Yorkshire Collie Championship Show

Bitches 4th Sept 2016

Thank you for inviting me to judge and to my very able stewards. Also have to mention the hard working committee in the kitchen for the wonderful lunch.

With a good entry of 65 I had plenty to choose from and was pleased with the quality in general. My main observation was that drive from the rear was lacking in many which otherwise were  very nice.

Veteran (7,1)

1) Stillwells  Bellawave Moonlite Melody.This 8 yr tri headed a very good class. She is a good size and very well balanced throughout. This showed in her effortless movement. Head of good length and very clean with a correct flat back skull. Good eye and ear placement and good length of neck. Well angulated body of correct proportions. Her coat is well fitted and jet black. I would prefer her to carry more weight. BVB and with agreement from my co judge BVIS. 2) Blakes Corydon Catch A Pixie.  Another quality veteran, this shaded sable also has the balance that I was looking for. Head handled well with soft expression and ears used nonstop. Well off for bone, with nice tight feet. Moved very well for her age, and completely at one with her handler.3) Sargents  Coarhabeg Kaleidoscope

Minor Puppy  (3,1)
1) Boyles Barrenclough Golden Pearl. A difficult class as 1) was far more finished on the day which won her the class. She has a very sweet eye and expression and already a very rounded muzzle and developed stop. Well placed and used ears. A very good front angulation. She needs to lengthen in body and strengthen on the rear movement, but this is to be expected for her age. Carrying a wealth of coat which was well groomed. 2) McGraths Seryphina Persuation. A very nice type, but still very raw. Good length of head and flat back skull and well placed ears. Ample neck, and good length of body. A nicely rounded croup and good length of tail. She was unsettled on the move despite her handlers’ best efforts. With full maturity she will present a different picture I am sure.

Puppy (7,0)
1) Edwards Cariadhaf Causing Chaos At Elshajo  10 mth B/m whos head handles very well. Nicely rounded muzzle well placed stop and the sweetest of expressions. Enough neck, and good angulations, and a pleasing overall shape. Just tends to stand with her head over her shoulders. Good coat texture, but needs to clear in colour. A very exuberant girl, but moved well when settled. In agreement with my co judge RBPIS. 2) Melish Demelewis Dare To Tell. Tri colour of very nice type. Lean clean head, with correct stop and good back skull. Ears slightly low set which does affect her expression. Very good length of neck flowing into a well constructed front. Good length of back and nicely rounded croup with good tail set. Just needs to strengthen in top line. Her jet black coat is of a good texture. The white coming from the withers distracts but is not incorrect. Movement was sound coming and going. RBPB.3) Wrays Beldones Pandora

Junior  (6,1)
1) Quinces Karafaye Black Beauty What a beauty this 14 mth tri is. Completely balanced throughout, with plenty of substance to do a day’s work. Clean head of good length, expressive eyes and well placed ears. Good neck and excelling in angulations front and rear. Nice amount of bone and good tight feet. Shown in gleaming hard condition with a jet black coat. Her movement was excellent with plenty of drive from behind. Still just a fraction high on the rear, but this was minor to the rest of her qualities. Was in my consideration for top honours and I can see her having a bright future.  2) Philpins Sassari Snow Shimmer For Tudorlyn Another quality junior, this time a blue of beautiful colour. A slightly finer head pattern and the sweetest of expressions from her dark eyes. A little bit reluctant to use her ears, but they are set correctly. Really nice length of neck and a good front assembly. Good balance throughout and of a good size. Just enough bone, but feet could be tighter. Moved well but just needs more confidence. All the ingredients are there and I am sure they will all come together to make the perfect product. Unlucky to be up against 1).
3) Boyles Monsolana Madam Blues Over Barrenclough

Yearling (6,1)
1) Bentons Brooklynson Jane Russell Of Oakestelle A sable of extremely nice type who has the perfect balance throughout, and as always from this kennel shown to absolute perfection. Her head handled well, but is still developing. Eyes of a good shape and ears well set and used to her advantage. Nice strong neck leading to good shoulders. Level top line and good angulations all round. Still coming back into coat, but this did not distract from the overall picture. Completely at one with her handlers and moved to her advantage. 2) Lockyers Gataj Fairytale Surprise A shaded sable presented in tip top condition. Head pattern a touch too deep for me, but she excels in her body shape and movement, although I would prefer a slightly longer neck.  She has nice bone and good tight feet.  3) Adams Latika Actis At Dycoshem
Maiden (1,0)
1) Boyles Barrenclough Golden Pear.

