Collie Association’s Championship Shows, 25th November 2018.

It was with great excitement I accepted the kind invitation from The Collie Association to judge at their Championship show on the 28th of November. It is of course something special to judge Collies in the breed’s home country. 

I fell in the Collie “pond” when I was 12 years old and judged my first CC show for Collies in 1982, at the age of 28. Collies are my first and last love and there will always be collies in my house. Life is for me too short to live a single day without a Collie. 

The perfect Collie is the most beautiful of all breeds. This quote has been adopted from the breed standard of 1950 and is in my opinion forever true. 

I normally say that the correct Collie is beautiful both inside and outside, but it is only beautiful on the outside if it fits the standard as close as possible. I love the first sentence in our standard. “Appears as a dog of great beauty, standing with impassive dignity, with no part out of proportion to whole”. 

I often wonder how it is that some people read the standard totally different from others. I accept that “Moderate amount of round bone” for example can mean something to one of us and perhaps a bit heavier or less heavy for others. When it, however, comes to “Viewed in profile, top of skull and top of the muzzle lay in two parallel straight lines of equal length” all discussion must stop. Head profiles like a ski jump with a deep cave between the eyes instead of a slight, but perceptible stop, can never be correct. 

I am deeply concerned about the fact that some breeders are turning my beloved and beautiful Collies into ugly mongrels looking like a crossbreed between Samoyeds and Chow Chows. Small, low legged over coated and grim dogs, with head like foxes, unable to stride out and do a day’s work is not for me. This is not a matter of the interpretation of the standard; this is a matter of creating a new breed. We can have different opinions, but some opinions are wrong! 

When I went into the ring at Coventry, I was looking for Collies in perfect balance, with no exaggerations. I wanted soundly built dogs, which combined elegance with strength. Collies with this certain aura of royalty and class which the standard asks for. A correct silhouette is essential. It starts at the tip of correctly placed ears and forms a beautiful and elegant outline with the rise of an arched neck and finish with a slight rise over the loin. I looked for soundly moving dogs with well-groomed coats of correct texture, which fitted the outline of the body. 
Did I find what I was looking for, yes, I did. I did, however, also find a lot of other things which I now am going to discuss with you. 

I saw several dogs which refused to move on the floor and the floor wasn’t slippery. It was a good floor for a dog show. Breeders must stop making excuses for their dogs when they refuse to move unless there are carpets on the floor. In Scandinavia and continental Europe, we can clearly see that some lines have this problem while other can move on ice if asked. I often hear people saying that their dog slipped and fell over when he was a puppy and since then he doesn’t want to move on wooden floors. Rubbish, a dog with the correct temperament can slip and fall over without having a lifelong trauma. 

Another concern is the lack of grooming. How can people even dream of having a rough Collie if they don’t want to do the work needed. A Collie coat isn’t groomed just because the top layer of coat is sorted. I had a few dogs where it was impossible to see the skin when I divided the coat. Some coats were like a bird’s nest of matted wool. I did of course not give any high awards to these dogs. 

Another concern is dirty teeth. I do understand it can be difficult to clean teeth on a Peke or a Pug, but it is easy to do this on a Collie. Neglected mouths are not only going to be smelly, it’s also a health issue. Teeth are not only going to be cleaned before a show but all through the dog’s life. 

Before I went to the UK the Kennel Club sent me a form concerning the breed’s health risks and focus points, which I had to fill in. We have the same in Scandinavia, so I was used to those. At this show I saw something I have never seen before and hope I will never see again. I found a Collie with hardly any eyes. Eyes can of course vary in size from big “teacup” to smaller eyes, but this dog had eyes as small as peas. This is certainly something we don’t want creeping into our breed. 

I was surprised about the fact that I hardly saw any cow hocked males at this show and front movements were also far better than expected. The truth is that I am happy to say that movements were generally good. 
Finally, I want to thank the committee for trusting me with the task of judging their show. I want to thank all exhibitors who accepted my decisions with great sportsmanship. My ring stewards were very efficient and the hospitality you provided were great. I look very much forward to follow some of my young winners in the future; there were a handful of very interesting and promising dogs among them.


