MAY 2014


Post Graduate Dog
1st - Denton, Ryecombe Jaffa Jake, - good head, with nice eye & neat ears, nice neck onto good front, well made body, nice rear angulation, moved well, RBD.

Open Dog
1st - Hutchings, Collidach Ta Tu You, ood head pattern,with nice eye, good well used ears, nice shoulder placement, sound rear , moved soundly, BD

2nd - Lister, CH. Eridor Im Mr Blu at Newarp, good head, well bodied, good rear angles, good on move

Puppy Bitch
1st - Brown, Blamorder Back In Town, lovely puppy with pleasing head, nice eyes & ears, good body, nice front & rear anggles, moved soundly, BP

Post Graduate Bitch
1st - Denton, Kevranna Thereas Enate Echo, pleasing head with nice eye & good ears, nice body good front, good strong rear good mover

2nd - Beeney - Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark, neat head with nice expression, well bodied good angles front & rear, lost to first on rear movement

Open Bitch
1st - Hutchings, Collidach Fay Mouse, well constructed  bitch with lovely head, nice eye, good expression, nice reach of neck, good front, level topline, good rear angulation,, moved well BB/BOB

2nd - Lister, Manoedeifi Miss Daisy at Newarp, good head, nice front good body, sound rear moved well, pushed first hard RBOB

              Judge - Joe Chorley