Collie Association Open Show

22nd April 2018

Rough Collies

Many thanks to the officers and committee of Collie Association for inviting me to judge their open show. Thanks, must also go to my efficient stewards, Mrs A Hollywood and Mrs M Grindley.
I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging and would like to thank all exhibitors for their entries and taking my decisions sportingly.

Veteran Dog (No Entries)
Minor Puppy Dog (No Entries)

Puppy Dog (1,0)
1 st LOCKYERS – THINK OF ME PRINCE OF SUNLIGHT AT GATAJ S/W dog of 10 months old. Nice clean head with correct amount of stop. Nice eye and well-set ears, well moulded foreface. Slightly wide in back skull however this does not detract from his appealing expression. Good depth of chest, good reach of neck led into good shoulders, nice topline and shape. Good bend of stifle. Movement was better once settled just needs to tighten. BPD/BPIB. Was so pleased to see him be awarded BPIS. Congratulations

Junior Dog (3,2)
1 st COONEYS – JOPIUM DANNY BOY AT LINGWELL S/W dog in good condition. His head handles well with good underjaw, pleasing eye, ears slightly wider than I would prefer but used well. Would just like more length in head and a little less stop to complete his expression. Good neck, top line and bend of stifle. Presented well. Just needs to settle in the ring, moved adequately.

Novice Dog (1,0)

Graduate Dog (3,1)
1 st HUMPHREYS – SHASAM SIGN OF THE TIMES JW S/W dog of good size, Nice head and eye, nice ears, good underjaw and well moulded foreface. Masculine expression, good neck, good top line and good bend of stifle with good hocks. Would just prefer a slightly longer back. Moved, Showed and presented well.

2 nd KENNYS – LANLIN BENJI AT LEESAUND Upstanding dog that was very unsettled today. His head handles well but is very fine, good shape, Presented well.

Post Graduate Dog (2,0)
1 ST FRENCHS – SAMHAVEN NAME THAT TUNE AT BREACKAMORE 2 ½ year old S/W dog. In good condition, Clean head with equal planes, good reach of neck, good top line, nice length of back, good turn of stifle, short powerful hocks. Presented well. Would just like this boy to make more of himself in the ring. RBD

2 nd LISTERS – JOTARS PLATINUM MOON AT NEWARP B/M of outstanding colour. Good size, head could be more balanced, nice eye, good ears. Good reach of neck, nice length of back. Moved moderately but needs to drop his tail on the move.

Limit Dog (2,1)
1 st MAXWELL & WALLIS – TRENLEY TATENEN AT HAMISKS Shaded S/W dog of 5 years of age. Head handles well just a tad on the heavy side, lovely eye, good ears, nice expression. Good neck, good shoulders, good width of chest with good ribbing. Nice top line. Good turn of stifle. Showed non-stop for his handler in the class and the challenge. Moved at a steady pace. BD/RBOB/BOS

Open Dog (2,0)
1 st COLE & FOXS – ALANITA ALL THAT JAZZ T/C dog of good size. I found his head a little deep and a little short with too much stop. Pleasing eye with good ears. Nice reach of neck, good length of leg, nice ribbing and length of back, good bend of stifle, moved satisfactorily.
2 nd SKINNERS – NIKAL ITS GUD TO BE BLACK T/C Dog of seven years, clean head with nice eye, moderate neck, good shape, nice length of back, not showing the best. Didn’t move as well as 1.

Veteran Bitch (2,1)
1 st MARGETTS – AMALIE LET ME BE AT COLLINGALE JW 9-year-old bitch thoroughly enjoying her day out, showing beautifully for her handler. Pleasing head, nice eye, lovely expression. Good length of back and well balanced. Moved well for her age and very attentive to her handler.

Minor Puppy Bitch (No Entries)

Puppy Bitch (2,1)
1 st LOCKYERS – TRUE COLORS AT PRINCE OF SUNLIGHT AT GATAJ S/W bitch of 10 months old. I would just like her more feminine. I found her rather broad and flared in back skull with too much stop. Good underjaw, Nice eye and ears which she used well, good neck, good depth of chest, nice length of back, nice bend of stifle, movement just needs to come together.

Junior Bitch (3,1)
1 st NEWMANS – PHREELANCER PHAITH HILL 13-month-old T/C Bitch of outstanding quality, her head is beautifully moulded, lovely flat skull, nice equal planes, good underjaw, correct amount of stop and correctly shaped dark eye. All this together gives a true rough collie expression. Nice size with a good reach of neck led into good shoulders, good length of leg followed by lovely shaped feet. Nice length of back with a pleasing top line with a slight rise over the loin. Stunning shape, Excellent bend of stifle, nice powerful hocks. Presented perfectly with not a hair out of place, showed non-stop and was very attentive to handler. Her movement should improve as she matures. BB/BOB Delighted to watch her be awarded RBIS. Congratulations.
2 nd TAMES – DOLORES AT RAHLISSA (IMP SRB) S/W bitch Smaller in size than 1. Balanced head, good eye, good ears, nice shape and length of back, good body, in good condition, showed well but movement was very unsettled.

Novice Bitch (2,1)

Graduate Bitch (6,4)
1st RANDALLS – SAMHAVEN HOPEFUL LADNAR JW B/M bitch of ok colour, pleasing head and eye with nice neat ears giving a nice expression. Good reach of neck, good shoulders, good width of chest, good top line, nice shape, good ribbing, moved steadily. Would just like more of her.
2 nd MCDADES – FRIDENS CAPTIVATION WITH LYNDALE JW B/M bitch, colour needs to improve. Would like a more balanced head with more underjaw and a softer expression. Moderate neck with good length of back, good width of chest, moved moderately.

Post Graduate Bitch (5,2)
1 st TAMES – SAMHAVEN MOMENTUM 6 year old S/W bitch in lovely coat and condition. Pleasing head with good ears which she used well. Feminine expression, nice shape moved around the ring pacing at times but once in her stride out moved her competition.
2 nd DIXS – GEMASTRA JUST ONE KISS AT TREWEEK Have judged this girl before and can say she has improved dramatically. T/C bitch of nice type, head handles well and is balanced. Good shape and correct length of back. Showed ok. Just needs to come together with handler on the move.

Limit Bitch (7,3)
1 st MARGETTS – COLLINGVALE CRÈME ANGLAISE JW S/W bitch of good quality, head is balanced with nice expression, in good condition with nice body, good top line and nice shape. Showed well. Moved ok.
2 nd RANDALLS – LADNAR INKHEART JW T/C bitch in good condition. Pleasing head and eye with a nice expression, Lovely reach of neck with good shoulders, nice bend of stifle, would prefer a better top line and darker pigmentation. Moved ok.

Open Bitch (3,1)
1 ST HUMPHREYS – BRILYNS GUILT PLEASURE IS SHASAM S/W bitch, showing well today, nice head with equal planes, good underjaw, nice eye, nice ears which she used well, feminine expression, nice neck, lovely shape and good length of back, nice ribbing, presented beautifully. Moved round the ring covering the ground well. Didn’t hesitate to award her RBB.
2 nd LOCKYERS – GATAJ WELCOME WITH A KISS B/M bitch of correct colour. Lovely head with correct stop. Pleasing eye, nice ears which gives her a nice expression when used all together. Correct length of back, nice bend of stifle, Unlucky to meet 1 today.

Mr J A Blackburn Judge