And Kennel Club Stud Book Numbers

This is one of our UK Kennel Club’s longest running publications and the first copies date back to 1874 and is one of the most definitive records of Pedigree Dog Breeding known in the UK

Many people are unaware of its existence and never question the arrival of a KCSB Certificate following a win in a qualifying class, perhaps not actually realizing what it is and its significance to current and future generations of historians

This Certificate gives the name of the dog; it’s qualifying win and then followed by a number and alphabetical letters, for example 3220 DA - see example

The number denotes that your dog was the 3,220th dog to gain a KCSB in the year recogniosed by DA, which was, 2015.

Below is an actual copy, taken from the KCSB Proofs, of the Entry into the KCSB of the above:

This shows, name, BRS Registration No, Owner, Breeder, Date of Birth, Colour, Sire and Dam.

If you have a KCSB for CS, a trace can be made on the Sire, Ch Jopium Touch of Soul for Triburle JW 3518 CS and same for Dam, Francheska from Antoc 4014 CW.
Further investigation shows Francheska’s Sire and Dam but Antoc Dream In The Dark has no KCSB No and is therefore “Extended” under the Reference XCW which would be in the same volume as Francheska.

Antoc Dream In The Dark details show her sire who is extended in in the CQ Volume and her Dam holding a KCSB No

Therefore the correct recording is essential if genuine records are to be held for posterity.

Once a dog has gained a KCSB, all subsequent wins are recorded against the name and will show where wins, including CC’s etc were won listed against the general show index.
Considering there are approximately 700 plus qualifying shows each year, this is an onerous task undertaken by the KC and as such require accurate record keeping by owners, show societies and all involved in the canine world.

Subsequent years follow in a similar pattern e.g. DB, DC, and owing to the fact that the KC used repeat letters (DD) between the two world wars, these are now skipped so the sequences go DB, DC, followed by DE

The first KCSB entries were numerical but revision came in the early 1900 with an alphabetical year and a number of the entrant

There was a time when a KCSB could be purchased by an owner if the dog in question had not won any qualifying entry but that was soon changed and now the only entrants to the KCSB are by virtue of wins, in designated classes, determined by Breed and KCSB Banding.  

This is NOT to be confused with the qualifier for a certain KC Show, Crufts, where any dog can qualify but not all have the added Life Time Qualification by virtue of their KCSB Number

Therefore it is imperative that accurate records of all aspects of the KCSB are maintained and an Annual Proof Check of these is carried out to ensure wins, names and breeding are correct

These include the accurate recording of show wins, with help from the major KC recognised outlets, Higham Press and Fosse Data. Most club results are meticulously recorded by a Club Official and returned to the KC as requested.

Details of these dogs are often held on databases, accessed by the owner and clearly state Name of Dog, Date of Birth, Sire and Dam and any Titles, recognised by the KC and Reciprocal bodies and finally names of the Breeder and Owner.

The days of making “Paper/Hand Written” entries are fast fading as the electronic world emerges into Dog-Dom and this often eliminates silly errors on names and dates of birth
Information on all Entrants/Qualifiers to the KCSB is recorded for every dog at every Championship Show with qualifying classes throughout the year and at the beginning of each year, the copies of these are sent to the KC Approved Proof-Checker(s) with a time-scale for returning to the KC, prior to printing of the complete KCSB to be issued as soon as possible each year.

The current cost for a KCSB is around £15 but that is very little money considering your name and that of your dog and its wins will be recorded for posterity.
Now with the regular importation of dogs from abroad, it is now even more important that the Registration Papers obtained from the Breeders are accurate. Not all papers are, so for anyone who has had issue with the Kennel Club accepting papers from abroad and has experienced delays, there is probably a very valid reason for this.
Often a recognised and Registered Kennel name from abroad may have just one miss-spelt letter or the omission of part of a name and this can cause delays, so it would help if a double check of the papers is carried out before submitting them to the KC Registrations department.

Errors made on entry forms, if noticed, should be corrected by the Show Secretary, BEFORE the dog enters the show ring as any subsequent award may be rescinded due to errors.
If an error is noticed after the show, then a quick phone call or e mail to the appropriate Department at the KC along with an explanation could avoid the disqualification of an award
Your entry to the KCSB can be obtained by winning certain classes at Championship Shows, or even the Challenge or Reserve Challenge Certificate, the gain of a Junior Warrant or even in some breeds an Obedience of Field Trial win.

The current KCSB breed bands are reviewed regularly by the KC and can be dependant of Registrations, Show Entries and Other Factors, so entry into the Stud Book can change over the years. Again, this is Not to be confused with the qualification for Crufts Dog Show.

The current Proof Checkers for our breed are Carole Smedley and Dareen Bridge.


Author - Carole Smedley