mrs M True Colors At Prince Of Sunlight At Gataj (Imp) 

GB (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: HUMPHREY Mrs S Shasam Shades Of Guilt.  Although not always the type I go for this girl has so many qualities. She is very feminine, but I would prefer her to have a leaner head pattern and her ears to be tighter, but from there on I like everything about her. Completely balanced body of correct shape and balance. She excels in movement which was effortless. Her coat enhances her shape as it should do and is of a deep rich shaded colour. Presentation was excellent. Another girl who I am sure will have a bright future. 
2nd: GEDDES Mr & Mrs JN & V Ingledene Lace N'grace.  This 2 yrs S/w is of correct type, but today was reluctant to show off her virtues.  A very shapely girl with a head of good length, if slightly strong.  Excellent neck and very well angulated in front and rear. Moved well and definately fit for function.
3rd: HANSON Mrs J Ambartr Plancee At Jards JW 

PGB (10 Entries) Abs: 3 
1st: QUINCE Mrs L Karafaye Black Beauty. My star of the day.  I first judged her as a junior and she was close that day, but just lacked the maturity. But today she had everything I was looking for. She is not the flashiest, but she is so correct. Her head is clean and well balanced, just enough stop and correct eye placement. Flat in back skull and perfectly placed ears, which she used non stop, to give that true collie expression. She has enough neck set correctly into perfect front angles. Ribs well sprung and of good length. Strong in loin and perfectly constructed hind quarters, which are so well muscled. Her coat is jet black, of correct texture and enhances her shape. Her movement from all angles is excellent, but she has fantastic drive from the rear. There was no doubt that in the challenge, watching her flow round the ring that she was the one to send through to the group. CC & BOB
2nd: WARD Mrs P B Demelewis Dare To Be Unquie In Starside.  Another very shapely tri of correct breed type. Head of good length, but just needing more fill in the muzzle.  Neat ears that she uses to her advantage. Lovely long neck and good length of back with level top line.  Excellent turn of stifle.  She moved well, if a bit reluctantly.
3rd: MELVIN, Mrs J & M & JOPSON Mrs J Nithview Country Bumpkin 

LB (12 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: STEVENS Mrs M A Boughlee Sheza Star, this nearly 5 yrs tri headed a really nice class where there was little to choose between the placing. She is of correct  type throughout and so very well balanced. Her head is lean and very clean. Nicely rounded in muzzle and flat in back skull.  Neat ears, good neck and body of good length. Really good turn of stifle and well set tail. She moved round the ring steadily and true. Presented and handled well.
2nd: COLLINO Miss D M Imaginist Waxing Lyrical A very nice shaded sable of quality. Balanced throughout.  Really nice head pattern with good eye.  Strong flowing neck leading into well made front.  Good ribbing of correct depth. Strong in loin and nicely rounded behind, with good turn of stifle. Today she was just not quite as positive on the move as 1.
3rd: RANDALL Mr & Mrs D & S Ladnar Inkheart JW 

OB (7 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: NEWMAN Mrs L Phreelancer Phond Memories. This beautifully presented S/W caught my eye immediately for her type and balance. Her head is so clean and balanced and has a very sweet expression with that eagerness to please.  Ears used nonstop. Another which has a correct length and flatness of back skull which many lack. Her front is well angled and has good width. Nice length to her body which is full of strength, and a really good turn of stifle and short hocks. Ample bone and well set tail. On the move she was very sound but slightly reluctant. Res CC.
2nd: MELLISH Miss M Corydon Victoriana For Demelewis. Plenty to like about this 4 yrs Tri, once again from this line so well balanced throughout. Her head is of correct length and balanced. I would prefer her ears to be tighter. She excels in neck, enhanced by her full white gleaming collar, against her jet black coat. Very good angulations fore and aft which allowed her to move well round the ring.
3rd: JACKSON Miss T Sassari Sea Shimmer 

