All Ireland Collie Club Open Show
May 2019
Judge - Mr Mervyn Webb (Casselwebb)



  • Best Dog & Reserve BIS: ESZMARE HUGGY BEAR (Suzie Nealon)
  • Reserve Dog: EZZMARE KING OF HEARTS (Suzie Nealon)
  • Best Bitch & Best in Show: MONSOLINA VOREVER BLUE (Peter Farrell)
  • Reserve Bitch: BONNETTSRATH SALLY (Marie Delaney)
  • Best Pup in Show: DENFRIS DISCOVERY FOR CARONLEA (Karen McDevitt)


Class 1 Baby Puppy Dog (no entries)

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog (2 entries, 1 absent)
1st        McDevitt, K    DENFRIS DISCOVERY FOR CARONLEA.  S/W dog – nice head, flat skull, good ears. Good reach of neck. Good line of stifle and good coat. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW

Class 3 Puppy Dog (2 entries, 1 absent)
1st        Kelly, L           BALAHANNA ALL BETS OFF.  Nice S/W in good condition. Good head, nice eye and nice neat ears. Nice length of body with well set tail. Little loose on the move and slightly close behind – am sure will improve with age.

Class 4 Junior Dog (No entries)
Class 5 Intermediate Dog (2 entries, 2 absent)

Class 6 Adult Dog (3 entries)
1st        Nealon, S        EZZMARE KING OF HEARTS. Lovely S/W in very good condition. Nice head and eye. Nice ears and good conformation. Moved well front and back. Nice turn of stifle and short hocks. Pleasure to judge
2nd        O’Briain, S      SEANCHROIS I’M THE ONE. Nice shaded sable dog. Beautiful head, eye and ears. Good reach of neck. Coat in good condition. Not at is best today and would like to have seen him a little more settled but a worthy second.
3rd        Drewery, S      BALLAHANNA BON JOVI. A nice golden sable dog. Would have liked a little more underjaw and a slight little more stop. Good ears which he used well. Good confirmation. A little short of coat on the day.

Class 7 Open Dog (3 entries, 2 absent)
1st        Nealon, S        ESZMARE HUGGY BEAR. Lovely shaded sable dog with good head and eye. Neat ears which he used quite well. Good reach of neck. Nice length of body and very good overall conformation with a lovely turn of stifle. All in all a masculine dog. Moved really well. BEST DOG and RESERVE BEST IN SHOW

Class 8 Champion Dog (1 entry, 1 absent)
Class 9 Pre Veteran Dog (no entries)
Class 10 Veteran Dog (no entries)
Class 11 Childrens Handling 8-11 (no entries)
Class 12 Childrens Handling 12-14 (no entries)
Class 13 Junior Handling 15-17 (no entries)

Class 14 Baby Puppy Bitch (1 entry)
1st        Kelly, L           SAMHAVEN SISTER SARA WITH BALLAHANNA. Beautiful golden sable puppy bitch – 4 months old. Lovely head, eye and ears. Good underjaw. Good reach of neck. Nice overall conformation. A puppy with a very promising future. Superb temperament.

Class 15 Minor Puppy Bitch (no entries)

Class 16 Puppy Bitch (1 entry)
1st        Delaney, M     DONOHILL ROCKING ROBIN. S/W bitch. Good head, nice flat skull. Ears a little heavy at the moment. Good reach of neck. Good coat for age. Moved reasonably well. BEST PUPPY BITCH

Class 17 Junior Bitch (1 entry)
1st        Delaney, M     BONNETTSRATH SALLY. Lovely sable and white bitch. Good head and eye. Nice flat skull. Good underjaw. Ears a little heavy. Lovely conformation and good reach of neck. Lovely turn of stifle. Moved and handled really well.

Class 18 Intermediate Bitch (3 entries)
1st        Drewery, S      EVALANE STICKY TOFFEE LOLLIE. Nice golden sable bitch in lovely condition. Good head and eye. Nice flat skull and good underjaw. Ears a little heavy. Lovely conformation and a good reach of neck. Lovely turn of stifle, moved and handled really well.
2nd        Kelly, A          EVALANE SWEET FIZZIE SHERBET. Nice golden sable bitch with a nice head pattern. Lovely eye. Ears slightly heavy. Good conformation and in good condition. Moved and handled well.
3rd        Timmins, D&M           DONOHILL COULD THIS BE MAGIC FOR KYNAN. Sable bitch. Nice head and eye. Ears a little heavy. She was a little heavy which affected her front movement. Professionally handled on the day.

Class 19 Adult Bitch (1 entry, 1 absent)

Class 20 Open Bitch (6 entries, 1 absent)
1st        Farrell, P          MONSOLINA VOREVER BLUE. Beautiful blue merle bitch of 3 years. Lovely head, eye and ears. Good stop. Nice underjaw. Beautiful reach of neck accentuated by a huge white collar. Beautiful blue colour well broken up. Lovely overall conformation. Lovely turn of stifle and lovely short hocks. Moved well. BEST BITCH AND BEST IN SHOW
2nd        Conway, T      MERYCTIN SPARKLE FOREVER AT ALWAYCON. 22 months lovely chiselled head. Good underjaw, very nice clean stop. Nice neat ears. Good compact conformation. Good bone. Nice reach of neck. Not in full coat yet. A very promising bitch.
3rd        Delaney, M     BONNETTSRATH MONA LISA. 4 year old slightly shaded sable bitch. Good overall head pattern. I would like a sweeter eye. Good reach of neck and good overall conformation. Very good coat and condition. A little loose on the move.
4th        Timmins, D&M           EVALANE SUGAR COTTON CANDY FOR KYNAN.
5th        Nealon, S        RIVERSIDE SONG C’EST LA VIE

Class 21 Pre Veteran Bitch (no entries)
Class 22 Veteran Bitch (1 entry, 1 absent)


11th May 2019
Mervyn Webb (Cassellwebb)