East of England Championship dog show 8th July 2018
Rough Collies
Judge Anita Fox.

I would like to thank East of England for asking me to judge at their recent Championship show where we had 16 classes for Rough Collies without tickets. We had a very respectable entry of 51 making 67. I’d also like to thank everyone who made the journey on what was one of the hottest days we have experienced for many years and also to those who entered but made the decision not to attend fearing the weather conditions for their dogs, your entry was still very much appreciated.  

Thankfully we judged under canvass and had the fortune to have benching close by in the hangers, which were cool and plenty of shaded areas for exhibitors and dogs to chill out in.

Because it was such a warm day my excellent stewards and I set out with the aim to get through the proceedings as quickly and proficiently as we could, and because of the heat I only moved dogs as much as I thought minimally necessary to assess movement.  

With regard to the points in our Breed Watch, I felt Cow Hocks were today one of the most significant problems and I noted more that not only stood poorly to the rear but then went on to move with toes turning outward. This means the dog just doesn’t have the desired drive to the rear. 

PD (6 4) 1 Boyle’s Barrenclough Heart of Gold well presented, 8mth S/w. I particularly liked this young boys head and expression. His head handled extremely well for a minor puppy with no flaring, flat skull, well placed stop, balanced wedge with good ears set and very nice oblique almond shaped eyes. His angulation was also very good front and rear with smashing neck and turn of stifle and very well off for bone. Good tight feet. I would have liked his tail a wee bit longer. He moved out reasonably well with a little bit of puppy roll. He is showing promise that he will make size and will possibly lengthen and come up as he grows on. BPIB.
2 Scott’s Whatacoo Wings of an Angel over Aniesh. 11 mth tri. This boy gave me a bit to think about as just shy of a year old he only had one descended testicle today. There is so much to like about this lad. He carries the blackest of coats and a very nice wedge head with pleasing eye and ears. Conformation was spot on front and back with overall balance of proportions. He moved extremely well and I felt I needed to acknowledge my opinion how fit for function he is.  
3 Ross’s Danfrebek Dizzy Rascal.

JD (2 0)
1 Hull’s Lizmark Gold Sovereign. 17 mth Rich golden sable. A very nicely put together boy who I think is between coats at the moment. Very pleasing head and expression, refined wedge shape with good ears and eye set. Angulation front and rear is good, outline showing balance throughout. He moved extremely well with a smashing top line and reach. Looking forward to seeing him as he matures.
2 Boyles Barrenclough’s Heart of Gold

YD (1 0)
1Hull’s Lizmark Gold Sovereign

PGD (7 2)
1 Lister’s Jotars Platinum Moon at Newarp. A very appealing Blue merle who grabbed my attention immediately for his overall balanced outline and good broken clean colour. His head handles well although he has a little more stop than some here today but not coarse nor deep through. I liked his expression with a pleasing eye set and size and good ears. On the move he did carry his tail a wee bit high but I forgave him this today as he was sound and true on the move and otherwise presented an overall picture of many of the key things I feel is asked for in the standard. In the challenge I seriously considered him but he didn’t seem to move as well at this point in the proceedings.
2 Ludlow’s Tudorlyn Misty Dreams for Malina. Sable and white boy again showing a good balanced profile with no extremes. A head type showing overall balance in length and width and a good bite. Eye set was correct and a good size, ears used well. Would have liked his skull just a wee bit flatter. Angulation was very good with a nice length of back to leg length showing balance in proportions. He moved out as well as I’d expected. 3 Boyle’s Barrenclough diamond days. JW.

LD (3 2)
1 Wright’s Pelido David Weir. Shaded sable. This boy excels in movement! Pleasure to watch him moving round the ring and had it not been so hot I would have sent him round again…… just “because”!  He has a very masculine head, no possibility of mistaking him for a bitch.  Just a tad deep through in profile with a deeper stop but has a good bite, neat ears and a pleasing eye set and size of eye giving him a keen but kind expression. His size is good and he is very balanced with good angulation and proportions. He is well off for muscle and moved round the ring with effortless drive. Very pleased to give this boy RBD.
2 Ludlow’s  Maqueeba Just a Dream for Malina. S/w good sized male of pleasing type and make. Very nice head which handled well, no extremes, good under jaw and bite and neat well used ears. He had good proportions overall. On moving away, he was a little wide in action but had a good length of stride and front action   

