A wonderful entry of 112 dogs – I really enjoyed my appointment.  The bitches were overall stronger than the dogs, but many that I liked found themselves down the line or even cardless.  As usual I was looking for a collie with presence, dignity and beauty.  For me these characteristics are composed of a balanced outline, which means primarily a good reach of neck and length of back, correct length and balanced head with parallel planes and slight stop, correct front and rear angulations and a coat which has length, harsh texture and fits the body.  If a dog is made right, he moves right – this means with reach and drive and at a speed which suits the dog rather than the owner.  Some males were too small and bitchy for me.  Too many dogs and bitches had stops that were too deep, badly receding or insufficient length of backskull, with ears consequently set low and very wide. There were a number with badly angled upper arms giving lack of reach in front movement or hackney action.  Too many also had short necks, short backs and short tails – all part of the same anatomical feature if you think about it.   Finally, a large number had cow hocks;  some of these may be purely due to the fact that exhibitors seem to ignore the way the dog is standing behind, simply concentrating on head and expression.  However, those who had correct balance stood correctly behind naturally.

Minor Puppy Dog (3,1)

  1.  Jones Ingeldene Dare to Dream at Dancol.  Very promising youngster with super neck,  front and length of back..  Needs to strengthen yet behind but time is very much on his side.  Ears a little wide set and stop a little deep for me but his expression is beautiful.  Moved very well.
  2. Corben’s Caprioara Silver Cloud.  Another promising baby who was not as confident as the winner and not moving as well.  Again, lovely front angulation, reach of neck and length of back, correct length of head but stop too low.

Puppy Dog (8,2)

  1.  I Dare to Dream at D
  2. White’s Mejola I Am Persuasive.  Very promising puppy with lovely neck.  A touch short in back. Head is good with a lovely expression, ears are well set on.  A little steep in upper arm.  Moved very well.
  3. Shipp’s Tremaro Catch a Star.

Junior Dog (8,0)

  1.  Edward’s Ladnar Blue Moon over Elshajo.  Headed this strong class, beating his litter brother
  2. Randall’s Ladnar Harvey Moon. Two super youngsters, the b/m winner having the sweeter expression for me.  Very similar in type, both with good fronts and upper arms, good length of back and moving very well indeed,  Blue Moon being the best muscled dog in the whole entry.  Blue Moon had the better backskull. Both were well angulated behind.
  3. Mellish’s Demelewis Moonchaser.

Novice Dog(4,0)

  1.  T Catch a Star.  Heavily coated yougster who moved well.   For me his stop is too deep and his ears too wide set.
  2. Wells’ Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon.  Such a sweet expression on this youngster but he is too small and feminine for me. 
  3. Road’s Alanita All That Jazz.

Graduate Dog (6,0)

  1.  Harvey’s Wicani Poetry and Prose.  Now here is a dog that says Collie to me.  He has a fantastic outline with construction that is totally correct – front and rear angulation, reach of neck and length of back and tail.  Coat of correct texture and enhancing his outline. I found his head balanced in length but his backskull unfortunately is not flat and is too high over the eyes.  Moved so well, covering the ground with ease.
  2. Barnes’ Ravenskye Imperial Wizard.  B/M still needing too mature as he is too narrow all through and moving too close behind as a result.  Super head and expression.
  3. T Catch a Star.

Post Graduate Dog (9,1).

  1.  Fryer-Clark, Stanley & Evans Causing a Riot at Vonarkle.  Won the class on his better reach of neck.  Quite well constructed and moving well but he is too small and feminine for me.
  2. Telford’s Glenbowdene Shades of Gold JW.  Very similar to the winner but more heavily coated.  Moved very well.
  3. Hainie’s Wicani Classic Renaissance.

Limit Dog (9,1)

  1.  Geddes Ingledene Spirit of Legend.  Another male who epitomises the essence of the Rough Collie.  He immediately impressed me for his presence and substance.  His construction is totally correct, front and rear angulation, reach of neck, length of back and tail.  Excellent bone and good feet.  At first I thought his head was going to be too strong for me but when you handle it, it is also correct.  Back skull and muzzle are of equal length (a rarity these days); his stop is slight but perceptible as the standard requires which means his head planes are parallel (not with a domed backskull).  He has a good underjaw (which so many lacked) and a beautifully moulded foreface.  His coat is the correct harsh texture and fits his body.  His movement is a joy to watch, effortless, neither close behind nor too wide and reaching out in front. CC – his second I understand. Hope the 3rd follows soon.
  2. Boyle’s Barrenclough Touch of Class JW SHCM.  The best of this exhibitor’s dogs in my opinion.  Super reach of neck and overall balance.  I find his eyes too small and his ears too wide set.  Moved really well as did all the dogs from this kennel.
  3. Browne’s Atendus Erasure.

Open Dog (9,0)

  1.  Grainger & Nagrecha’s Ch Samhaven On The Crest. Impressive and mature b/m who immediately impressed.  Super shape and balance thanks to his very good construction.  Heavily coated but presented well so that it enhanced his outline.  Lovely head with super expression.  Stop is good, ears set well but he needs more backskull.  Moved out really well. Res CC.
  2. Barrett’s Ch Brooklynson Bruce Willis.  Really lovely s/w with so much to like.  Another with a correct collie outline thanks to his good reach of neck and length of back.  Head is pleasing with sweet expression, ears a little wide set for me.  Moved out very well.  Lacked the maturity of 1.
  3. Harvey’s Wicani Dragonsblood.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4,0)

  1.  Grindley’s Lynaire Linette.  Headed a lovely class of babies and winning over 2 on her better stop.  Very promising with a super reach of neck and very good angulations. Super expression.  Moved very well.
  2. Bennett’s Jashika Shimmer N’shine.  Very similar to 1 and equally promising. Well constructed and moving well when focusing on the job in hand.
  3. Beardsworth’s Maysinder Dancing Queen.