VB (5 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: HAWKINS Mrs S Ch Brilyn Platinum Lustre.  What a credit this 9 yr B/M is to her owner. She belies her age throughout. A pleasing head with a very sweet expression, and neat ears well placed and used to her advantage. Lovely well held neck, good front, well sprung ribs. Strong legs of good bone and neat feet. Excellent rear angles and still stands true and strong. Her presentation was excellent, but her best part was her movement which puts many of the youngsters to shame. BVIB
2nd: STILLWELL Mr P J & Mrs G T Bellawave Moonlite Melody. An old favourite of mine and unlucky to come up against 1 today. This Tri is now 10 yrs old and shows no signs of slowing up! She is balance throughout and of a nice size. Her head is lean and clean. Not quite the eye and expression of 1, but still nice. Ears well set and used. Excels in body shape and still moves like she has always done. She is of good colour and presented  and handled well.
3rd: BLAKE Miss M J Demelewis Catch The Breeze For Corydon 


Nick Smith

MPD (1 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: HAYWARD Mr T & Mrs B Foxearth Fletch 7 month B/M, A very nice well balanced outline with plenty of body. His head handles well and is clean and level. Nice eye and expression. His ears still need to lift, but he has time. Super neck and front, good depth of chest for his age. Really nice rounded croup and tail set. Well angulated rear quarters. Coat of good texture and the blue is a good colour but heavily marked. Movement coming towards was Ok, but moving very wide behind.



PGD (2 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: BEENEY Mrs S M Coneypark Black Sabbath. This nearly 2 yrs Tri is up to size, but very well balanced and definately looks like he could do a day’s work! His head handles well, but is a bit strong and deep for me, but does suit his overall appearance. Strong neck of good length and good shoulders. Well off for bone and he has a strong forechest. Deep well sprung rib cage of good length and strong in loin. Balanced in rear angulations and well set tail. Coat of correct length and texture. Moved very well around the ring. RCC.
2nd: MOORES Miss D J Manordeifi Bow Regard : There is a lot to like about this young S/W. He has a very nice clean head, with nice expression. Nice ears, well tipped. His body is of good proportions but hasn’t got the maturity of 1. He has a good coat and is a lovely colour. He moves ok going away, but needs to tighten on the front.

LD (2 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: EKE Miss L Foxearth Flag Day. 3 yrs Tri of very nice type. Not overdone in any way. I would prefer him a shade bigger, but he is still masculine. He has a very balanced head which is clean. Nicely round muzzle, well placed stop and flat in back skull. Ears well place and used to his advantage. His body is very well balanced with decent angulations. Good length of back and well set tail. Coat of good colour and texture, with rich tan markings.  He is presented very well and moves steady and true. Pleased to award him his first CC.
2nd: DENTON Mr R J & Mrs J M Brackenhaye Fields Of Gold. Up to size S/w of good colour. A good head pattern if a little too much strength for me, although it is clean with a nice flat back skull and well set ears, nicely tipped and used.  Well developed body with good angulation throughout. His movement was good going away, but could be a bit tighter on the front coming towards.

OD (3 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: TRUNDLEY Mr B & Mrs B Blamorder Back To The Future. B/M of decent overall shape, but on the finer side. Good length of head, but drops off slightly on the nose. Good ear set and he uses them to his advantage. Enough bone but needs to carry more weight. Handled well, and moved ok.

VD (1 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: WEST Ms M J Alopex Oysterman.  9 yrs Tri in good condition. Classic head type of good length, stop breaks a little low. Ears well set.  Good neck and front angulations. Still has nice tight feet and decent bone. Good Depth of rib cage. Moved well for his age.