OD (6 1)
1 Wray’s Takhisis Trick or treat. A jet black tri lad I’ve judged before as a puppy and as a junior. It’s true that some lines take longer to finish and I feel this boy is a good example of this. Things I know I noted in the past have changed and his proportions for me have altered meaning he is showing a more balanced overall picture of length of back to leg length. He is so masculine with the cleanest of wedge heads, a good under jaw and bite. His stop is bang on, perceptible and not too deep. Lovely eye set and shape and size and when he gets his ears up he has the most appealing expression. He moved out well in his class and in the challenge. I felt he best matched what I was looking for and what I felt best matched the standard. BD and BOS.
2 Hull’s Lizmark Gold Standard. A rich golden sable lad just shy of his 7th Birthday. Another dog I’ve judged before and still like his type as he has an elegance and balance which has such appeal for me. He has a very refined head and such an appealing expression with a kind eye and good ears. He is showing his age a little in his colouration on his face and as with dogs with refined heads like this I find the lower bite can alter as the dog ages. Fab angulation front and rear and a stunning coat which fits his outline beautifully, it was a pleasure to see him floating round the ring with such good reach of stride and very good drive on his rear, keeping his top line. If there is any judge in this world he should continue to do some good winning in Veteran classes. 3  Ludlow’s Tudorlyn Misty Dreams for Malina   

VD (3 1) 2 boys showing the youngsters how it’s done!  
1 Skinner’s Nikal it’s Good to be Black. Coming up from 4th in Open, I have judged him before and could cheerfully put this beautifully natured dog in the car but he can be very good at hiding his head attributes!  In truth he has a good clean wedge head, flat skull, good stop and nice ears when he gets them up. He has a larger eye but it is almond and oblique and he has the kindest expression. His angulation is very good and he has a nice black tri coat which fits him well. He is a good mover with a good stride and positive drive on the rear. All of this coming from good angles front and rear and good muscle.   
2 Scott’s Aniesh Portrait in Blue. Another lad I’ve judged before and if you want a lesson in movement watch this boy. He has a clean head pattern a kind but larger eye, ears could be just a tad closer. He is longer and larger in type to 1 but in proportion and well off for bone. I would have liked his colour just a bit clearer.

SBD (4 1)
1 Ludlow’s Tudorlyn Misty Dreams for Malina.

Best special beginner 2 Boyle’s Barrenclough diamond days. JW. S/W smaller in type than 1 and more compact all over. Found his head very appealing with a good head pattern, nice eye and good ears giving an overall pleasing expression. I just preferred the overall length to height proportions of 1.  
3 Cooper’s Lanlin Daydreamer

PB (8 0)
This was perhaps my favourite class and my nightmare class rolled into one! 8 pups all minor except one and at various stages of wiggliness and rawness.
1. Cook’s Whatacoo Blaze of Glory. 11 mth blue merle. The most mature and therefore most finished in this class. Clean head plans, nice stop, well used neat ears, A little room to fill in muzzle. She is a good size and has good angulation front and rear and proportions show balance. Moved out well.
2. Boyle’s Barrenclough Golden Linnet. An appealing 8 mth s/w today she was a little unhappy and therefore unlucky to meet 1 who was more settled and showing her socks off. Smaller in type but still balanced with a very promising head and a pretty oblique eye. She moved ok.
3 Milligan and Marley’s Ladnar Trust in me. I didn’t do a write up for 3 but noted the quality of movement in this girl. Given time to mature and her head to finish I think she is going to be very pleasing.

JB (1 0)
1 Boyles Monsolana love style over Barrenclough. A 16 mth old tri who could and is probably over looked as she is starkers at the moment!!!  The truth is that in coat she will likely give the best a run for their money. She is feminine without being too small. Her head handles well with lovely under jaw and bite and good stop and appealing eye set, size and shape, flat skull and good ears. She has good angulation and proportions and moved out with drive and pace.