Puppy Bitch (11,2).

  1.  Blake’s Corydon Blue Fizz.  Personality plus in this wonderful youngster.   Wonderfully balanced outline with her super reach of neck, length of back and front and rear angulations.  Her head is also very well balanced with correct planes and correct stop.  Ears bang on top and used non-stop. Her expression is to die for.  Moved so soundly with reach and drive.  One I am sure will take her Ch title in the future and was a contender for top honours today.  Daughter of the BoB winner today. Best Puppy in Breed.
  2. Lockyer’s Gataj Welcome with a Kiss.  Another beautiful b/m just a bit lacking in confidence.  Made correctly and moving very well. Super head and expression; lovely reach of neck and length of back.  Very promising. 
  3. Geddes’ Ingledene Frost at Night.

Junior Bitch (8,3)

  1.  C Blue Fizz
  2. Milligan’s Ladnar Mystic Circle with Alfsden.  VHC in previous class which was so strong.  Heavily marked b/m who has to be handled to be appreciated.  Very well made and moving out well as a result.  Lovely head with sweet expression.
  3. Margett’s Collingvale Chardonnay.

Novice Bitch (7,0)

  1.  G Welcome With a Kiss
  2. L Mystic Circle with A
  3. C Chardonnay

Graduate Bitch (6,0)

  1.  Harvey’s Churchoak Temptress at Wicani.  When I saw this bitch I thought wow! She was simply stunning and I am sure she will gain her title if campaigned.  Her very first show today but she was not fazed.  A little overexcited when she moved which cost her but I’m sure with practice this will improve.  Another that screamed ‘collie’ at me but this time with the required femininity. Her head is so clean; correctly balanced, correct stop, ears bang on top and used non stop.  Correct backskull.  Wonderful reach of neck, correct length of back, long tail carried well.  Angulations totally correct and moved so well in the class (but a little more erratically in the challenge). Coat is still coming in but what she has is a divine b/m colour and the correct texture.I loved her.  Res CC over some lovely bitches in the challenge.
  2. Margett’s Collingvale Crème Caramel JW.  A lovely bitch who was unlucky to meet 1 today.  Quite different in type but with many similar virtues.  Super head and expression but not the ear placement of the winner.  Great reach of neck, good length of back.  Fitted coat.  Moved out really well.
  3. Grindley & Beaden’s Lanrue Sugar Me of Myriehewe.

Post Graduate Bitch (18,0)

  1.  Mitchell & Jordan’s Avonfair Secret Attraction JW.  Very typical s/w who headed this strong class.  Lovely outline thanks to her very good reach of neck, length of back and super angulations.  Head is balanced with a lovely expression.  Moved very well.
  2. Bennett’s Salsina Shimmering Blue over Jashika.  Another lovely bitch who could not match 1 for upper arm.  Super neck and length of back.  Well angulated.  Head is good with excellent expression.  Moved truly with purpose.
  3. Grindley & Beaden’s Lanrue Ladybird of Myriehewe.

Limit Bitch (14,0)

  1.  Blake’s Mejola My Blue Heaven for Corydon.  The star of the day for me.  Ultra feminine b/m bitch who will surely gain her title for this kennel who consistently produce excellent collies.  Mother of the best puppy in breed so a good producer as well as a beautiful collie.  Immediately appealed for her balance and shape.  Ideal size.  Excellent reach of neck and correct length of back,  totally correct front and rear angulations which with good muscle tone resulted in her floating round the ring and looking as though she could do a day’s work if requested.  Her head is completely balanced with moulded foreface, correct underjaw, correct backskull.  Her stop is perfectly placed and slight. Her ears are bang on top and used non-stop.  Consequently her expression is sweet and contributes  to the required dignity of this breed (and not reminiscent of a spitz breed which some seem to desire). Her coat is of good colour, harsh in texture and enhances her outline.  I understand she has been lightly shown thus far so I look forward to reading of many more wins for her.  CC and BoB.
  2. Smedley & Browne’s Atendus Quick Step to Antoc.  Very nice b/m who is a touch shorter in back than 1.  Well angulated with a super reach of neck.  Good head with sweet expression.  Moved very well.
  3. Hawkins’ Brilyn Feel the Difference.

Open Bitch (10,0)

  1.  Barrett’s Brooklynson Martini.  Another lovely collie with so much breed type.  A little bigger than many and not so feminine she is nevertheless totally correct in construction and moved accordingly. She appears a little short of neck and upright but this is due I believe to a lack of coat around her neck and withers and markings.  She has a good length of back, excellent angulations and a long tail.  Her head is well balanced and her expression sweet.  Showed just enough for her handler but really lacking in animation and not doing herself any favours, particularly in the challenge.
  2. Tame’s Rahlissa Aint Misbehavin.  Very nice s/w of different type to 1 but with many virtues.  Super reach of neck and length of back.  Lovely head with sweet expression.  Moved very well.
  3. Kitchen’s Altnareagh Summertime at Seriema.

Bev White (Judge)

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