PB (4 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: FORT Miss J M Shulune Imperial Design. So much to like about this 10 mth S/W. Her head is very clean, with a rounded muzzle, good stop, nicely shaped eyes and flat in back skull. Her ears are placed correctly and used well. Her neck flows well into a correctly constructed front, plenty of spring in rib, good bone, level top line and well rounded croup and good tail set and strong parallel hocks. She carries enough weight. She moves very well in profile, but was just crabbing slightly on the up and down. Should have a bright future. Res CC, BP and pleased to see her short listed in the Pastoral puppy group.
2nd: BENTON Miss M Oakestelle Artemis. A very stylish 11 B/M of a finer type, and shown to perfection. Head of good length and balance, just needs to fill in muzzle. Well placed stop and good flat back skull. Ears perfectly set and used. Lovely neck leading to a good front a depth of chest.  Body of good balance which enables her to move freely round the ring. Her markings like many are not her fortune, and she will hopefully body up with age. 3rd: RICE Mrs G Westbridge Dark Obsession To Kevranna 

JB (1 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: FRENCH Ms A Wynele Alice Bluegown With Breckamore.  A very eye catching B/M up to size but with a lot of elegance. Stronger in head then some but it is of nice length, clean  and flat in skull. Her ears are very well set and her perfect tips that she uses to her advantage. Very stylish leading to good shoulders, and well developed chest. Good length of ribs and strong loin and a well set tail. Her movement was good going away, but could be a bit tighter in the front. . 

PGB (2 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 9213 FLOWER Miss S Breckamore Butterfingers. This nearly two yrs tri appealed immediately for her type and shape. Average size, but very well  made with excellent angulations, especially in the front. Her head is a nice length and nicely rounded in muzzle, but just flares out slightly in the cheeks and I would prefer a darker eye. Good spring of rib and excellent forechest. Well set tail and she moved very well. She reminds me of the type that we don’t see many of these days.

LB (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: SWEENEY Mrs J L Plaisance Blue Belle. This 5 yrs B/M headed a very nice class. She is not the flashiest girl, but very well put together. Her head handles well, could do with a touch more fill in muzzle and a fractionally sweeter expression. She is of a nice size and shape, with well set and used ears. A decent colour and very sound on the move, which won her the class. 
2nd: PLETZ-KAZANTZIS, Mr S & Ms R & BUSBY Ms O Foxearth Fandella. When she entered the ring I thought that this was going to be my star of the day. At nearly 2 this Tri is very eye catching and has elegance and style. She is very feminine, with a very clean head and well set ears. Lovely crest of neck and good shape to her body, and a correct coat that is jet black. Unfortunately she was very unsettled and was not happy standing or on the move. I was told later that she had been frightened at a previous show. Please persevere as she is really nice. 
3rd: LUSTY, Miss A G & HUTCHINGS, Mrs F & WILLIAMS Miss L D Blamorder Ice Cream Dream 

OB (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st    FRENCH Ms A Breckamore Blossom. S/W of good type, heads planes very level and with a good lip line and nicely filled muzzle, but just find her a touch too deep in skull. Good neck and nice deep chest and well sprung ribs. Strong loin and well round croup, and very good rear angulations. Coat of good colour and texture. Moved ok.
2nd:  TRUNDLEY Mr B & Mrs B Sturtmoor Klarissants Kiss At Juniperwood. Nice tri of good size, but not yet back in her best condition after her litter. Good clean head with level plains, Well set ears, tipped well. Nice length of nice flowing into body of good length, but lacking in topline today. Moved ok.

VB (1 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: BENTON Miss M Alopex Marionette Of Oakestelle. Well my last dog to be judged of the day, but not the least. It is no secret that I have always like this now 9 yrs B/M and awarded her a res CC many years ago. She has elegance and balance throughout and is handled to perfection. Her head is clean and  nicely moulded, her expression is soft and gentle, flat in skull and just the perfect ear set that she uses to her advantage. Lovely crest of neck flowing into correct shoulders and balanced front. Not the heaviest build, but strong enough with no sign of weakness. She still has a lovely topline and nicely rounded croup, and excellent tail set. Her forte is her movement, and even at this age she moves with ease effortlessly around the ring. So please to award her the crowning CC, BV and BOB, I am amazed she has not gained her title before now. 


Nick Smith