Rough Collies

Thank you to all exhibitors for giving me the honour of an entry of 120 not only beautiful but high quality dogs. We were lucky enough to have a good sized ring giving every dog the opportunity to give of their best on the move. Although temperatures soared during the afternoon, there was enough breeze to make it just about bearable.

Understandably, a few did not want to use their ears as well as they might and, thus, a quick glance had to suffice. Thank you too to our wonderful stewards, Barrie Welham and Gillian McAleny for their efficiency, patience, steadfast endurance in such conditions and, not least, their splendid sense of humour to give me such a very happy and enjoyable day. 


MPD (9,4) 1 Boyle's Barrenclough Heart of Gold. Beautiful head, eye and expression, well balanced with good layback of shoulder, in very mature coat for his 7 months with still some growing to do. Just scored on excellence of movement. 2nd Hassock's Camanna Codename. Well grown and balanced, in superb coat with neat well set ears. Good head, eye and expression, well laid shoulder with good depth to her chest. She went well. 3 Savage's Peblu Gold Reflection at Savataurus 


PD (4) 1 Jones & Blackburn's Erjon Encouraged To Be Blue B/m, so well made all through with the most beautiful head and a charming expression in his dark sparkling eyes, very well conformed, so mature in coat, attitude and showmanship A very good mover, going even better in the challenge against the BPB and thoroughly deserved BP. 2 B Heart of Gold. 3 Lockyer's Riverside Song V I P with Gataj (Imp Rom)


JD (3,1) 1 Lockyer's Think of Me Prince of Sunlight at Gataj (Imp Hun). Well shaped dark eye with bright intelligent expression and good arch to his neck, depth through the heart and length of neck, well sprung ribs and good layback of shoulder, in superb coat and hard condition. Very good mover.


YD (5,2) 1 White's Mejola Dangerous Liaison, b/m with dark expressive eyes, in excellent coat and hard muscular condition with deep chest and decent length to his tail. Well balanced, he scored on layback of shoulder here. He moved extremely well. 2 Humphrey's Shasam Sign of The Times JW. Lovely head and eye with neat, small well set ears, in splendid coat. He moved very well keeping his firm topline. Well balanced. 3 Proctor's Wilmaranna Out of The Blue for Cathbri 


PGD (8,1) 1 Iley's Jack Black Ileyda. Well balanced tri with kind well shaped eye, good layback of shoulder and turn of stifle with tail down to his hocks. Very good mover. 2 Jones & Blackburn's Erjon Early Edition. Small neat well set and carried ears, in well textured harsh dense coat, just a touch shorter in neck than the winner. He went well. 3 Lockyer's Gataj Beau Of Surprises JW 


MLD (6,1) 1st White's Mejola Fate and Fortune. B/m showman with well set and carried ears, lovely eye and charming expression.. Well balanced with good length to his arched neck, in excellent coat of good colour and hard muscular condition. So well conformed all through with good topline and spring of rib. Most impressive on the move with a good reach to his free enduring stride. 2 Wright's Pelido David Weir. In full mature coat with excellent shoulder angulation, just a touch shorter in neck than the winner. Rather more interested in the exciting smells on the ground than the job in hand and, thus, could have held himself better on the go round but actually moved very freely and accurately. 3 Webb's Rashel Time Is of The Essence at Shadowpark. 


LD (11,1) 1 Barron & Jenkins' Xcode Della Bucca Delle Fate at Rannaleroch (Imp Ita) Handsome, mature coated Tri, typey and well balanced with lovely head, eye and expression. So well conformed all through, in hard muscular condition with a long well set and carried tail. An excellent mover. RCC. 2 Mellish's Demelewis Moonchaser. Another handsome Tri with beautiful head and eye with small well set and carried ears, tail well down to the hock. Just a touch longer in body than the winner. An effortless free mover with good length of stride in profile. 3 Hassock's Camanna Colour Me Perfect 


OD (10,3) 1 Falletto's Ch/Int/Ita/Dk Ch One Extraordinary Blu Di Cambiano [Atc Ar01491ita] Such an impressive showman combined with the wow factor, this masculine b/m simply exudes both quality and type. Beautiful head with a charming expression in his dark eyes, neat well set and carried ears, good forechest and long tail. Presented to well nigh perfection in the best of coat and hardest of muscular condition with the excellence of his conformation and balance merely being emphasised on the move with an easy ground covering stride. Just one gorgeous dog! CC which, I gather is his 6th & BOB later G2 under Frank Kane. 2 Weay'sTakhisis Trick Or Treat. Well balanced Tri in excellent coat and rock hard muscular condition. He too moved extremely well if, understandably in the by then blazing head, a trifle reluctant to use his ears as well as he might. 3 Rae's Antoc Soul Mate 


VD (5) 1 Clare's Bluchip Solar Storm of Skyeshelm. Tri, a mere youngster of 7 years, who eventually condescended to use his small well set ears, in excellent coat with good topline and length to his muzzle Very good mover. 2 Welsh's Ladnar Perfect Time at Thistlewing. Well balanced b/m with lovely head, eye and expression, excellent shoulder, topline, coat and spring of rib with good length to his tail. 3 Savage's Savataurus's Only The Lonely


