Wigan and District CS
Open Show
Rough Collies - Mrs Alyson Rae (Paridel) - Judges critique

Puppy (4,2)
1st Kiramillie Konseveaton BP
2nd Kiramillie Kontradiction

Junior (3,0)

1st Lynmack Let There Be Rock

2nd Moon Kisses Ever After
3rd Monsolana Poppet Blue

Graduate (6,2)

1st Lynmack Struck By An Angel BOB

2nd Lynmack Riff Raff
3rd Aniesh Misty Blue of Siluto
Res Essanjay Dark Moon Rising

Open (4,0)

1st Monsolana Risper on the Wind over Aldreen
2nd Essanjay Moonlight Shadow

3rd Kelmbri Gran Torino

Res Jopium Magical Dream


Rough Collie Puppy (4,2)
1st Stringfellow’s Kiramillie Konseveation
6 month sable/white dog.  Still very raw but stood and showed well.  Nicely shaped eye, stop still needs to develop.   Well placed ears. 
Very well presented and moved ok.  Would benefit from his handler moving him faster. Best Puppy
2nd Stringfellow’s Kiramillie Kontaradiction

Rough Collie Junior (3,0)
1st McCormick’s Lynmack Let There Be Rock
Beautiful 17 month s/w bitch.  Almond shaped eye and correct stop giving a sweet expression.  Neat ears which she used well. 
Good reach of neck and a beautiful shape which was only enhanced as she had left her coat at home.  She had nothing to hide.  She moved very well to win the class.
2nd Edward’s Moonkisses Ever After
3rd Bottomly’s Monsolana Poppet Blue

Rough Collie Graduate (7,3)
1st McCormick’s Struck By An Angel
What a sweetheart!  A very feminine 2 year old s/w bitch with almond shaped eye and correct stop giving her a sweet expression. 
Well placed ears which she used well, she was very attentive to her handler throughout.
  Fitting coat of the correct texture which was beautifully presented.  A beautiful shape and level topline which she maintained on the move. 
As her conformation would suggest, she moved effortlessly round the ring.  It was a pleasure to award her BOB.
2nd William’s Lynmack Riff Raff
3rd Whitaker’s Aniesh Misty Blue Moon of Siluto

Rough Collie Open (4,0)
1st Pointon’s Monsolana Risper on the Wind Over Aldreen JW (imp.)
This lovely 2 year old blue merle bitch would have showed all day as she was very attentive to her handler.  Nice almond shaped eye, good reach of neck and a lovely shape. 
Level topline which she kept on the move.  Good bend of stifle and neat feet.  A lovely colour which was beautifully presented.
2nd William’s Essanjay Moonlight Shadow
3rd William’s Kelmbri Gran Torino
4th Whitaker’s Jopium Magical Dream
Judge:  Alyson Rae (Paridel)