Please note that some breeders put endorsements on KC registrations, and you should check with the breeder if your puppy's registration is endorsed.

(This will be shown on the Kennel Club Registration Certificate)


 R   -  Progeny Not Eligible for Registration

Progeny not eligible for registration means that the Kennel Club will not register any puppies from this dog.

However, it is very easy for breeders to lift this endorsement, should they agree to, and you should ensure you discuss this at the time of purchase.


X   - Not Eligible for Issue of Export Pedigree

Not eligible for issue of export pedigree does not stop you from taking your animal abroad. It stops the dog being registered with a foreign kennel club, therefore, making the puppy virtually worthless if bought on behalf of a buyer abroad.

(Unfortunately this happens and breeders are horrified to discover their puppies in unsuitable countries).

Once again, if you decide to live in another country, it is very easy for breeders to lift this endorsement.

If you would like either endorsement lifted, please contact your breeder.

Your contract with the breeder must include details of endorsements if they have been applied to your puppy's KC registration. The breeder should also state whether endorsements may be lifted later under agreed circumstances - such as a hip score at or below a certain level - or will not be lifted under any circumstances.