BD/BIS Danfrebek Dressed to Kill
RBD/RBIS/BPIS Chantique Love to Boogie with Corisian
BPB/BB/BOS Jopium Stars in the Mist
RBB Chantique Simply Dreamy
BVIS Ch.Danfrebek Truly Mady Deeply with Alanita

RBB Chantique Simply Dreamy

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Veteran Dog/Bitch
1st Ch Danfrebek Truly Mady Deeply with Alanita BVIS
2nd A lcaro Chardonnay from Kinniburgh

Special Beginners Dog/Bitch
1st Kalimera Jindalee from Kinniburgh
2nd Sunaker Summertime Blues
3rd Coarhabeg Stormy Petrel

Minor Puppy dog
1st Brookers Chantique Loves to Boogie with Corisian BPD
2nd Hodges Jealous Guy of Slatestone with Jopium (imp Lux)

Puppy dog
1st Starlyn Naploleon Solo

Junior dog
1st Danfrebek Dressed to Kill BD/BIS
2nd Coarhabeg Stormy Petrel

Maiden dog
1st Starlyn Napoleon Solo

Graduate dog
1st Danfrebek Dressed to Kill
2nd Coarhabeg Rider in the Sky over Bluchip
3rd Karcasam Royal Doulton

Post Graduate dog
1st Kalimera Razzle Dazzle from Kinniburgh
2nd Ileyda Karlsberg

Limit dog
1st Alanita Whats it all About
2nd Aniesh Flynns Top Secret

Open dog
1st Kalimera Makka Pakka
Minor Puppy bitch
1st Brookers Chantique Simply Dee For Corisian RBB/RBIS/BPIS
2nd Camanna Caught in Thought
3rd Danfrebek Amberwish Francesca

Puppy bitch
1st Jopium Stars in the Mist BPB/BB/BOS
2nd Telforth Loves Dream
3rd Erjon Elizabeth Arden
Res.Jopium Magical Dream
VHC. Erjon Edna

Junior bitch

1st Lynmead Amalie Love is Blue at Telforth
2nd Danfrebek Deja Vu
3rd Jopium Magical Dream
Res Rosschell Ice Kiss in the Mist at Ronansprey
VHC Rayawnas Blue Blood from Kinneret

Maiden bitch
1st Erjon Elizabeth Arden
2nd Danfrebek Amberwish Francesca
3rd Danfrebek Deja Vu
Res Erjon Edna
VHC Rayawnas Blue Blood from Kinneret

Graduate btich
1st Chantique Simply Dreamy RBB
2nd Erjon Ebony Rose
3rd Alanita Gaze Away
Res Erjon Exotic Gold
VHC Rosschell Ice Kiss in the Mist at Ronansprey

Post gradiate bitch

1st Bluchip Vanilla Skye

Limit bitch
1st Sabihas Songbird with Sachenda

Open bitch
1st Camanna Cocommotion
2nd Amalie Lynmead Honey Honey for Alanita
3rd Eilroy Silver Locket with Aniesh