Trial mating of:
(Female) ,
Blamorder Gold Plated
20 Mar 2022
Sable/White, DM=Clear, MDR1=Carrier, CEA=DNA Affected
CH Cardross Red Dirt Road To Blamorder Imp Can
22 Apr 2015
Sable/White Smooth

Cardross Pinball Wizard
Sable/White Smooth
Can Ch Uneeda Bare Naked Lady
Blue Merle Smooth
Straightline's Universal Lady at Blamorder Imp Swe
Serenlas Pumpkin Spice
30 Oct 2021
Sable/White, HipScore=5/4, DM=Carrier, MDR1=Carrier, CEA=Affected
Ingledene Spirit n'Venture
25 Nov 2016
CH Ingledene Spirits Arise JW
01 Nov 2014 Tri, HipScore=5/3, CEA=Unaffected
Ingledene Spirit Of The Nite
11 Oct 2012 Sable/White, HipScore=7/3, CEA=Unaffected
Serenlas Pagans Moon
20 Apr 2019
Tri, HipScore=3/3, DM=Carrier, MDR1=Affected, CEA=DNA Affected
Ingledene Well Sooted
07 Apr 2016 Tri, HipScore=3/2, DM=Carrier, CEA=Unaffected
Serenlas Obsession
11 Oct 2013 Sable/White, HipScore=6/3, DM=Carrier, MDR1=Carrier, CEA=Unaffected