London Collie Club Ch Show
(Show 2)
13th June 2021
Rough Collie Dogs - Mrs D McDade - Judges critique
Rough Collie Bitches - Mrs V Tame - Judges critique
Smooth Collies - Miss C A Norman - Judges critique
Referee - D Weller

BEST IN SHOW - Paradise Girl Du Close de Sea-Wind for Gataj (Imp Fra)
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW/BEST VETERAN IN SHOW - Ch Clingstone's Hot Shot at Foxearth (Imp Fin)
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Starlenga Curious George
BEST OPPOSITE SEX IN SHOW - Foxearth Formula One


Minor Puppy Dog (4,1)
1st Red Hot Chilli Pepper Du Clos de Sea-Wind at Salsina NAF TAF
2nd Triburle Chance of Passion
3rd Amalie A Chance to Shine

Puppy Dog (3,0)
1st Starlenga Curious George BPD/BPIB
2nd Triburle Chance of Passion
3rd Starlenga Elijah Blue at Gataj

Junior Dog (8,0)
1st Beldones Toucher Du Bois
2nd Gataj Take It On The Run
3rd Chantique Magical Mystery
Res Millubie Razzmataz (Imp Srb)
VHC Caronlea Celtic Traveller with Fivannte

Novice Dog (7,2)

1st Chelborn That'll Do
2nd Starlenga Elijah Blue at Gataj
3rd Uffspring The Understudy
Res Camanna Careerchangeing For Maqueeba
VHC Corydon The Grandmaster

Graudate Dog (4,1)
1st Lizmark Gold Sovereign
2nd Camanna Careerchangeing for Maqueeba
3rd Corydon the Grandmaster

Post Graduate Dog (3,2)
1st Perfect Timing Du Clos de Sea-Wind for Gataj (Imp Fra)

Mid Limit Dog (8,1)
1st Oakland Blue Style Du Clos de Seawind at Zolkhan (Imp Fra)
2nd Gerian Sundazzle
3rd Kourika King Pin
Res Denfris Discovery for Caronlea (Imp Rus)
VHC Culbrae Code Red at Chelborn

Limit Dog (5,2)
1st Camanna Codename
2nd Think Of Me Prince of Sunlight at Gataj (Imp Hun) JW
3rd Lanlin Daydreamer of Kelekona

Open Dog (9,1)

1st Beldones Blue Echo DCC
(3rd and crowning CC subject to KC confirmation)

2nd Ch/Fr Ch Jugband Blues Du Clos de Sea-wind Via Aaronwell (Imp Fra) TAF RDCC

3rd Takhisis Dream Weaver
Res Shasam Sign Of The Times JW
VHC Amalie Lynmead Say It Again

Veteran Dog (3,1)

1st Lizmark Gold Standard ShCM BVD
2nd Darahill Chaos at Sablemyst

Minor Puppy Bitch (1,0)
1st Camanna Paulara Cissy Spacek

Puppy Bitch (4,0)
1st Fridens Be My Lucky at Aaronwell (Imp Rus) TAF BPB
2nd Chantique Pink Fizz
3rd Starlenga Madam Cyn

Res Caronlea Cinders Song

Junior Bitch (9,3)
1st Salsina Secret Lovesong

2nd Beldones Goldikova
3rd Takhisis Lady of Illusions
Res Denfris Rocco Barocco for Avonfair (Imp Rus)
VHC Millubie Que Despoir (Imp Srb)

Novice Bitch (7,2)
1st Barrenclough Touch of Silk
2nd Denfris Rocco Barocco for Avonfair (Imp Rus)
3rd Uffspring Undreamed of
Res Lilith Nar Sule of Kelekona
VHC Samhaven Jump To The Beat with Maqueeba

Graduate Bitch (7,1)
1st Amalie Loves to Sizzle
2nd Barrenclough Touch of Silk
3rd Uffspring Undreamed Of
Res Aldreen Illusion in Blue for Didek
VHC Prince of Sunlight Let Me Love You (Imp Hun)

Post Graduate Bitch (10,1)

1st Paradise Girl Du Close de Sea-Wind for Gataj (Imp Fra) BCC/BOB/BIS
2nd Artzaiak Selina de Salsina (Imp Esp)
3rd Scottlyme QKissagram for Avonfair (Imp Bel)
Res Chantique Fairy Magic
VHC Beloreen Starlight

Mid Limit Bitch (8,1)
1st Nelinka De Remember Our Love for Stearlenga (Imp Fra)
2nd Mertrisa Cool Love
3rd Chantique Bewitched
Res Black 'n' Sassy with Amalie
VHC Jemspark Maid in Secret

Limit Bitch (5,1)
1st Chantique Cinderella at Starlenga RBCC
2nd Samhaven Sister Sara
3rd Takhisis Hope and Dreams with Gataj
Res Phreelancer Phifty Shades
VHC Monsolana Madam Blues over Barrenclough ShCM (Imp Rus)

Open Bitch (10,4)

1st Beldones Enable
2nd Chelborn Wish List
3rd Salsina Share The Love

Res Hanvale Polly Shelby JW
VHC Riverside Song Raised on Rock Trenley (Imp Rom)

Veteran Bitch (4,2)
1st Lexcols Jewel In My Crown BVB
2nd Lizmark Gold Nugget


Puppy Dog (3,1)
1st Blamorder Audacity
2nd Breckamore Peaky Blinder at Lyndaryn

Junior Dog (1,0)
1st Wynele Top Gun RDCC/BPD/BPIB

Post Graduate Dog (2,0)
1st Coneypark Coldplay
2nd Shandlmain Blu Chief

Limit Dog (2,0)
1st Wynele Indian Ink
2nd Jack Mack's Va Buidhinn of Shandlmain (Imp Deu)

Open Dog (5,0)
1st Ch Foxearth Formula One DCC/BOSIB
2nd Ch Brackenhaye Fields of Gold
3rd Coneypark Black Sabbath
Res Esp/Pt/GIB/Int Ch Winter is Coming to Tentola
VHC Blamorder Bring Him Home

Puppy Bitch (4,1)
1st Wynele Cover Girl BPB
2nd Breckamore Blessings at Wystry
3rd Shandlmain's Sofistikate

Junior Bitch (3,0)
1st Brackenhaye Heart and Soul RBCC
2nd Brackenhaye Heartbreaker at Shandlmain
3rd Blamorder Dwell on Dreams

Post Graduate Bitch (3,0)
1st Blamorder Do Quite Nicely
2nd Foxearth Fabostinta
3rd Blamorder Marvellousness

Limit Bitch (4,0)
1st Wynele Couldn't Could She
2nd Coneypark Golden Brown
3rd Blamorder Fancy Patter
Res Blamorder Sunny Sky

Open Bitch (3,0)
1st Wynele Alice Blue Gown with Breckamore
2nd Breckamore Butterfingers ShCM SHCEx
3rd Blamorder Ice Cream Dream

Veteran Bitch (3,1)
1st Ch Clingstone's Hot Shot at Foxearth (Imp Fin) BCC/BOB/BVIB
2nd Ch Kevranna Theras Enate Echo