Collie Association Open Show June 1st 2014.

Many thanks to the committee and officers of the Collie Association for the opportunity to judge Best In Show for this prestigious Collie Club. A well run show, top quality dogs, happy atmosphere, excellent stewards and wall to wall sunshine – what more could I ask for.

Best In Show :
Two top quality bitches but the honour of Best In Show went to the Rough Collie Margetts’ Collingvale Crème Caramel JW. Very feminine, in full coat of correct texture that was groomed and presented to perfection. Balanced head, flat skull, dark eye correctly placed and the sweetest of expressions. Good reach of neck, depth of chest and spring of rib, strong rear quarters with well bent stifle and let down of hock. Level topline and correct tail carriage which she kept standing and moving. Very light on her feet and with strong driving action from the rear, she moved effortlessly round the ring having the edge over the Smooth in her front action. She was on her toes throughout and today was her day. A pleasure to judge her and on today’s performance greater things must be in the none too distant future.

Reserve Best In Show:
Reserve Best in Show went to the Smooth Collie Hutchings’ Colliedach Molloney Fay Mouse ShCM. This blue merle bitch has an excellent reach of neck and pleasing outline. Good depth of chest and spring and length of rib. Well bent stifle and let down of hock enabled her to move with drive. Excellent profile movement but a little loose in elbow coming towards me. She is a good colour that is well broken and her coat is of the correct texture. Presented and handled to perfection. These two bitches were a credit to their owner/breeders.

Best Opposite Sex in Show:
This honour went to the Rough Collie dog Well’s Collingvale Cast A Spell Over Terelimon. A bright sable dog in full coat whose presentation was faultless. He moved steadily but I preferred the outline of the Smooth Collie bitch and he could not match her driving rear action or profile movement. A shorter head type that is balanced with dark eye of correct placement, sweet but masculine expression and neat ears. Well filled foreface and flat skull completed the picture. A quality dog but today was “Ladies Day”!

Best Puppy In Show:
This award went to the 9mth tri male Smooth Collie Musty’s Shulune Imperial Gift For Buebezi. Well grown and making the most of his many qualities. Pleasing head pattern for his age with dark eye and masculine kind expression. Correct ear placement and carriage. Good length of neck let into correct shoulders and with strong rear quarters. Moved well with drive from the rear. His jet black coat and rich tan markings gleamed in the sunlight. Good legs with rounded bone and padded feet. Attentive to his handler at all times. A promising puppy who should have a bright future.

Reserve Best Puppy In Show:
A blue merle Rough Collie Malpas’s Lanlin Blue Crystal  took this award. Only 7mths old on the day she is a quality puppy with a clean head, flat skull, correct eye size shape and placement and sweet feminine expression. Good reach of neck and pleasing outline with good bone, legs and feet. Well constructed with good shoulder angulation and strong driving rear action, she just started to wilt in front action in the final run off round the ring against the Smooth. Well broken blue, just hope she clears a little in colour.

Best Veteran In Show:
Two very dignified gentlemen appeared here and both are credits to their owners. The final nod went to the Rough Collie Arrowsmith’s Ch Saganan Aristotle. It is no surprise that I like this Collie as I awarded him his 2nd CC! Today he still has the strong powerful action and effortless length of stride that I admired that day. Very well constructed with good shoulder angulation, excellent spring and length of rib and well bent stifles that let down into strong hocks. Good reach of neck , level topline and correct tail carriage complete the picture. This dog was a pleasure to watch moving round the ring. In good coat of correct texture and well presented. Like his Smooth opponent, a worthy champion.  

Judge: Gwen Beaden.