Bath Canine Society

Championship Show 23-26 May 2014
Judge: Jan. Underdown (Clynelish)
Rough Collies

Really enjoyed my day and had the privilege of judging some lovely Rough Collies.  Thank you.  Some of the classes were full of quality and on another day, the placings could be different.  Was very pleased with my line ups which reflected the type of collie I admire and love.

A couple of observations, some people complained that I wanted the whole ring to be used to view movement and I make no apologies for this.  There is nothing move thrilling than to see a collie on the move, striding out with ease, moving freely.  If we have the space to move, let’s use it.  Another is dirty teeth.  There is nothing worse than examining a collie’s mouth and having to handle dirty teeth and then going onto judge another dog.  Lastly, is muscle development or the lack of it.  This can affect the whole structure of the dog, the strength in angulation and of course its movement. 

Minor Puppy Dog - 3 entries (absent 1)
1st Arrowsmith Ms CE - Saganan Gundagai
Two nice puppies, two different types.  Blue merle, six month puppy.  Clean wedge shaped head which needs to break, typical of this colour at this age.  Overall nicely balanced, and well angulated, with correct length of back.  Moved well and covered the ground with ease. When he matures and fills out, will look a nice collie.  Good potential
2nd Slater Mr RP & Mrs CJ – Danfrebek Double O Seven at Stanlox
Sable & white, eight months – Nice young man. Lovely expression, nice almond shaped eye, correct stop, good moulding, neat ears. Good overall shape and well balanced.  Just felt that he was little unsteady on the move.  But, another one to watch for the future.

Puppy Dog – 5 entries (absent 2)
1st Beaden Miss G – Angelfield Heaven Can Wait – Best Puppy Dog
Sable & white, nearly 12 months all male collie.  Lovely clean outline, well balanced, clean correct head with a nice shaped eye which provided that melting expression.    Moved with ease and showed very well for his handler. This collie has the outline and shape, just needs to fill in and mature.  Will be watching his progress
2nd Stanton Mr D & Mrs G - Chelborn Just Decided
Another nice collie, with a lovely eye and expression, clean head and well placed stop.  Nice to go over, well balanced, correct angulation, correct length of back. Needs to settle on the move as it was difficult to assess.
3rd King Mr ZP – Telforth Timelord

Junior Dog – 10 entries (absent 2)
1st Shipp Mr RP & Mrs MA – Tremaro Catch a Star
Nice class of collies.  An overall well balanced Collie.  Clean wedge shaped head with lovely moulding, nice almond eye, and good under jaw.  Well angulated through fore and hindquarters, with well-muscled thigh, nice strong hocks.  Well balanced.  Correct length of back; well-fitting coat of correct texture.  No exaggeration.
2nd Ross Mr P – Tremaro Star Touch at Samshernik
Litter brother to 1. Same comments apply but just preferred his brother’s head and tighter ear placement.  Very little to pick between them and I am sure that they battle for first place constantly.
3rd Newton & Patterson Mesdames V&A – Rahlissa Relight My Fire

Novice Dog – 6 entries
1st Jones Mrs L – Erjon Excelebration
Nice type of collie, all male.  On first appearance, a well-balanced collie, no exaggeration and fitted the eye.  Clean head, correct moulding, lovely expression with almond shaped dark eyes.  Ears on top.  Correct angulation, from the shoulder, correct length of back, and strong rear angulation, with neat feet.  Covered the ground well on the move.
2nd Wells Miss ME – Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon
This sable and white was placed in the previous class.  Another nice type of collie, correct overall shape and well balanced.  Moved well, striding out covering the ground well.  Just would like the ears to be a little tighter on top.
3rd Houlding Mr & Mrs C – Sandcourt Blue Temptation at Martlese

Post Graduate Dog – 10 entries (absent 3)
1st Coulson Mr M & Mrs A – Coarhabeg Rider In The Sky Over Bluchip JW
Lovely blue merle collie, typical of this kennel.  Very well balanced, strong, well-muscled, good angulation, no exaggeration.  Well moulded foreface, correct head planes, lovely eye, ears on top.  Fitted the hands well,  didn’t disappoint on the move.
2nd Ross Mr P – Tremaro Star Touch at Samshernik
3rd Cronk Mrs V – Chelborn More to Tell