Veteran dog 4 (0 absent)

My day of judging started in great style when this stallion entered the ring. He looked as a 5 years old dog and he was masculine with correct and attractive collie lines. He had a beautiful reach of neck and a wonderful silhouette; dignity is the word. Lovely dark almond shaped eyes but ears a bit wide set. He had the coat quality we really want. This dog could do a day’s work without drowning if it was heavy rain. Groomed to perfection. Moved soundly with a lovely carriage, but he is too proud of his tail. Yes, I saw that he had 20 white hair on his back but that didn’t bother me for one minute on such a beautiful collie. He was a strong contender for the RCC but he didn’t want to concentrate in the final which let him down.

2nd Int.Ch. BELDONES DOUBLE DIAMOND (Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins & Foy)
Masculine dog of correct size. Well-developed in body with good ribcage and chest. Eyes must not be smaller, but they are of good dark color. A fraction snippy in forehead. Short in neck. Moves very well.

3rd Aniesh Portrait in Blue

Minor puppy dog 4 (1 absent)

This puppy is extremely well balanced, exactly right for his age. He is masculine with a wonderful outgoing temperament. The slippery floor didn’t bother him for a second. Nice silhouette with a well chiseled head with perfectly placed ears. His eyes are dark and almond shaped. Well developed in body for age, fitting bones and very nice coat. Perfect tail carriage. His movements are well coordinated and stabile for his age but he could do with a bit more enthusiasm. I think that is down to the handler, please remember that your dog copies your behavior. A dog for the future.

2nd NITHVIEW THIS IS ME (Miss H & Mr. R Brown and Jepson) 
Very well trained and perfectly handled. Slightly big ears but well placed. Nice eyes, correct parallel lines in head. Good neck and topline. Well-developed body. Curls his tail a bit when moving. Must be trained to move on all surfaces.

3rd DYCOSHEM HAVASUPAI WONDER (Ms. L and Mr. R. Adams Carlyon).

Puppy dog 4 (0 absent)

Black Diamond’s outline is superior, a real male. He took my eyes from the moment he entered the ring. Very well balanced, height to length. Wonderful neck. Eyes are very dark, but a bit round. Correct placed ears. I would like him more filled out in foreface and it was the lack of real quality in his head that let him down in the competition for the RCC. He has a perfect tail carriage and good bones. His body had lots of substance without being too heavy. Moves a bit narrow behind but his movements are excellent from the side. The handler needs a bit more training to match this very nice puppy. The dog is barking a lot, so his behavior doesn’t help him. BP



Junior dog 9 (0 absent)

Not the biggest male but well-proportioned which make him well balanced, but I would have liked a bit more of him. Very attractive dark almond shaped eyes, neat small well-placed ears. A bit broad in back skull. Acceptable neck and nice topline with a well-rounded croup. Well angulated with a correct front. Excellent coat following the outline of the body. Beautifully presented and groomed to perfection. Short tail but he carried it correct.


3rd LADNER BALTHASAR (Mr. & Mrs. Randall.

Yearling dog 4 (2 absent)

1st WICANI RUBY TIGER (Mr & Mrs Harvey, Mrs. Keith).
Shown totally out of coat but still looks attractive because 
he has the correct shape and balance. Head lacks stop, perfect flat skull. Beautiful ears set where they are supposed to be. This does also improve his silhouette. Big white teeth’s (collies are having smaller and smaller teeth’s, a thing we must look out for). This male had teeth’s like a tiger. Very nice outline, fitting bones. Warm sable color, but it’s when he moves you really see his virtues. He can really stride out. He does, however, need ring training.

Masculine male of very nice size. Good neck. Head is a bit long in foreface and it completely lacks stop. I would like a stronger underjaw. Acceptable bones. Short in croup and far too gay and untypical tail carriage. Correct angulated behind but straight in front. Litter brother to Ruby Tiger.

Novice dog 7 (0 absent)


2ND LADNAR BALTHASAR (Mr & Mrs. Randall)
Dog of a good type, nice blue merle color. He is a bit square, so I would like him with longer lines in neck and body. Very attractive dark eyes of correct shape. His ears are a bit wide set. He could do with more attitude. Perfectly groomed and presented.


