Breed Championship Show
Saturday 17th August 2013

I would like to thank the Committee for my first appointment in Ireland which I enjoyed very much; also my thanks to the stewards who kept the ring in order. It was a very friendly show with some really nice dogs. 

In Open Dog and Open Bitch classes I could easily have awarded more cards.

Baby Puppy Dog or Bitch 
1. Kelly’s Rowlands Abbie The Beautiful Lass (B)
2. Delaney & Collins Rowlands Gorgeous Gael (D)
Two nice babies, brother & sister, both coming along in the right way. Both showed well for ones so young, with well groomed coats.  I just felt, at this point in time, that the bitch was a little cleaner in stop.

1. O,Neill (McDevitt)  Caronlea Celtic Love,  s/w dog of 6 months, nice shape with good bone and used his ears well. Coat coming along. Showed and moved well.

JD  (3) 1a   
1. Carr & Colclough’s  Kynan Black Tie Affair at Donohill,  nice headed dog with good eye and stop, used his ears well. Nice shape and good movement. A little small; good presentation and showed well.  
2. Hodson’s Moyhill Ace of Clubs  Nice shape to this 15 month old dog. Good eye and stop, used ears well. Good bone, just preferred movement of 1.

Intermediate Dog  (1)  
1. Carr & Colclough’s Beldones Mr Smirnhoff at Donohill  s/w dog, not a big lad, but all in balance; nice head, good bone in good coat. Moved and showed well.           

Open Dog 
(13) 2a…A very nice class. 
1.  Ball’s Durham Ladys King  Just loved the expression on this dog, his eye and stop are so correct. Used his ears well, in good coat, moved and showed well.  

2. Carr & Colclough’s Donohill Nat King Cole Another nice dog of 3 years, nice shape and good bone, correct stop, nice eye, moved well.   3. Sinclair’s Ladnar Kings Country  Tri colour well presented coat, good ears which he used well. Stop in the correct place; moved well.

Champion Dog  (7) 2a  
1.  O’Neill’s  Ch Caronlea Lord of the Dance JunCh.  I liked the expression on this dog; stop and eye good, used his ears well. Lovely shape, good neck and shoulders, moved well but naughty at times but who has the perfect dog? However, I thought his virtues outshone this and therefore awarded him the Green Star RBIS
2. Hollywood & Waterhouse’s  Ch Amalie Lynmead Love to Hug  Another lovely dog, s/w, well groomed quality coat, stop and ears well placed, nice expression, good shoulders and bone, moved well and showed his head off.  Reserve Green Star. 
3.  Thomson’s  Ch Lomondvale Storm Petral JunCh  Nicely shaped dog, in good coat, moved and showed well.

Veteran Dog  

Childrens Handling
Age 8-11   

1. Jake Walsh  Age 9

Age 12-14 

1.  Sean Ralph  Age 13

Two very polite boys who obviously love their dogs and handle them well. Just a word of advice, to always keep your dog facing the judge.

1. Wall’s Birkmyre Blue Bouquet  8 months old  lovely clear blue, coming along in the right way. Nice shape, pretty head, good ears which she used, lovely long tail, moved OK.  BPIS.

PB  (2) 
1.  Davis’ .  Triburle Blueberry Crush  b/m of nice colour who stood and showed well, using her ears, good stop and nice eye, moved well.
2. Madden’s  Lady of Corfree  Tri - Another nice girl of good shape and nice head. Used her ears when asked, moved OK.

JB  (10)  1a
1.  Francis’ Ileyda Satin Lace of Peblu  I liked the shape of this s/w girl, good moulding on foreface, correct stop. A little lazy with her ears but did enough. Good shoulders and feet, moved and presented well.
2.  Ware’s Mac Ortofts Rose for My Life at Wassail  Pretty girl, everything where it should be, correct ears, stop and eye. Nice body shape, moved well.
3.  Carmichael’s  Designer Child for Danfrebek  Another nice bitch with good head, well presented coat, moved and showed well.

Intermediate Bitch  (5) 3a  
1.   O’Brien’s  Belrah Maggies Delight at Domlin  Pretty s/w girl of nice make and shape. Showed and moved well.  2.  Delaney & Collins’  Mumbee Lass   Tri of 18 months, another girl of nice shape, good movement, showed well.

Open Bitch
  (14)  1a   A very nice class.  
1.  Ashe’s Starlenga Mysterious Girl at Forrestwalk.   Very pretty s/w of 2 years, so feminine. Lovely head, correct stop and nice eye. Good ears, lovely shape and good moulding on foreface. Moved and showed well. I liked her very much – my type of bitch. Reserve Green Star. 
2.  Battigan’s  Myafreya Gold of Roclynn  Another nice bitch in good coat that was well presented. Good front and rear. Pleasing expression, good ears which she used well.  Moved well round the ring.  
3.  Drewery’s  Brikazie No Bling Needed For Elshadene   Nice head and well arched neck. Good shoulders and length of back. Moved well. 
4.  Ware’s Wassail French Lace.   Another nice Tri girl with good make and shape, moved well.

Champion Bitch..(5)  2a  
1.  Farrell’s  Ch Belrah Simply Surprise  Lovely s/w bitch with a nice clean feminine head and exquisite expression. Good ears which she used well. Nicely arched neck into good shoulders, correct length of back, good overall conformation allowing her to move well. Excellent presentation, showed well. Very nice bitch. Green Star and B.I.S. 
2.  Magill’s  Ch Camanna Coloured Confetie at Beltra JunCh ShCm  Lovely b/m bitch with a well groomed coat of excellent colour. Nice head with good ears and a pleasing expression. Moved and showed well. 
3.  McNally’s Ch Copamage Lily Langtree JunCh  S/w of lovely shape, nice head with good ears that she used well. Moved and showed well.

Best Tricolour
  (4)  3a  
1.   Sinclair’s Ladnar Kings Country

Best Blue Merle
1. Davis’ Triburle Blueberry Crush

Best Sable & White
  (5)   3a  
1. Carmichael’s  Designer Child for Danfrrebek 
2.  Proctor’s Cathbri Evita.

Janet James