Limit Dog – 15 entries (absent 3)
1st Jones Mrs LD – Erjon Ebony Joker - CC
One of the best classes of the day.  Spotted this collie as he entered the ring.  Lovely tricolour, really on his toes.  Correct head and expression, lovely dark eye, nice overall balance, correct angulation, coat texture and colour.  Waited with bated breath, but he didn’t disappoint when he moved.  One of the best movers of the day, as he covered the ground with ease.  Really pleased to award him his first CC and I am sure the other two won’t be long.
2nd Jackson Miss T – Sassari Mister Solitaire
Have admired this kennel for many years and this collie is representative of the type they produce.  Lovely typical collie, clean outline, shape and well balanced no exaggeration.  Clean wedge shaped head, lovely almond eye, ears on top.  Correct angulation, covered the ground well on the move.
3rd Hendrick Mr AA & Mrs PT – Mertrisa Emrys Destiny at Anpasch

Open Dog – 6 entries (absent 1)
1st Randall Mr DA & Mrs SP – Ch Ladnar Kingfisher JW
This collie needs no introduction.  Have admired him since his debut into the show ring.  Lovely balanced collie, clean outline, well fitted coat, correct angulation, picture of strength when standing.  Clean wedge shaped head, clean planes, neat ears on top.  Just felt that he was a little unsettled on the move during the challenge.
2nd Barrett Mr SV & Mrs AJ – Ch Brooklynson Bruce Willis
Lovely type of collie, very classic.  Good clean lines, overall shape, well balanced, excellent angulation, good neck and shoulders, correct length of back and correct rear.  Clean head planes, lovely almond eye.  Moved with drive and covered the ground well.
3rd Cronk Mrs V – Chelborn Dependable

Veteran Dog – 4 entries (absent 1)
1st Jackson Miss T – Mysticteam Quick Silver to Sassari - RCC & Best Veteran
Just into veteran – blue merle, another lovely collie from this kennel.  Well balanced, good angulation, strong and well-muscled.  Lovely neck and shoulders.  Clean head, good eye and expression, neat ears on top.  Moved very well, covering the ground with ease.  Was pleased to award him RCC and Best Veteran.
2nd Growcott Mrs JS – Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth
Another ’young’ veteran – sable and white, good overall shaped and balance, well angulated.  Good clean head, preferred eye and expression of 1. Neat ears on top, moved well.
3rd Beardsworth Mr D & Mrs M – Maysinder Pride of Athens

Minor Puppy Bitch - 6 entries (absent 1)
1st Congdon Mr J & Mrs M – Monsolina Pink Star for Aaronwell (Imp)
Lovely 8 month blue merle puppy.  Stunning presentation, well balanced, well angulated, correct neck and shoulders, well moulded foreface, delicious express, ears on top.  Covered the ground well on the move.
2nd Ware Mrs D – Kynan Paris By Night at Wassail
Lovely tricolour baby, just six months.  Good outline, with correct angulation, tightly fitted coat, good strong bone, neat feet.  Well moulded foreface, correct head planes, nice dark almond eye, lovely melting expression, ears on top.  Just needs to settle.  One to watch.
3rd Beardsworth Mr D 7 Mrs M – Maysinder Dancing Queen

Puppy Bitch – 8 entries (absent 2)
1st Lockyer Mrs M – Gataj Sweet Surprise – Best Puppy
Another nice tricolour puppy.  Similar make and shape to previous class winners.  Clean lines, well balanced, nice angulation, moved well.  Nice clean wedge shaped head with correct stop, nice moulding to foreface, lovely dark eye and expression.  Would have liked her ears to be a little tighter.
2nd Geddes Mr JN & Mrs V – Ingledene Frost at Nite
Lovely classic collie, Good overall static balance, clean lines built on strength, fitted the eye well. Clean head planes, almond shaped dark eye, ears on top.  Good neck and shoulders, correct length of back, good strong rear angulation.  Move covering the gound well.
3rd Rice Mrs G – Lynmack Ruff Stuff for Kevranna

Junior Bitch – 10 entries (absent 4)
1st Margetts Mrrs J – Collingvale Chardonnay
This bitch is just my cup of tea.  Nice type which is typical of this kennel.  Well balanced head, correct stop, lovely eye, well moulded foreface, sweet expression.  Good static balance well angulated with good lay of shoulder, turn of stifle.  Moved well, covering the ground at pace.
2nd Williams-Smith Mr RJ & Mrs LS – Danrox Loves to be Wicked
Another nice, well presented bitch.  Good make and shaped, rise over the loin, well angulated, good fitted coat, correct tail carriage and moved well.  Well balanced head, with correct stop.  Would have just liked tighter ear carriage.
3rd Howard Mr MA & Mrs CJ – Shandlmain Mariposa

