Ayrshire Collie Club Open Show
17th March 2019
Judge: Irene Green (Iolair) - Judges critique
SAC - Mrs Margaret Babiak (Eaglefalls)



Veteran (3,0)
1st Shanaburn Fluffy Kisses
2nd Danfrebek Truly Magic
3rd Starlenga Mysterious Girl At Forrestwalk

Minor Puppy Dog (1,0)
1st Kourika Knock On Wood BPD

Puppy Dog (1,0)
1st Arklethill Malachi

Junior Dog (3,0)
1st Oakland Blue Style Du Clos De Seawind
2nd Norska De Remember Our Love for Starlenga
3rd Starlenga Harry Potter (TAF)

Yearling Dog (1,0)

1st Lillyway Lattimer at Nithview

Maiden Dog (1,0)
1st Arklethill Malachi

Novice Dog
no entries

Graduate Dog (3,1)
1st Wilmaranna Out Of The Blue For Cathbri
2nd Shanaburn Clan Chief

Post Graduate Dog (3,0)

1st Rashel Show Time at Alauna
2nd Chantique Lover Boy of Whitecraigs
3rd Meryctin Knight Of The Dance

Limit Dog (5,0)

1st Jopium Danny Boy At Lingwell RBD
2nd Camanna Clearwater

3rd Jack Black Ileyda

Res Cariadhaf Crazy Dream

Open Dog (5,1)

1st Kilchrenan Keltic Brier JW BD/RBIS/BOSIS
2nd X Code Della Bucca Delle Fate at Rannaleroch
3rd Forrestwalk Rocket Man
Res Starlenga Jimmy Mack

Minor Puppy Bitch (1,0)
1st Kourika Kover Girl BPB/BPIS

Puppy Bitch (1,0)

1st Arklethill Delilah at Ileyda

Junior Bitch (4,2)

1st Kelbewood Wishing On A Star RBB

2nd Call Me Dreamer in Blue for Ileyda Verde Scozia

Yearling Bitch (4,1)

1st Delicja Actis Poland for Amaranshi
2nd Shanaburn Soft Sweet Kisses

3rd Beldones Baby Think Twice at Starlenga

Maiden Bitch (2,0)
1st Arklethill Delilah at Ileyda

2nd Brilyn Whats the Difference with Amaranshi

Novice Bitch (1,0)
1st Arklethill Delilah at Ileyda

Graduate Bitch (4,1)
1st Sea Dreamer's Walking on Sunshine
2nd Jopium Secrets In The Mist
3rd Chantique Love'n Kisses

Post Graduate Bitch (4,2)

1st Kilchrenan Zena's Design
2nd Seanchrois Extraordinary Blue Girl

Limit Bitch (6,5)

1st Kilchrenan Keltic Mist

Open Bitch (4,2)
1st Gemheid China Girl BB/BIS

2nd Lillyway Lovin'You at Nithview


Junior (3,1)
1st Arklethill Delilah at Ileyda
2nd Starlenga Harry Potter TAF

Graduate (3,0)
1st Jopium Secrets In the Mist
2nd Lillyway Lattimer at Nithview
3rd Rashel Show Time at Alauna

Open (6,5)
1st Starlenga Jimmy Mack