Thank you to all exhibitors for this wonderful entry.  I really enjoyed judging your dogs and found so many which fitted my interpretation of the standard. Some lovely dogs went without a card today such was the quality of the entry. 

If I may make a few general remarks: in assessing your dogs, I look first for breed type which for me is defined as a balanced outline made up of an excellent reach of neck, correct length of back, correct shoulders, upper arm and bend of stifle. 

A balanced head is also very important and then I look for expression and hope to find a harsh coat which enhances the dog’s shape.  If a dog is constructed correctly, it will generally move correctly. There were some poor upper arms lacking the correct angulation which lets down front movement.  I would also ask you to pay attention to how the dog is standing behind.  Hocks tucked underneath the body do not do your dog any favours, detracting from that balanced picture.

What a super start.  Three very promising puppies.

  1.  Bluck’s Elsahajo Fifty Shades of Moon. Instantly appealed for his super shape and balance.  Lovely reach of neck and super front and rear angulation.  Head is yet to finish but is balanced and with correct stop.  Expression pleasing.  Moved very positively for such a baby.
  2. Gallagher’s Kisalagi Dartagnan at Galdana. Very close to 1.  Another with lovely balance and good angulations.  Head is developing well, and expression is pleasing.  Moved very well.
  3. Gregory & McClarty’s Phreelancer Phortunes Leap


  1. Benton and Smith’s Brooklynson El Dorado. Mature puppy who has such good balance thanks to an excellent reach of neck and correct length of back.  Front and rear angulations are excellent, and he was able to move easily with reach and drive.  His expression is very pleasing, and he has a well-balanced head with correct stop. Coat of good texture which enhances his outline.  This super showman will be even better when he is 3 or 4 years old. BPIB.
  2. P. Phortunes Leap.  Very promising minor puppy with excellent construction and super head.  Movement needs to tighten and immature in one vital respect today, but I think once he drops, he will be a useful dog.


  1. Cronk’s Chelborn Story Teller. Two lovely dogs with 1 having the better neck and front. Slightly short in back for me but overall is well balanced. His head lacks a little backskull but is clean and with a good stop.  Really lovely expression.  Moved well.
  2. Wray’s Takhisis Dream Weaver.  Very appealing dog with a lovely head and expression. Good length of back and covered the ground well.

Some poor upper arms in this class which really affected front movement.

  1. Hawkins & Foy Beldones Tom Wood. Nicely balanced dog in super coat and condition.  His construction is very good, and he moved freely as a result.  Good neck and length of back and well angulated. At first sight I thought his head flared but on handling it didn’t.  His expression is very pleasing, thanks to his lovely dark eye and well used ears.
  2. Lockyer’s Gataj Beau of Surprises JW Lovely tri dog with super reach of neck and length of back.  Head is very pleasing with super expression.  Moved very well.
  3. White’s Mejola Fate and Fortune.


  1. Welsh’s Karafaye Scotch Blend at Thistlewing. A very decent dog with a super outline thanks to a good reach of neck, good length of back and good angulations. His head is clean and nicely balanced with a pleasing expression.  Moved really well.
  2. Miles’ Corydon Sayems Victory. Well balanced dog with a pleasing outline.  Head is clean and balanced.  Not the expression or upper arm of 1 and rear movement not as positive.
  3. Steven’s Cariadhaf Crazy Dream

LIMIT DOG (11,2)
A strong class with a very pleasing line-up.

  1.  Wray’s Takhisis Trick or Treat.  Loved this tri dog who instantly appeals for his overall balance.  Super neck, length of back and well angulated fore and aft. Head is clean with correct balance, well placed stop, lovely dark shapely eye, ears well placed and used sufficiently to enhance his lovely expression. Moved freely, covering the ground well. Looked good in the challenge.
  2. Randall’s Ladnar Moondust. Another lovely dog with a pleasing outline. Well angulated and moved very well as a result.  Head lacks a little in backskull for me but is otherwise clean with a super expression.
  3. Boyle’s Barrenclough Touch of Class JW SHCM

OPEN DOG (11,1)
The best class of the day.  Had I been judging under FCI rules I would have awarded all placed dogs excellent and certificate quality.  Alas, today, I only had 1 red card and 1 CC.

  1. Pryor’s Aqualita Dr No. Wow.  As I scanned the ring at the start of the class this dog immediately stood out for his perfect balance and breed type. Has a really good reach of neck which has the required crest which most sadly lacked. This together with his correct length of back and correct front angulation, bend of stifle and hocks perpendicular to the ground gave him the most elegant of outlines.  Had the longest tail in the entry (most don’t reach to the hock joint as required). I’m told that some don’t like his head but for me his head is what the standard asks for.  It is balanced with correct ratio of backskull to foreface; the backskull is flat and the ears correctly placed.  His stop is defined, and correctly placed. Has the most exquisitely shaped dark eye which is beautifully set and gives the correct Collie expression.  His movement was a joy to watch – he had reach and drive, level topline, tail carried low, no high stepping or dragging of rear feet here – truly fit for function. If only he were a more extrovert showman.  I can’t believe that this was his first CC today.  CC & BOS
  2. Geddes Ch Ingledene Spirits Arise JW. Very lovely tri dog who excels in conformation and overall balance.  Super reach of neck and length of back.  Very well angulated fore and aft and moves really well as a result. Has a balanced head with lovely dark, shapely eye. Ears a little heavy but even so has a very pleasing expression. A well-deserved RCC.
  3. Tipper’s Tiganlea Too Good to be Forgotten.