YB (3 0)
1 Swain’s Aaronwell Azena for Lexcol. I’ve never seen this bitch before but she appealed straight away for her overall balance and ring presence. She is a good sized, well broken blue of a very good colour. Pleasing head qualities with naturally good ear set, nice eye with a keen but kind expression. Her angulation was good with correct shoulders and spring of rib and she moved out as I’d expected . She stayed on her toes in the Challenge to go BB and then went on to BOB for her ring presence and maintenance of energy on this rather warm day. I liked this bitch very much.
2 Boyle’s Monsolana Love Style over Barrenclough. 3 Selwyn’s Breckamore Black no sugar

PGB (4 2)
1 Murray and Bellamy’s Beloreen Starlight. Stunning blue merle of well broken colour with a dark brown eye. Very pretty with well moulded foreface and wedge head with a good stop and well placed ears. She had good angulation and neck and a good turn of stifle. She may be a little short through her coupling. Unfortunately she was carrying a little too much weight over her shoulders to be able to take her any further today.
2 Wrights Aqualita Rosetta, There is a lot to like about this rich sable girl. Who is currently out of coat. She has a kind larger eye and longer wedge head with a flat skull. Her ears where neat but on the light side today probably due to coat drop. She moved out with reach and drive as her angulation indicated.

LB (8 1)
1 Cook’s Aniesh Forever Blue with Whatacoo. Mother of my puppy bitch winner. Blue merle just coming back into coat. I have judged this girl before and she is a very nicely made bitch. She is a good size but still feminine.  Appealing head although I wouldn’t want any more stop. Smashing ears which she uses continuously. Good angles meaning a good neck and turn of stifle and good length of back to height, all contributing to her moving well and keeping a good top line. In the challenge seriously considered her but would have liked just a wee bit more coat in round her skirts to finish the picture.
2 Swain’s Lexcols Jewel in my Crown. S/w of a smaller type to 1 with a very glomourous dense jacket.  She appealed for her overall femininity and balance.  She had the cleaned of heads with lovely moulded foreface and stop bang on and I found her expression very appealing with a lovely eye set and shape, with wasn’t too small.  She was reluctant with her ears and they are probably a little wide set. She had good angulation and in truth this indicated she should be able to move out well. Unfortunately today I think she was feeling the heat with her coat.
3 Whitaker’s Aniesh Misty Blue Moon of Siluto.

OB (5 3)
1 Whitakers Jopium Magical Dream. A tri bitch I have judged on several occasions and whilst acknowledging she is perhaps a little deep through now I still find her so appealing. She has a lovely rounded muzzle and moulding to her head and a very good bite and under jaw. She has a larger eye which is well set and ears which she uses to her advantage. Overall, she is a good size with a balanced length of back to height. Her angles are spot on meaning she has a good reach of neck and well-developed stifle and her coat is a good fitted jacket which is jet black.   Her angulation and proportions suggest she would move out well.
2 Adams and Carlyon’s Ladnar Kiss and Temptation at Dycoshem. A larger and longer tri bitch than 1. She has a balanced head with a good stop and ear carriage although I would have preferred a slightly more oblique eye set. I preferred the under jaw and bite on 1.  She has good angulation and although she is bigger she had balance. She moved out freely.

VB (2 0)
1 Whitakers Sabiha’s sweet Melody, at 11 years young and to me screams standard and she shows no extremes what so ever. She has the most wonderful head to hold and still has a good underjaw despite her age. Smashing ears, which she uses to her advantage, very kind almond well set eye which isn’t too big nor small and a bang on perceptible stop. She is carrying a glamourous golden sable coat which is probably my only criticism of her as she has a bit too much of it. She has a well-proportioned and well-muscled body and carrying no excess weight. She moved out so well with good drive and decided at one point to break into a canter! Fit for function…… I really think so. In the challenge she summed up what the standard means to me and I felt I had to acknowledge this by giving her RBB.
2 Hull’s Lizmark Gold Nugget. A tri bitch I judged some years ago and as with the dogs from this kennel I find the overall elegance of this girl very appealing. She has a longer and finer head pattern than 1 but it is still balanced but I think possibly starting to show her age in her eyes. Her skull is flat and her ears used to advantage. Her overall angulation and balance is very good and it was a pleasure to watch her moving so freely. As she moved out into the sunlight her black coat gleamed.

SBB (2 0)  
1 Boyle’s Monsolana Love Style over Barrenclough (imp Rus)
2 Adams and Carlyon’s Ladnar Love and Temptation at Dycoshem