BD/BOSIS - Valleyhaven Crusader JW ShCm
RBD - Lizmark Gold Standard
BPD/BPIB - Atendus Excuse My French
BVD - Ch Antoc Dark Moon Rising JW

BB / BOB / BIS - Ingledene Lane N Promises At Alangill

RBB/RBOB - Collingvale Creme Caramel JW
BPB - Lizmark Winter Whisper

BVB / BVIB - Lynviews Golden Toffee JW

Judges critique

Results with thanks from a viewer, apologies for any errors/gaps
Main winners for Smooths

Veteran Dog 5 entries 3 absent
1st Ch Antoc Dark Moon Rising JW
2nd Samhaven Detour 
Minor Puppy Dog 2 entries 1 absent  
1st Attendus Excuse My French 
Puppy Dog  1 entry  

1st Zannara Casanova
Junior Dog 4 entries   
1st Triforce Dragon Heart

2nd Welenga Bush Tucker with Brookynut
3rd  Lanlin Sieze The Moment
4th Jopium Marley
Special Yearling Dog Dog 3 entries (1 absent?) 
1st Lanlin Sieze The Moment
2nd First Love For Barnabus
Novice Dog 3 entries 1 absent  
1st Zannara Casanova
2nd Jopium Marley 
Graduate Dog  1 entry  
1st Lizmark Gold Standard  (think correct not in catalogue) 

Post Graduate Dog

1st Collingvale Cast A Spell over Terelimon

2nd Caronlea Celtic Lover 
Limit Dog 2 entries
1st Antoc Kiss The Girls
2nd Rossavon Singing The Blues At Rhyslin
Open Dog 6 entries 1 absent

1st Valleyhaven Crusader JW ShCM
2nd Lanlin Ghostly Blues
3rd  Samhaven Detour 
Res Aaronwell Almost A Star 
VHC ? Shepatin The Sun King over Jumay

Veteran Bitch 4 entries 1 absent
1st Lynviews Golden Toffee
2nd ?
3rd ?
Minor Puppy Bitch 3 entries 2 absent  
1st White  Rhodabern Grace and Favour
Puppy Bitch 1 entry  
1st ?
2nd Rhodabern Grace and Favour
Junior Bitch 2 entries

1st  Sun Soul Demy Blue For Monsolana
2nd ?
Special Yearling Bitch 3 entries  
1st  Lynmead Amalie Laced In Love (re -imp)

2nd Collingvale Caviar
3rd Lanlin Remember Me
Novice Bitch 4 entries  2 absent?  
1st Lanlin Remember Me 
2nd Sun Soul Demy Blue for Monsolana 
Graduate Bitch 4 entries   

1st Collingvale Crème Caramel JW RBB and RBOB
2nd Ingledene Ocean Breeze With Jaysur
3rd Jaysur And All That Jazz
Post Graduate Bitch 6 entries 4 absent  
1st Atendus April Maid is Serenlas
2nd Ingledene Boogie Nite at Jards
Limit Bitch  5 entries 1 absent
1st Ingledene Lace N Promises at Allangill

2nd Ladnar Skylark JW
3rd Amalie Such Is Love With Cassaby
4th Samhaven Candle-lite Flirt
Open Bitch 3 entries (1 absent)  

1st Valleyhaven Coco Chanel JW ShCM

2nd I'm Posh an Smart via Vonarkle

Smooth Collies - main winners

BB/BOB Manordeifi Silver Dazzler

RBB Yaganes Lavender Mist
BD/BOS Alopex Matt Finnish

RBD Yagane's Blue Mist
BPIS Foxearth Furore
BVIS Manordeifi Sapphire Mist at Yagane