September 2018


As always attending this show never disappoints me . So well run show a super venue so easy to find added with a friendly committee that treated me so well on the day.

Many thanks to all that gave me an entry and my steward who looked after me so well .

Class A   Junior Dog/Bitch
5 /2 absent
1st Lockyer Think of me Prince of Sunlight at Gataj
16 month sable male with such a dreamy expression ,beautifully presented as all are from this kennel. Moved extremely well with drive both front and back . Has ears bang on top and excellent bone. Carried his long tail correct. This sable lm sure will progress in his showing career to great heights.

2nd Masson Samhaven Golden Shadow
At 6 month this sable male has everything in place to grow into a beauty. Stunning shape,bone and size. Head in proportion to body at this age. Needs ring craft to get the best out of him in the ring but would like to congratulate his owner at his 1st show on his presentation we have all been there do hope he continues a super pup.

3rd Moore’s Blamoreer Riden on a Rainbow to Manordeifi

Class B  Post Grad Dog/Bitch
8/2 absent

1st Lockyer Takhisis Hope and Reams with Gataj
Sable and white Bitch that had a melting expression. Stood and was so attentive with her handler. Good spring of ribs and plenty of heart room. Small hocks  on neat feet.  On the move didn’t disappoint me .

2nd Tiranti  Wynele Sea Captian Garthfield
Blue merle smooth that was of good size and colour. Move well but a little fast handler just needed to slow down . Excellent shoulder placement .tail carried higher than l normally like but overall a nice male. Would like a darker eye to complete the picture.

Class C Open Dog/Bitch
7/1 absent

1st Gatja Beau of Surprises JW
Judged this dog recently and again today not surprised l felt he deserved the class. Yes his eye is smaller but correct in shape. This tri male has the missing factor in some collies a rich dark tan ,where has this gone in blues and tris today. Ears bang on top, correct mouth. Good bone that carries a well proportioned body. Coat is black no rust presented in good condition. Moved well .

2nd McDade Beldones Sweet Illusion

Such an elegant sable bitch just coming back into coat although l loved her just the way she was. Such a sweet expression with excellent eye placement. Ears tight and used well. Moved well but liked her tail a little .

3rd Tungate Prince of Sunlight Let me Love You


Reg Ware