Graduate dog 1 (1 absent)

Post graduate dog 6 (0 absent)

1st BROOKLYNSON EL DORADO (Miss M. Benton and Mr N & Mrs. A Smith)
Here was love at first sight. A very attractive young dog where everything fitted together. He is a well-constructed male which is full of himself, never putting a foot wrong. He had the Collie silhouette I was looking for. Ears on the big side, but they are well placed. Attractive neck and the correct slight rise over the loin. Perfect angulated both ends. Moves with great enthusiasm and self-confidence. Beautiful tail carriage. Watch out for him. RCC

2nd ERJON EURASER (Mrs L.D. Jones & Mr. J.A. Blackburn
He was the one I first noticed when the class came in because of his extremely efficient movements. Vow, could he move. Nice silhouette even if his croup falls off a bit too much. Well angulated both ends and a correct neck. He is masculine and shows well. His right ear is unfortunately almost pricked and he is a bit deep in back skull. With correct tipped ears and a better head an extremely beautiful collie.


Mid Limit dog 5 (0 absent)

A dog of the desired model with an attractive silhouette. Nicely balanced with the right proportions. Correct neck but I would have liked to see him with more body and better spring of ribs. Eyes are a bit round and small, correct ears. He is very deep in back skull and his head planes should be more parallel. Moves soundly and with attitude.

2nd INGLEDENE DARE TO DREAM WITH DANCOL (Mr. and Mrs. Jones & D. Dancol. 
Masculine male of good size but too long in loin. His ears are unfortunately too wide set and carried too low. This doesn’t help his expression because otherwise he has very beautiful eyes. Well-developed ribcage and a good body, but topline could be firmer. Croup falling off too much. Correct tail carriage, but moves a bit close behind. Very nice coat of the correct texture.

3rd STARLYN DIAMONDS ‘R’ FOREVER (Mrs. C. & Mr. A. Hollinshead

Limit dog 5 (2 absent)

1st XCODE DELLA BUCCA DELLA FATE AT RANNALEROCH (IMP. IT.) (Jeremy Barron & Carron Jenkins).
This tricolor dog is very eye catching. He is of correct type and he moved well even if he could be more stable behind. I would like his expression a fraction more masculine. Almost black eyes of correct shape, acceptable ears. Nose line falling off a bit. Very nice neck and good layback of shoulders. Attractive silhouette, well angulated. Tail only just long enough but he carries it correct. Correct coat texture.

2nd PELIDO DAVID WEIR (Spencer and Debbie Wright) 
A dog of correct size but I would like him with a bit more neck and a better shoulder placement, fitting bones. Mild and appealing expression but ears are a bit wide set. Very prominent stop and the nose line is falling off a bit. Good ribcage and body. Would like him with a more masculine attitude. His hind movements could be more parallel. Beautiful coat texture, nicely groomed.


Open dog 6 (1 absent)

Here was the king of the day and my heart jumped when I saw this beautiful blue merle. He appeared as a dog of great beauty as he stood with impassive dignity and with no part out of proportion to whole. For me this is Collie. You melt when you look at his almost black eyes, what a perfect expression. His head is correct seen from all angels. Small delicate ears placed exactly where they are supposed to be. Moves with suspension which is so typical for a collie. His movements are totally effortless and created to cope with rough terrain. Beautiful blue merle color and correct coat groomed to perfection. Not a hair too much or too little. For me this dog is very close to perfection and there was not the slightest doubt in my mind that here was my CC winner. CC, BOB and BIS.

2nd ANTOC SOUL MATE (Mrs. L. Rae)
Again, a collie male of the desired model. He is of perfect size with great balance and good neck. His ears and eyes are just wonderful, giving the correct collie expression. Stop is not too deep and placed exactly where it is supposed to be. He is a fraction deep in back skull and his forehead could be stronger with a more developed and broader underjaw. Croup falling off a bit. Quiet nice side movements but could be more parallel seen from behind. Beautiful deep “orange” sable color.

3rd TAKHISIS TRICK OR TREAT (Mrs. S.L. Wray-Ramsden

We were now ready for the BOB competition and it became clear that I and the bitch judge Mrs. J. Morgan had different opinions. We agreed to disagree and called for the referee who was Trevor Howard. I was of course very pleased when this famous Collie man choose my dog for best Rough Collie and later made him BIS.

That was it, the show was now over. I know I disappointed a few and only pleased a handful; it never changes because that is dog showing for you. I do, however, wish all my exhibitor good luck for the future and with their ongoing work for the most beautiful bred in the world.

Charlotte Høier