Effipro is a spot on treatment used for fleas and ticks

Message from one of our viewers, a young healthy adult bitch 15 months of age,
received a dose of Effipro and some hours after treatment was very poorly, shaking, slavering and non coherent.

She was rushed to an emergency vets and given a reversal drug. She visited the vet again the following day and seemed to be making some improvment.

A week later the owners were on holiday, she wasn't eating properly and was taken to another emergency vet where blood tests were taken.

The results of the blood tests showed her liver and kidney enzymes were raised.

A search on google has shown that Eppipro can raise liver enzymes and cause renal failure in cats, although we can find nothing about reactions to dogs.

Just to make readers aware......





The Kennel Club would like to remind exhibitors about the importance of filling out entry forms accurately.

Over recent months, the Kennel Club has seen an increase in the number of awards which have had to be disqualified through exhibitors providing incorrect information. Situations such as these are not only disappointing for exhibitors, but also for judges and show societies, and are completely avoidable if exhibitors take extra care and time when filling out entry forms.

It is especially important that exhibitors enter their dog only in the class for which it is eligible. They should always read the show schedule very carefully and, if in any doubt at all, either contact the Kennel Club for guidance or enter their dog in the open class, which by definition is open to all.

Exhibitors can double-check their own dogs’ details, including dates of birth and parentage, by logging on to the Kennel Club’s online MyKC facility at www.mykc.org.uk.

Now that the Kennel Club is working more closely with show data providers, such as Fosse Data and Higham Press, it is more important than ever that the information on entry forms is accurate. If there are any discrepancies between an exhibitor’s address on the Kennel Club database and that listed in a show catalogue for example, this could result in a delay in sending out Challenge Certificates and other awards.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “In this fast-moving computer age, the hope is that the way awards are processed at the Kennel Club will become more streamlined in the foreseeable future.  But we need exhibitors to do their bit and help in this process. Fewer errors in catalogues could mean that we could get to the stage where certificates are sent out within a matter of days after a show, but this will not be possible where exhibitors provide incorrect information.”

Any exhibitor who needs to update their details with the Kennel Club, such as a change of name or address, can do so by downloading the ‘change of personal details form’ on the Kennel Club website at www.thekennelclub.org.uk/forms/change-of-personal-details/.