Novice Bitch – 10 entries (absent 4)
1st Simons Mrs P – Trenley Little Bow
One of the best expressions of the day, correct almond eye, well balance clean head, well placed stop, clean planes and well moulded foreface.  Well balanced outline and shape, full of elegance.  Good angulation through the shoulders, good length of back, to rear assembly.  Well-muscled.  Correct length of tail.  Worked hard to gain 1st place.
2nd Margetts Mrs J - Collingvale Chardonnay
3rd Howard Mr MA & Mrs CJ – Shandlmain Mariposa

Post Graduate Bitch – 12 entries (absent 4)
1st Margetts Mrs J – Collingvale Crème Caramel JW
Another lovely one from this kennel.  On first impressions, she fits the eye, strong static balance, lovely overall shape, very feminine.  Excellent head qualities, well balanced, well moulded foreface, clean lines, nice almond eye providing that sweet expression.  Neat ears on top.  Strong front, straight legs, neat feet.  Well angulated shoulders, good length of neck, correct length of back rising over the loins.  Good strong angulation at rear.  Nice bitch.  Move well, covering the ground with ease.
2nd Hopewell Mr M – Camanna Caught in Thought
This is a nice honest bitch, with no exaggerations.  Built on the similar lines as 1. Well balanced, correct angulation, strong static balance and moved well.  Good head qualities, lovely almond dark eye, neat ears on top.  Did well in a very strong class.
3rd Shipp Mr RP & Mrs MA – Tremaro Tapestry

Limit Bitch – 16 entries (absent 6)
1st Walder Mr S & Mrs H – Heart of Gold De Cabrenysset for Hanvale (Imp)
Strong class.  Lovely well-made bitch.  First impression is that of quality.  Good strong static balance, good outline no exaggeration.  Clean head qualities, good moulding, correct placed stop, dark almond eye, ears on top.  Strong front, neat feet, correct length of neck, lay of shoulder, length of back correct raise over the loin, good strong rear angulation.  Moved well.  Presented in full coat.
2nd Lockyer Mrs M – Gataj Willow of Surprises
Dam to puppy winner.  Shaded sable and white, another quality bitch, built on lines of strength.  Good overall appearance, well balanced.  Well mounded foreface, clean lines, correct balanced head, correct stop, lovely almond eye, neat ears on top.  Correct angulation, well-muscled and moved covering the ground with ease.
3rd Barrrett Mr SV & Mrs AJ – Brooklynson Martini

Open Bitch – 11 entries (absent 3)
1st Hollywood Mrs AC & Waterhouse Mrs C – Amalie Lynmead Hi Honey – CC & BOB
Having experienced quality from the previous classes, I didn’t think it could get any better, then these bitches walked in.  This bitch is a classic, full of quality.  Made on the lines of elegance, lovely neck and shoulders, correct length of back, her make and shape really fits the eye.  Lovely head and expression, nice moulding, correct stop, clean head planes, dark almond eye.  Well balanced outline.  Moved well with a good stride. 
2nd Barrett Mr SV & Mrs AJ – Ch Brooklynson Miley Cyrus – RCC
Although the breeding is different, these two classic bitches are very similar.  Excellent clean outline, well balanced.  Lovely clean head, correct stop, well moulded foreface, lovely dark almond eye, ears on top.  Strong front, correct lay of shoulder, length of back, to strong well-muscled angulated rear quarters.  Correct length of tail.  Move with ease. 
3rd Margetts Mrs J – Amalie Let Me Be at Collingvale JW

Veteran Bitch – 5 entries (absent 2)
1st Davies Mrs M – Emryks Touch of Love
Have admired this bitch throughout her career and felt that she could have achieved her title.  Very similar type to all of my class winners.  Good overall shape, well balanced, look of strength.  Nice head qualities, good expression, nice eye, good moulding, ears on top.  Good angulation, length of back, well-muscled.  Moved the best within the class.
2nd Daley Mrs SA – Rahlissa Love Unlimited with Melayla
Good honest bitch, nice type, presented well in good coat.  Lovely head qualities, well balanced, well moulded foreface, dark almond eye, correct stop, ears on top.  Moved a little unsteady today.
3rd Arrrowsmith Ms CE – Myriehewe Amazing Grace

Judge - Mrs J Underdown