Pedigree of:
Doone From Angels Path Imp Hrv
(M) 06 Mar 2023, Tri DM = DM Clear
MDR1 = Affected
CEA = DNA Affected
Angelo From Angelspath
21 Sep 2021
Tri, HipScore=A/A, DM=Clear, MDR1=Carrier, CEA=Carrier
Wicani By Sword and Sorcery
10 May 2015
Tri, MDR1=Clear
Van M Music Man at Wicani
21 Nov 2011
Van-M River Rapids
Van-M Rhapsody
Wicani Flawless Diamond
Wicani Waltz of the New Moon
Wicani Timeless Elegance From Krystalmist
31 Oct 2010 Tri, MDR1=Clear
Giuly's Dreams Queen Of Ice to Angelspath
14 Feb 2020
Blue Merle, HipScore=A/A
Starspangle's Hercules
, HipScore=A/A
Almais Placido Domingo
Steadwyn Most Classic O'felicity
27 Aug 2010 Sable/White
Giuly's Dreams I Love You
Blue Merle, HipScore=A, MDR1=Affected, CEA=Clinically Clear
CH Steadwyn Blue Legend
08 Jan 2013 Blue Merle, DM=DM Clear, MDR1=Affected
CH Fire and Ice di Paradise Collies
, MDR1=Affected
Listen to Melody at Lujoan Dreams Collies to Angelspath
25 Jun 2020
Midnight Legend at Lujoan Dreams
Touch Of Love at Lujoan Dream Collies
Ch Dennisay's Diamond Heart
Ch Diamond Glow at Lujoan Dream Collies
Ch Jchrs Hot Love at Lujoan Dream Collies
Multi Ch  Dennisay's I Am Legend
Ch Millube Vanilla Sky
Wisewyn The Proclaimer
23 Jun 2019
Wisewyn Don Perignon
Blue Merle
Wicani Dark Cadence
Dalia de Paulara
Wisewyn Love Is In The Air
Wisewyn Love Power
Wisewyn Over The Moon


  DM Clear
  DM Carrier
  DM Affected