I would like to thank they Yorkshire Collie Club officers and committee for the invitation to judge at their open show. Also to my stewards for their help and a big thank you to the exhibits for making my day so enjoyable. There were some wide set ears and a few exhibits carrying a little too much weight but on the whole there were some lovely exhibits.

Veteran Dog of Bitch - 3 (1a)

1. Cooneys Emryks Ellie at Lingwell. Sable and white bitch 9 1/2 years old nice wedge head, correct stop, almond shaped eye and well placed ears giving sweet expression. Well boned legs, good lay of shoulder and spring of rib, nicely angulated, level topline and moved well for her age.

2. Wrays Takhisis High Voltage. This well known upstanding blue merle dog of nearly 8 years old had a wedge head, correctly placed almond shaped eye, neat well placed ears which he used non stop. Good shoulder placement, spring of rib, nice turn of stiffle on neat hocks. Well off for bone, level topline, moved well, presentation was good and handled well.

Special Beginners Dog - 1

1. Dodsworth and Carr Rosschell Will I Am at Libanel. Tri of 9 month nice wedge head, correct eye and ear placement, used his ears well, nice length of back and moved ok. Presented and handled well.

Minor Puppy Dog - 2

1. Hulls Lizmark Morning Glory. Sable and white 7 month old longer head type, nice eye and ears. Shoulder placement and length of back was good. Movement needs to tighten, was not happy in his surroundings. Maybe more training would benefit. Presentation good.

2. Hulls Lizmark Morning Gold. Litter brother to 1 same remarks apply.

Puppy Dog - 5 (1a)

1. Sibbalds Telforth Tony. Sable and white baby good wedge head, correctly placed dark almond eye and neat well placed ears giving him a sweet but masculine expression. Nice lay of shoulder with a good length of neck, nice turn of stiffle on neat hocks on well boned legs and neat feet. Nice length of tail, well coated, not a happy boy, moved ok, presentation good and handled well. Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Breed then went on to take Reserve Best Puppy in Show judged by the Best in Show judge Mr H Jones.

2. Wilsons Gallenja Star Gazer. Nearly 11 month this well coated sable and white is half brother to 1. nice head, eye, ears and expression. Good lay of shoulder, turn of stiffle, neat hocks, moved ok and well presented.

3. Dodsworths Rosschell Will I Am at Libanel.

Junior Dog - 1

1. Hulls Lizmark Winter Wish. Nearly 18 month old tri dog clean wedge head, nice eye and ear placement giving desired expression. Nice reach of neck and length of back, nice turn of stiffle and neat hocks. Moved ok shame he left his clothes at home.

Maiden Dog - 2 (1a)

1. Hulls Maqueeba Crafted Black of Lizmark. Tri of 11 month 4th in puppy class. He had a wedge head, good eye and ear placement, nice make and shape. Well off for bone, moved ok, well presented.

Graduate Dog - 3 (1a)

1. Copseys Phylyden Pride of Simba. This 26 month old sable and whitehad a good wedge shaped head, nice eye and ear carriage. Good quality blue merle, nice head, eye and expression. Nice depth of chest, lay of shoulder, level topline, nice turn of stiffle and neat hocks. Moved well.

Post Graduate Dog - 3

1. Scotts Chantique Simply a Dreamer. Sable and white he excelled in expression. His obliquely set almond shaped eye, correct stop and neat ears gave a melting expression. His depth of chest, lay of shoulder, length of back, spring of rib, nice length of neck, turn of stiffle, neat well let down hocks gave him a beautiful shape. He moved with drive and presentation was first class. Best Dog, Reserve Best of Breed and went on to take Reserve Best in Show judged by the Best in Show judge Mr H Jones.

2. Smiths Aldermeade Alexander. Sable and white of 2 1/2 years he had correct wedge head, correctly placed stop, almond eye and neat ears gave him a melting expression. Good body shape, stood and showed well. Presentation was very good needs a little more coat. Reserve Best Dog.

3. Everetts Ileyda Karlsberg.

Limit Dog - 5

1. Jeffries and Alexanders Chantique Hot Toddy. 5 year old sable and white. Good wedge shaped head, correct almond shaped eye and stop, correctly placed ears giving a sweet expression, showed non stop. Correct lay of shoulder, level topline, good turn of stiffle, neat hocks, moved well. Presentation good, handled well.

