British Collie Club
1st December 2018


Many thanks to British Collie Club, for inviting me to judge the Smooths at this friendly, festive show. A small entry of 9, with 2 absent, but those present were quality exhibits , so thank you to those who came. My thanks to Mike Coulson, my steward, who kept things going well.

BEST IN SHOW was the Rough, COLLINGWALE CAVA, a delightful 10month puppy, presented in tip top condition, showed and moved very well. She was also BPIS.

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW and Best Veteran in show was the Smooth, Ch. Alopex Marionett of Oakestelle, who seems to make a habit of winning here. My co-judge and I were in complete agreement for all the In Show awards.

Veteran D/B (2, 1abs)

1. Bentons CH.ALOPEX MARIONETTE OF OAKESTELLE, ALMOST 10 YEAR OLD, BOB, BVIS, RBIS. Well known b/m who is so feminine in every respect. Lovely outline, with excellent reach of neck, balanced throughout. Her head is clean, with well shaped eye, good stop and well placed ears, all giving the soft expression I was looking for. Moved very well, so free flowing and lightfooted. To top it off she is a delightful colour, she shows her sox off, clearly devoted to her owner. Great start to the day, and delighted to award her BOB, over her kennelmates.


1. Howards JACK MACKS VA BUIDHINN OF SHANDLMAIN (Imp. Deu), 10 month well made tricolour. He has good bone and substance, clearly all male. He needs to settle to the job in hand, but has a good outline, well placed shoulders, good spring of rib, well made rear, with nice end of stifle, strong hocks. I would prefer a better shape to his eye and his ears a bit tighter. Striking with his jet black and gleaming white coat. When he settled down, he moved well, just watch that tail. BPD, BD, BPIB.


1. Moores MANORDEIFI BOW REGARD, 2yr old s/w who was a bit reluctant to show off his virtues today. Possesses lovely almond shaped eyes, well placed ears, nice flat skull. Overall, he is a little on the small size for me, but has good reach of neck, well shaped body. Moved very steadily.


1. Moores BLAMORDER RIDING ON A RAINBOW TO MANORDEIFI, BPB for this 9 mth very feminine tri, so happy to be here. She has a good outline with lovely length of back, good neck, well rounded ribcage. Pretty expression with lovely dark eye, and just enough stop. Ears could be better. On the move, she was a tad excited, but when settled moved nicely.


1. Bentons OAKESTELLE ARTEMIS, very feminine 17 mth B/M, with pretty head, nice eye, good ear carriage and well placed stop. Good bodyshape, with well laid shoulders, lovely bodyshape, strong hindquarters. Nicely balanced in outline, showed and moved very well. Another shown in tip top condition, her colour is a sparkling clear blue. RBB. 2. Blamorder Riding on a Rainbow to Manordeifi


1. Bentons OAKESTELLE VENUS DE MILO, 5yr b/m, again I liked her shape and balance, showed really well, and another with a delightful colour. Lovely head, well placed stop, good ear placement, carried them well. Ultra feminine in outline, good shoulder placement, nicely rounded ribs, level topline, and good bend of stifle. On the move, today she was a bit wide behind, but very true and positive in front, which cost her RBB.

2. Moores TOMALCA BUTTONS N BOWS AT MANORDEIFI, personally, I would prefer a bit more length of head on this bitch, who appeared a bit deep through for me. However, she has a kindly expression, stemming from her dark eye, well placed stop, and well placed ears. In profile has a good reach of neck, and was well bodied. Unsettled on the move, as she was excited to see her owner who sportingly was in and out of the ring for the duration….

Many thanks for your entries.

Christine Collins Judge.