September 2018

Veteran Dog:
1) Skinners Nikal it’s Gud to be Black - 7 year old tri in jet black coat in good condition. Moved well from the rear although toed in front. Well groomed sufficient neck, a little strong in head. 

Puppy dog:
1) Shipps No More Heroes Du Clos de Seawind- 10 months old. Gold s/w who was presented to perfection. Nice clean head with almond eye and correctly placed stop giving a sweet yet masculine expression. Flat skull and well used ears. He has a lovely shape and arched neck and good length of back, good bend of stifle and neat hocks, standing he is a lovely dog and moves well too. Best dog and best puppy dog. 
2) Boyles Barrenclough Heart of Gold. 9 months sable and white. Not as mature as 1st and a smaller dog all together. Being both shorter in head and back, he has a good length of neck. At present needs to clean in stop. Although he moves ok, drops off at the rear end. 

Junior dog:
1)Shipps No More Heroes at Du clos de Seawind
2) Barrenclough Heart of Gold.
3) Byrnes Ingledene Affairs by Nite. 

Post grad dog:
1) Arrowsmith Saganan Gundagai 4 year old blue dog, who is a lovely colour. Nine shape with well arched neck and a good length of back. Today his ears were light, although he used them well. Moved well.
2) Ingeldene Affairs by Nite. At 17 months he is at that in between stage. A big lad with good length of back. Good well used ears, but need to clean in stop. 

Open dog: 
1) Whites Ch Mejola I Am Persuasive jw. 4 years old shaded sable and white. Who is very well constructed and moved as is suggested. A born showman who stood four square at all times. Nice flat skull and head is balanced. Just preferred the sweetness of expression of the puppy but a well deserved rbd. 
2) Kings Telforth Timelord . Rich golden sable and white. In lovely condition. Would prefer a tighter lip line and more refinement in head. 

Good citizens dog:
1) Proctors Wilmaranna Out of the Blue for Cathbri. 21 month old beautifully coloured blue. He has a nice shape, showed and moved well although happy with his tail. Pleasing head. 
2) Saganan Gundagai
3) Barrenclough Diamond Days. 

Veteran Bitch:
1) Arrowsmith Saganan Lady True Blue. 7 year old nicely coloured blue. Just coming into coat. She has a clean head although would prefer sweeter expression. Excelled in shape and movement. Best movement. 
2) Aikmans myriehewe attraction with welanga. Couldn’t believe this tri was 12 years old,  Credit to her owner. Well used ears. As expected at her age, movement was not as free as first. 

Puppy Bitch:
1) Cronks Chelborn Wishlist. 7 months golden sable and white. What a cutie. Could have take her home. Lovely balanced head with the sweetest of eyes, flat skull and well filled fore face. Lovely shape with well arched neck. Correct length of back. Good bend of stifle, well let down hocks and neat feet. Moved well in all directions. Showed beautifully and was groomed to perfection. Rbb and best puppy. 
2) Boyles Barrenclough Golden Linnet. 9 month sable and white with a lovely shape. Sweet balanced head with correctly placed eyes and ears, giving desired expression. Just need to fill in foreface. Moved well. Presentation could have been better. 
3) Whittaker Siluto over the blue moon. 

Junior Bitch:
1) Growcot Lillyway Lemonade Blush. 15 month sable and white who eventually settled to show and move well. Nice shape, neat ears, head maturing nicely just needs to fill in fore face.
2) Barrenclough Golden Linnet.

Post grad Bitch:
1) Shipps Gillyflower Della Buca Delle Fate. A beautifully presented golden sable and white. Lovely shape although a little straight in shoulder. Gold arched neck and length of back. Pretty head with correct stop and sweet eye. Correctly placed well used ears.  Moved well.
2) Kings Lynmead Amalie good as gold. Very feminine bitch, in full well presented coat. Once settled she moved well. Nice head well placed stop, neat ears. Not quite the foreface of 1st.
3) Aikmans Highnol Heaven Can Wait with Welanga. 

Open Bitch
1) Cronks Chelborn Kiss n Desire 4 year old shaded sable and white. Mother of The puppy winner. She has the most wonderful shape so excels on the move. She is totally balanced throughout. Nice head with correctly placed eye and stop. Well filled foreface and neat well used ears all combining to give a sweet expression. B.B. and bob. 
2) Growcots Jopium Fascinator. 6 year old tri with a well arched neck and correct length of back. Balanced head and well used ears. 

Good citizens bitch:
1) Boyles Monsolana Love Style over Barrenclough. 20 month tri just coming back into coat. She is extremely feminine with a good arched neck and length of back moves well. Nicely balanced head with sweet expression. Neat ears which she used just enough. 
2) Saganan lady true blue.

Judge - Sally Humphries