Rough Collies - Mrs A Flint
Smooth Collies - Mrs P Hutchinson

Rough Collie Results - Smooth Collie results


Best Bitch Chantique Daisychain for Jumitra
Reserve BB I'm Posh an Smart via Vonarkle

Best Dog/BOB/BIS Triburle Zachary JW
Reserve Best Dog Full Kiss de Cathyja des Aaronwell

Best Puppy in Breed: Rydeen In Concert with Triburle (Imp Deu)
BPIS Yaganes Blue Mist (Smooth)

Veteran Dog (5, 2abs)
1. Samhaven Detour
2. Rus.Ch. Garbh Gino of Aaronwell
3. Marketdene Apple of my Eye

Minor Puppy Dog (1,1)
1. Rydeen In Concert With Triburle (Imp Deu) RAF, NAF BPD/BPIB

Puppy Dog (3, 1)
1. Monsolana New Star for Aaronwell (Imp.Rus) TAF

2. Ladnar Fisherking

Junior Dog (4, 2)
1. Triburle Zachary JW BD/BOB/BIS
2. First Love for Barnabus

Special Yearling Dog

1. Triburle Shooting Star
2. Sandcourt Bllue Temptation at Martlese
3. Lizmark Gold Standard

Novice Dog (1)
1. Monsolana New Star for Aaronwell

Graduate Dog (6,2)
1. Caronlea Celtic Lover
2. Lizmark Solid Gold
3. Brooklynson Romario
4. Atendus I'll Stand by You

Post Graduate Dog (2, 1)
1. Marketdene The One and Only

Limit Dog (2)
1. Aaronwell Almost a Star
2. Rossavon Singing The Blues at Rhyslin

Open Dog (6)
1. Full Kiss de Cathyja Des Aaronwell RBD

2. Star Master of Jumitra
3. Samhaven Detour
Res. Marketdene Apple of My Eye.

Veteran Bitch (3, 1)
1. Lynviews Golden Toffee JW
2. Vonarkle Gosh I'm Posh at Brodcol

Minor Puppy Bitch - no entries

Puppy Bitch - (5, 1)

1. Gataj Jubilee of Surprises
2. Triburle Mischief
3. Mertrisa Dizzy Miss Lizzy at Scottyre
Res. Lynviews Jubilee Spice

Junior Bitch (4)
1. Triburle Mischief
2. Sun Soul Demy Blue for Monsolana
3. Ladnar Step Maid
Res. Brodcol Forget Me Not.

Special Yearling Bitch (8, 2)
1. Chantique Daisy Chain for Jumitra BB
2. Sun Soul Demy Blue for Monsolana
3. Lizmark Golden Girl
Res. Monsolana Sunwish for Aaronwell JW

Novice Bitch (1)
1. Lynviews Jubilee Spice

Graduate Bitch (3,1)
1. Lizmark Looking Fab
2. Jaysur Swingtime to Marketdene

Post Graduate Bitch (5, 1)
1. I'm Posher Than You at Lynviews
2. Caronlea Celtic Quest at Seottrye
3. Nutslade Lucky Sunrise

Res Gataj Willow of Surprises

Limit Bitch (7, 3)
1. I'm Posh and Smart via Vonarkle RBB

2. Ladnar Skylark JW
3. Moyles Mistletoe N Kisses
Res Ingledene Lace N Promises at Allangill

Open Bitch (3, 2)
1. Aaronwell Annmarie at Lynviews

Smooth Collie results
BOB Ch Gold Filigree

RBOB Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle
BD/BPIB/BPIS Yaganes Blue Mist

Veteran Dog
1st Sharidon Anything Goes at Keenacre

Puppy dog
1st Yaganes Blue Mist BD/BPIB
2nd Yaganes the Jazz Singer at Keenacre

Special Yearling Dog
1st. Ryecombe Discovered Gold

Post Graduate Dog

Open dog
1st Snuggletooth Oliver's Twist via Chicnor RBD
2nd Snuggletooth Filly Fellow at Chicnor

Veteran Bitch

1st Ch Foxearth Gold Filigree BOB/BIVS/RBIS
2nd Snuggletooth Ash Lilat Chicnor
3rd Starlight Spirit at Pencloda

Puppy Bitch
1st Southcombe Stylistic BPB
2nd Ryecombe Jylly Jonquil at Coneypark

Special Yearling Bitch
1st Southcombe Sapphira

Post Graduate Bitch

Open Bitch
1st Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle RBOB
2nd All that Jazz at Ryecombe
3rd Alopex Blue Moon
4th Manordeifi Sapphire Mist at Yagane