2. Greenfields Karcasam Royal Doulton. 3 1/2 year old blue merle correct wedge head, correct stop, almond shaped eye and neat ears giving sweet expression. Good body shape and good colour blue, moved well. Presentation good.

3. Foxs Alanita What's It All About.

Open Dog - 2

1. Copseys Phylyden Pride of Simba first in Graduate.

2. Gniadek - Urban Ileyda Dizzie Rascal. Tri of 4 years old good wedge shaped head, almond shaped eye reluctant to use his ears. Nice body shape moved ok.

Minor Puppy Bitch - 1

1. Copseys Gemheid Lilac Light. Blue merle baby of 7 month very raw baby who has time on her side. Nice head and eye, nice body shape. She stood and showed her ears, moved ok.

Puppy Bitch - 7 (1a)

1. Rigbys Kourika Krushed Krystal at Eximer. Pretty 11 month old blue merle baby. Lovely head and sweet expression. Stood and showed non stop. Good length of neck, shoulder placement and turn of stiffle, neat feet and hocks. Would like a little more coat, moved well, handled and presented well. Best Puppy Bitch.

2. Sibbalds Telforth Little Mix. Sable and white 10 month of age correct wedge head, stop and almond shaped eyes, neat ears giving a sweet expression. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Nice turn of stiffle, neat hocks and neat feet, good length of tail, moved well. Would like a little more coat.

3. Wilsons Gallenja Robbies Dream Girl.

Junior Bitch - 5 (1a)

1. Pitchforks Merrimede Lovin Spoonful. Nearly 13 month a bigger type liked her a lot. Correct wedge head, sweet eye, neat ears, correct shoulder placement, level topline, well presented moved ok.

2. Davies Tiganlea Silver Trinket at Sabiha. Blue merle of 11 month old unplaced in Puppy. Of a nice type moved well.

3. Copseys Alanita Jasmyn Thro the Mist.

Graduate Bitch - 7 (3a)

1. Browns Mertrisa Wild Honey. Sable and white, correct head and stop. Sweet eye and nicely placed ears giving a sweet, alert expression. Lovely shape and moved well, well presented. Reserve Best Bitch.

2. Sibbalds Lynmead Amalie Love is Blue at Telforth. Another quality blue merle bitch correct wedge head, stop and almond eye, good ear carriage giving a sweet expression. Level topline, moved well, would like a little more coat to complete the picture, well presented.

3. Foxs Alanita Gaze Away.

Post Graduate Bitch - 5

1. Smiths Aldermeade Cameron Diaz. Nice head type, good stop and back skull. Her eye is correct she has good ears and a feminine expression. She has a fitted coat, good presentation, moved well.

2. Jeffries and Alexanders Dallinaire Touch the Sky. She has a refined head with no trace of coarsness. Correct shaped eye set obliquely. She is well constructed, needs to tighten in front movement, would like a little more coat, well presented and handled.

3. Browns Mertrisa French Flutter.

Limit Bitch - 5 (2a)

1. Scotts Chantique Simply Dreamy. Feminine sable and white loved her head type, sweet eye and expression. Ears on top showed non stop. Good lay of shoulder, spring of rib, level topline, good angulation front and rear, moved with drive, very well presented.

2. Foxs Danfrebek Amazing Grace for Alanita. Liked this sable and white bitch a lot. Nice head type, correct stop, nice eye, ears a little light today bbut when tipped she has a sweet expression, good body shape, presentation good, moved well.

3. Browns Jopium Blue Touch for Mertrisa.

Open Bitch 4 (1a)

1. Walders Heart of Gold de Cabrenysset for Hanvale. I first judged this young lady as a 7 month old puppy and just loved her and still do. Now just over 2 years old this pretty sable and white bitch has everything for me. She is very feminine, she has a beautiful head with moulded foreface, good underjaw, correct stop, correct almond shaped eyes. She has a good ear carriage which she uses well. Lovely body shape, good angulations front and rear which she moves with drive, lovely condition, presented and handled well. Best Bitch, Best of Breed and went on to take Best in Show judged by the Best in Show judge Mr H Jones.

2. Browns Jopium Dreaming of Mertrisa. Blue merle bitch of just over 6 years old. This pretty bitch was in good coat, nice head and eye. Reluctant to use her ears. Nice depth of chest, lay of shoulder and reach of neck. Level topline, good bone, neat feet, presentation good, moved ok.

3. Copseys Alanita Jasmyn Thro the Mist.


Mrs P M Brooker (Corisian).