It was a great pleasure for me to come and judge the bitches at the Midlands on the 10th February2018. I would like to sincerely thank the President and all of his committee for putting their trust and confidence in me. A big thank you, also, to my 2 ring secretarys, who were extremely efficient.

I can say that I saw a great diversity of types, which testifies to the real possibility for everyone to lean towards the type of colley they like the best.

I also noticed that certain bitches had narrow chests, ears that were too heavy or started too low or were half way down on the head which can be detrimental to their expression.

A special mention to all winners of their class and felicitations to those who won their BPIS, -RCC, CC and also  to the winner of the veteran class.

I spent an excellent day with everyone and I would like to thank all who participated for their fair play and the excellent presentation of the bitches presented to me

I wish you all well with your dear Collies.

Yours amicably
Christophe Dancoisne.


Veteran : (3)
1st  Sibbald : CH. Lynmead Amalie Lucy Locket at Telforth. Very nice bitch. Nice expression with a lovely type. Nice shape with good bone. Good coat, nice movement. Quality bitch.

2nd Margetts : Amalie Let Me Be Me at Collingvale. Very nice head with a nice expression. Nice shape overall with good bone. Move well.

3rd : Hawkins S. : CH. Brilyn Platinum Lustre.

Minor Puppy : 12 (3)
1st : Wray : Takhisis Aphrodite : Very nice puppy. Lovely head with a very nice expression, very good reach of neck, good bone. Excellent size and format. Very good presentation.

2nd Jones & Blackburn : Nice tricolor puppy bitch with a nice head and a nice type. Good bone. Nice shape and movement. Well presented.

3rd : James : Gerian Sunbarley with Jamesfair.


Puppy : 14 (3)
1st : Hawkins S. : BPIS :  Brilyn Molly Coddles : Very nice puppy. Nice type of head, nice expression, good format, very good reach of neck, nice feet, excellent presentation.

2nd Blaikie R & G : Nice head with nice expression. Nice shape overall. Correct forequarters and hind quarters. Well presented.

3rd : Walker : Beldones Baby Think Twice at Starlenga.


Junior : 10 (2)
1st : Shipp : Gillyflower Della Buca Delle Fate (imp Ita) : Nice sable bitch. Nice head overall. Nice movement, good bone and nice color. Nice expression, well presented.

2nd : Devitt : Caronlea CelticChick : Nice tricolor bitch. Very nice head with a nice expression. Good tan. Nice format with good bone. Nice presentation.

3rd : Congdon : Aaronwell Astral Dancer.

Yearling : 6 (1)
1st : Brooker : Nice sable bitch. Nice head overall. Good bone. Good coat. Excellent format. Nice color.

2nd : Hollywood : Black 'N' Sassy with Amalie : Lovely tricolor bitch with a very nice head and expression. Very good construction overall.

3rd : Williams-Smith : Danrox Delightfully Wicked.


Maiden : 14 (4)
1st : Hawkins : Brilyn Molly Coddles.

2nd : Shipp : Gillyflower Della Buca Delle Fate (Imp Ita)

3rd : Takhisis Aphrodite.

Novice bitch : 9 (0)
1st : Hawkins : Brilyn Molly Coddles.

2nd : Wray : Takhisis Aphrodite.

3rd : Boyle : Monsolana Love Style Over Barrenclough.

 Graduate : 3 (1)
1st Mc Dade : Beldones Sweet Illusion with Lyndale : Very nice bitch with a lovely type and expression. Very nice ear carriage, nice format with good bone. Excellent construction.

2nd :  Murray : Beloreen Starlight : Nice bitch with a very nice color.  Very attentive to her handleur.
Nice expression, very good bone with a good format. Excellent forequaters. Nice feet. 

Post Graduate : 5 (2)
1st : Edwards : Jashika Shine Like a Diamond : Very nice bitch overall. Excellent proportions skull/forface. Nice expression. Very good construction. Good bone, excellent topline and croup. Nice presentation.

2nd : Jones & Blackburn : Erjon Exclusively Special : Nice blue bitch. Nice head in all proportions with nice tan. Nice shape with an excellent bone. Good forequarters and hindquarters. Excellent movement.

3rd : Skinner : Samhaven Time is Money with Nikal.

Mid Limit : 9 (6)
1st : Ware : Nice bitch with a nice head. Good proportions. Good reach of neck, excellent topline and croup. Good bone. Nice presentation.

2nd : Mc Gowan : Barrenclough Golden Charm : Very good bitch and a very good type. Would preferred her ears a bit thighter. Good size, good shape and good bone.

3rd : Swain : Lexcols Jewel in My Crown.

Limit : 9 (3) :
1st : Margetts : Collingvale Crème Anglaise ; Superbe bitch. Lovely head type. Excellent construction, excellent bone. Very good topline. Could have more coat today. Excellent forequarters and hindquarters.  Excellent presentation.

2nd : Plank : Riverside Song Happy Ending for Rayvel (Imp Rom) : Lovely bitch with a lovely type. Very good construction, nice format, good bone. Excellent movement. Well presented.

3rd : Wray : Beldones Pandora.

Open : 12 (1)
1st : Walder : CH. Heart of Gold de Cabrenysst (Imp Fra) : My CC and BIS winner : A lovely bitch with a lovely type and expression. Nice bone, nice color, excellent forequarters and hindquarters. Excellent movement. I was told later this was her 6th CC and very well deserved. A bitch of super qualities.

2nd : Walker : Hana of Lowland Green Valley (Imp Fra) :My RCC and RBIS winner :  Lovely head and type. Lovely expression.  Excellent topline and very good bone. Excellent forquarters and hindquarters. Excellent movement and excellent presentation. Unlucky to meet one in such a good condition.

3rd : Growcott : Jopium Fascinator.



Christophe Dancoisne.