I would firstly like to thank the Officers and  Committee for inviting me to judge their show for my first CC appointment .
I would also like to thank the exhibitors for their entry and although not a big entry I found some  quality dogs. I have always said quality not quantity!



  1. Hainie’s Wicani Classic Renaissance (Best Veteran Dog) stood alone but I have judged this boy before and he just gets better.  Hard to believe he is now a veteran. He is what I call a classic Rough Collie.  Well balanced good angulation beautifully presented.  Moved with enthusiasm , still a little proud  of  his tail.


  1. Broadheads Rahlissa  Only Make Believe (Best Puppy Dog) Very happy puppy enjoying his day out.  Has the make and shape to go on and do well. Well balanced head with ears well on top and showing well.  Good body condition, well boned , with good feet. Moved like a puppy at this stage full of fun, but very sound.
  1. Kestner’s Wicani Chimney Sweeper This is another what I call a classic collie a different style to winner,  but I feel his owner will have to be patient as  he will take his time to mature but I am sure will be worth waiting for.  Beautifully balanced attractive Tri boy  with good body length. A well blunted clean wedge for his head nice shape of eye and ears right on top.  Moved  with elegance and drive.



  1. White’s Mejola Fate and Fortune A nice class of quality exhibits just preferred the head and movement of this youngster in this class.  Good overall  balance and length to this Blue dog.  He was a little unsure of the floor today but once he got into his long flowing stride he could not be denied his place in this class. I am sure he will go on to mature in to a very nice dog.


  1. Benton’s Brooklynson El Dorado Not as mature as 1 but liked his head and expression very much.  He is well balanced all through, nice eye shape, correct stop, flat skull, good length to body and well balanced.
  1.    Blake’s Corydon Trump The Lot  Good overall body shape with sound movement.  So well presented.  Just preferred the head type of 1 and 2.


  1. Broadheads Rahlissa Only Make Believe



  1. Whites Mejola Fate and Fortune
  1. Corbens Caprioara Prince Of Thieves Very raw tri youngster who is going to take time but another who will be worth waiting for. Everything in the right place just needs  time to fill out and mature.  Good length of tail.



  1. Philpins Bahatiview Bojangles for Tudorlyn  I liked the head on this tri boy, and his overall balance.  For me he was a little wide in front and slightly upright in pastern. Movement could be better.  Having said that he was well presented and showing well.


  1. Arrowsmiths Saganan Gundagai  I felt this blue dog was not masculine enough for me.  He lacked bone and substance and had very light ears. He was a good colour, but today was just not concentrating on the job in hand and generally seemed unsettled.  Movement could be better.



  1. Hansons Jards Grand Attraction stood alone in this class but  a worthy winner. Well presented shaded sable, liked the head on this boy,  just the  right amount of stop for me, dark oval shaped eye,  arched   neck, well angulated forequarters, nice balanced outline,  good muscle tone with well bent stifles particularly liked his feet.  Free  flowing sound movement. Nice length of tail.  A lot to like about this boy. One to watch for the future.


  1. Wrays Takhiss Trick or Treat Mature tri boy  with a lot to offer the breed. Very well presented.  Good bone, and  substance. Well angulated fore and aft. Good overall balance.  Pleasing expression.  Never stopped showing.  Moved well with drive.



  1. Corbens Caprioara Silver Cloud different style to 1.  This boy still has to mature to really come in to his own.  I loved his  head and expression, nice reach of neck going into good shoulder angulation, good length of body and enough hind angulation. He has great overall balance, lovely length to body strode out with sound positive  extension and drive.  Sadly out of coat , and lacking a little  condition today.



  1. Pryor’s Aqualita Dr No This dog caught my eye  the moment he came in to the ring.  He is a classic collie,  elegant and  can certainly move.  Would love to see him in an outdoor ring and although not always enthusiastic  he certainly did enough;  could not be denied the CC and Best dog.  He also went on to BOB Rough Collie under Referee Mr S Clark .   His whole appearance was a true Rough Collie. Well balanced with nothing exaggerated.   Loved his head,  just enough stop for me,  ears well on top. He had an arched neck going into well angulated forequarters. Good length of body,  well muscled hindquarters and good bend of stifle . Beautifully presented.   My  end comment in my notes were ‘’I just loved him. Could have taken him home”.
  1. Blake’s Corydon Victor Ludorum RCC.  Liked this boy very much. You need to get your hands on him to fully appreciate his qualities.  Had a good wedge shaped head with a pleasing  expression.   Ears well on top and  showed non stop.  Good forechest,  plenty of bone,  well balanced overall.  Sound movement  with drive.    


  1. Smith’s Shandlmain Driftinstorm