Novice  (3,0)
1) Quinces Karafaye Black Beauty. 2) Dixs Gemastra Just One Kiss At TreweekA very balanced 3 yrs Tri who has a lovely feminine head of nice length. Sweet eye and well set and used ears. Really nice neck and excellent front angulations. Good length of back with level top line and nice ribbing. Very good turn of stifle and well set tail. Looks like she can move better than she did, but her handler had a bad knee. 3) Boyles Barrenclough Golden Pearl

Graduate  (3,0)
1) Whitakers Aniesh Misty Blue Moon Of Siluto This 2 yrs b/m was very balanced with a very feminine head and sweet eye. Ears could be tighter and better tipped. Her colour was ok and well broken. She has a good neck and is well balanced throughout  and moved very well round the ing. Presented in good condition. 2) Boyles Monsolana Madam Blue Over Barrenclough Well balanced blue of good colour. Good head with nice expression. Ears well set but only just tipped. Good balance to her,  moved ok. 3) Collins’ Orionsview Oiche Chiuin At Rosscarr

Post Graduate  (10,7)
1) Stevens’ Boughlee Sheza Star. This small kennel consistently produces quality, and this one is no exception. 3 yrs jet black tri is completely balanced throughout. Clean head of good length. Ears well set and used to her advantage. Ample neck flowing into good front and body of good length with a level top line which she held on the move. Well off for bone and a lovely turn of stifle. Handled and moved very well. 2) Stillwells Bellawave Caught In A Dream. A similar type to one although a shade bigger. A nice head pattern, but I would prefer a sweeter eye. Strong neck, and body of good construction which showed in her free flowing movement. Coat of good texture and very black. 3) Greenfields Kilchrenan Keltic Bliss At Karcasam

Mid Limit  (7,2)
1) Collinos Imaginist Waxing Lyrical.  This class was headed by two very balanced shaded sables who both had excellent free flowing movement. I just preferred the length and cleanness of the firsts head. Classic type, balanced throughout. Head lean and clean with no trace of coarseness. Expressive dark eyes and ears well set and used. Ample neck leading to a well angulated front. Good depth and length of ribs. Strong in loin and a decent turn of stifle. Coat of good texture,and a  deep rich colour. Handled and moved very well. 2) Philpins Tudorlyn Little Princess SHCM.  I would prefer a longer head pattern and a sweeter eye. But the construction on her is excellent, with nice bone and tight feet. This showed in her effortless movement. Groomed and presented to perfection. Another with a coat that is lovely rich colour and correct in texture. 3) Pointons Monsolana Risper On The Wind Over Aldreen JW SHCM

Limit (11,3)
1) Rostrons Valleyhaven Rose D'amour. This 6 yr sable caught my eye the moment she entered the ring. She is up to size but so well balanced and a born show girl. Her head is clean with the correct amount of stop and a dark keen to please eye. Flat in back skull and ears well set, although they are slightly heavy tipped. Good strong neck flowing into a well angulated front with a good depth and width of ribbing. Level top line and a strong loin. Nicely rounded croup and good turn of stifle and a well set tail. Moved very well if a little exuberant. Shown in good hard condition belying her age. She is a credit to her owners. RCC. 2) Lockyers Gataj Welcome With A Kiss 3 yrs B/M with a very clean and well balanced head. Nicely rounded muzzle and well placed stop, and very sweet eyes. Good arch of neck and good front angulations. Well set tail and good turn of stifle. She moved very well and shown in sparkling condition and is a beautiful colour which is well broken. 3) Mellishs Corydon Victoriana For Demelewis

Open  (15,4)
1) Harrisons Cariadhaf Candy Kisses. I found this 4 yrs b/m captivating. She just demands attention. Her head is so feminine & clean. Nicely rounded muzzle and perfectly placed stop. Her expression melts your heart. Ears well set and used to her advantage. She has a lovely long neck that she uses non stop. Well developed in body with very well sprung ribs and good length of back. Well set tail and a good turn of stifle. She just tends to stand with her rear legs under herself, but when they are placed correctly she presents the perfect picture. Shown in sparkling condition with a wealth of coat which is a decent colour. Her movement was very sound from all angles. Pleased to award her a second CC and on the referees decision she was RBIS. 2) Newmans Corydon Caprita Of Phreelancer. A very nice type with a wonderful clean head of good length. Not a trace of coarseness and very tight lip line.. Perfect placement of stop, eyes and ears to give a melting expression and very good in back skull. Long neck flowing into good shoulders and level top line. Good bone and really nice tight feet. Not in full coat, but it is of a rich colour and fitting the body as it should do to enhance her outline. She moves very well coming towards, but needs to strengthen on the rear.  3) Corneys Yenrock Fleur Di e Cosse

Nick Smith (Tentola)