Alfreton & District CS
July 2018
Judge Laura Jay (Talraz)

 Group Judge Christine Hardy (Otterswish)

Junior (7,2)

1st Highnol Flaming Heart (FLINT, Mr J, Mrs A & Miss L) BP/PPG2
2nd Maysinder Empress of India (BEARDSWORTH, Mr D & Mrs M)
3rd Siluto Misterious Girl (WHITAKER, Mrs G)

Res Whatacoo Blaze of Glory (COOK & WATKINS, Ms A & Mr S)
VHC Siluto Over the Blue Moon (WHITAKER, Mrs G)

Post Graduate (5,4)

1st Mejola Dangerous Liaison (WHITE, Mrs J) BOB/PG3
2nd Aniesh Misty Blue Moon over Siluto (WHITAKER, Mrs G)

3rd Ambartr Keep the Faith (BARTRAM, Mr C & Mrs R)
Res Aniesh Touch of Black (SCOTT, Mrs J)

Open (8,4)

1st Corydon Femme Fatale for Mejola JW (WHITE, Mrs J)

2nd Jopium Magical Dream (WHITAKER, Mrs G)

3rd Aqualita One Love (BARTRAM, Mr C & Mrs R)

Res Aniesh Forever Blue with Whatacoo (COOK & WATKINS, Ms A & Mr S)

Peterborough and District
July 2018
Jude Lynda Nicholas (Nickarlyn)

Puppy (4,0)

1st Samhaven Unique to Uffspring BP/PPG3

2nd Danfrebek Lady Madonna
3rd Imaginist Sparrowhawk
Res Imaginist Bird on a Wire

two entries, absent

Post Graduate (3,0)

1st Takhisis Dream Weaver BOB
2nd Uffspring Unmistakable
3rd Lanlin Daydreamer

Open (2,1)

1st Imaginist Waxing Lyrical