MPB (11,4) 1 Garside's Barrenclough Golden Lilly. Just 7 months and already a confident showgirl, holding herself proudly. Well shaped head with good layback of shoulder and tail reaching her hocks. 2 Wray's Danfrebek Lady Madonna. Tri of the same age. Well grown with good layback of shoulder and turn of stifle with long tail, topline can still firm a touch. 3 Milligan & Marley's Ladnar Trust In Me 


PB (2) 1st Lockyer's Beldones Coco Mademoiselle at Gataj. Well shaped head and eye complete with a very sweet expression. Well balanced with long tail, in excellent coat, she scored on angulation of shoulders and quarters. A good steady mover, going especially well behind. BPB. 2 Boyle's Barrenclough Golden Linnet. Feminine with head of good shape, in mature well marked coat with long tail, going particularly well in front. 


JB (3,1) 1 Wray's Takhisis Aphrodite. So well marked with beautiful head, eye and expression. Good for make, shape and balance with well set and carried tail down to her hocks. Excellent layback of shoulder, where she scored here. Very good mover. The promise is all there. 2 Boyle's Monsolana Love Style Over Battenclough (Imp Rus) Tri in well textured single coat with good firm topline and neat compact feet. She moved very well. 


YB (4,1) 1 Geddes' Ingledene Spirit of Ecstacy. Beautifully presented balanced Tri, in the best of coat and condition so good for make and shape, size and type with a charming expression in her well shaped eyes, her long tail almost touching the ground. Excellent mover. 2 Beare's Jemspark Maid In Secret. Also quite lovely, so well conformed and balanced with the darkest of pigment and eye, in well textured mature coat and hard muscular condition with tail to her hocks. 3 Boyle's Monsolana Love Style Over Battenclough (Imp Rus) 


PGB (15,5) 1st Humhrey's Shasam Shades of Guilt. Well balanced with lovely head eye and expression with neat, well set and carried ears. Excellent make, shape, size and type with well laid shoulder and good turn of stifle. An enthusiastic showgirl who, the more she moved, the better she went making light of the then blazing heat. Most impressive. RCC. 2 Geddes' Ingledene Lace N'grace. Excellent topline, well shaped head and neat compact feet, well conformed all through with lovely long tail. Very good mover. 3 Fox's Erjon Euphoric For Alanita 


MLB (8,1) 1 Hodges' Jopium Secret Fantasy JW. Lovely head, eye and expression with neat well set ears. Excellent make, shape and topline with good angulation of shoulders and quarters, well marked, in the best of coat and hard muscular condition with long tail. A smart well balanced showgirl, who moved extremely well. 2nd Telford's Samhaven Summer Rhapsody for Glenbowdene in richly coloured well marked coat gleaming in the sun. Very typey, well shaped eye and charming expression with long tail. A good mover, well presented. 3 Melvin & Jopson's Nithview Summer Lovin 


LB (10,3) 1st Fox's Alanita Winter Jazzmine Well balanced and an excellent mover. Lovely head with a bright intelligent expression in her dark eyes, scoring here on her small neat ears. Excellent spring of rib, layback of shoulder and turn of stifle with long tail. 2 Randall's Fata Turchina Ladnar Di Cambiano (Imp Ita) B/m with the sweetest of feminine expressions. Well balanced with neat compact feet, good topline and length of neck with tail reaching her hocks. She moved very well. 3rd Melvin & Jopson's Lillyway Lovin'you at Nithview 


OB (8,2) 1 Hodges' Jopium Love Heart JW ShCM . Well shaped head and eye, excellent layback of shoulder with tail to hocks, just scoring on firmness of topline. She moved extremely well. 2 Williams' Essanjay Moonlight Shadow. Tri with, well shaped head, dark expressive eyes and small well set ears. Good layback of shoulder and turn of stifle with long tail. She, too, moved very well indeed. 3 Benton's Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle 


VB (4,2) 1 Hawkins' Ch Brilyn Platinum Lustre. A thrill indeed to both handle and then watch this utterly beautiful 9 year old b/m on the move. She is quite gorgeous! Chock full of quality and type, so well made and balanced with all the parts fitting neatly and firmly into the whole. Lovely head, eye and expression, in the best of beautifully coloured coats and hard condition with long tail and firmest of toplines. A great showgirl, so happy and enthusiastic on the move with her effortless ground covering stride, looking as if she could go all day with no trouble at all. A joy to see her up against the dog for the final choice with the proverbial hair's breadth between them, a hard decision yet one that had to be taken. Well deserved CC which, I learnt, is her 8th. 2 Corben's Caprioara Tiahatian Pearl. Tri, well conformed with good shoulders and turn of stifle, spring of rib, depth through the heart and lovely long tail, in full mature coat. Happy and so eager to please, she too moved beautifully being free and effortless. 


Jane Lilley