Minor Puppy Bitch (11, 0)
A very strong class.  Some lovely babies out of the cards today but who I’m sure will do some useful winning in future shows.

  1. Tame’s Rahlissa Charmaine.  Immediately appeals for her overall balance, super neck and length of back.  So well angulated fore and aft and moved very well as a result.  Her head is clean and already finishing well.  She has a very pleasing expression thanks to lovely dark eyes, clean stop and well used ears. BPB.
  2. Hawkins’ Brilyn What’s the Difference.  Very similar in type to 1.  Lovely balanced outline with super reach of neck, correct length of back and very good angulations. Her head is clean and balanced, and she has a super expression. Moved very well.
  3. Hawkins & Foy’s Beldones Baby Love

Puppy Bitch (10,2)
Another very strong class.  If the youngsters in this and the previous class fulfil their potential, the future looks bright.

  1. Walker & Ritchie’s Chantique Cinderella at Starlenga. Very mature young lady, profuse coat presented to perfection.  Well-constructed with a good reach of neck and length of back.  Well angulated and moving very well as a result.  Has a clean, well balanced head with a very pleasing expression.
  2. Davis’ Monsolana Have a Dream Rosschell.  Super b/m with a very pleasing, balanced outline.  Lovely reach of neck and correct length of back.  Well angulated and moving very easily.  Has a lovely head with very pleasing expression.
  3. Burrows’ Revdvicki Little Darling.

Junior Bitch (9,3)

  1. Randall’s Samhaven Hopeful Ladnar. Very attractive b/m with a super neck and length of back.  Well angulated fore and aft and very positive on the move as a result. Her head is clean and balanced and her expression very pleasing.
  2. McDade’s Fridens Captivation with Lyndale. Another super young lady with lots to like about her.  Super reach of neck and length of back and well angulated. She has a very lovely head and expression. Moved very well.  Not quite the colour of 1.
  3. Pullin’s Chantique Obsession at Myjacks.

Yearling Bitch (8,3)

  1. Jones & Blackburn’s Erjon Exclusively Special.  What a super bitch this is, she looked well in the challenge.  Excellent reach of neck, very good length of back and well angulated, moving very easily as a result.  Her head is clean and well balanced, and she has a very pleasing expression thanks to a well-placed eye, correct stop and good ear set.  Will surely win tickets.
  2. Boyle’s Barrenclough Golden Pearl. A well-constructed, balanced collie.  Not the angulations of 1 but moved well enough. She has a lovely head with a very pleasing expression.
  3. Hanson’s Ingeldene Ebony Lace

Post Graduate Bitch (9,1)

  1. Geddes’ Ingledene Frost at Nite. Very lovely bitch, so well put together.  Excellent reach of neck and length of back.  Well angulated fore and aft, moved easily covering the ground well. Her head is clean and balanced with a well-placed dark eye.  Ears could be a touch tighter, but this does not detract from her expression.
  2. Flower’s Serenlas Keeping the Faith. Very similar to 1 and just pipped by the better expression of 1. Lovely neck, good length of back and well angulated.  Head is very clean and balanced.  Moved very well as her construction promised. 
  3. McDade’s Beldones Sweet Illusion.

Limit Bitch (11,3)

  1. McGill & Boyd’s Gemheid China Girl at Stregato.  Pleasing bitch shown in good coat and presented well.  Good balance with a super reach of neck, well angulated and very sound movement.  Very nice head with lovely expression.
  2. Collino’s Imaginist Waxing Lyrical. Very similar to 1 having a good reach of neck, length of back and good angulations. Head is clean and balanced with a lovely expression.  Moved very well.
  3. Lockyer’s Gataj Fairytale Surprise.

Open Bitch (10,2)

  1. Newman’s Corydon La Caprita of Phreelancer. Just my cup of tea! I judged this bitch at East Anglian Collie of the Year where she won BP.  I remember thinking then what a lot of promise she showed but would be slow to mature.  So here she is at almost 8 years old taking her 3rd CC on the day and looking fantastic.  For me she has all the essentials that shout breed type, elegance, dignity and femininity.  The most elegant of outlines with an excellent, crested neck, correct length of back, super front and rear angulations with hocks well let down and enhancing a very good bend of stifle. Long tail. Her head has length without losing balance, moulded foreface, correct stop, flat backskull.  Her expression is exquisite thanks to a lovely dark eye, well shaped and obliquely set.  Ears correctly placed and used non-stop.  Floated round the ring and certainly looked as if she could do a day’s work.  In wonderful coat which was presented to enhance her lovely shape. In the BOB challenge I was thrilled to have two collies of similar type, both moving to perfection.  BOB went to La Caprita for her better showmanship.
  2. Burrows’ Tiganlea Tinkerbell at Revdvicki.  Quite different in type to 1 but just as lovely.  Has won well this year and I can see why.  On top form, presented to perfection and the epitome of femininity she won a well-deserved RCC today. Very good reach of neck and length of back. Very well angulated and moves so well.  Her head is beautifully balanced and clean and her expression so pleasing.  Unlucky to meet 1 today.
  3. Mellish’s Corydon Victoriana for Demelewis.

Bev White (Judge)