A summary of my very small part in the History of our kennel.

Dog World Article September 1994

As most people will know the Antoc kennel name was taken out in 1953 by my mother Aileen Speding who is still very much my guide and mentor. The kennel now includes some “little Welsh devils” i.e. the Cardigan Welsh Corgi’s. Mum is having as much success with these as she has had with both the Shetland Sheepdogs and the Rough Collies.  

Together we have bred 25 Champions in Roughs, Smooths, Shetland Sheepdogs and Cardigan Welsh Corgis, winning 157 CC’s and numerous RCC awards. Mum’s achievements within the collie world have been detailed many times but the following is a summary of my small part in the Antoc Story, as in the late 1970’s my mother gave me a separate interest in the kennel name which allowed me to breed “My Collies” and also to continue the Antoc Story

I was born into the Collie World and to keep me quiet at the club shows; my mother allowed me to take part in what was then “Junior Handling Classes”. These have now been superseded by the YKC, which was none existent in my youth.

My first show dog was Antoc Tawny Lyric, with whom I won many JH Classes, not just because she was a quality collie but she was also a natural showgirl. To those who collect Tea/Cigarette Cards (now you must be my age to remember them) Lyric was featured on the   Dog Collection and a picture of the card representing the collie is below. Sired by Ch Liberty of Ladypark out of Antoc Tawny Token, she was born in 1959 and gained her KCSB No 1321 AT.

As time progressed, I was allowed another show dog, a daughter of Lyric, Ch Antoc Daydream who became my first ever Champion in my own right. She was born in 1963 and gained her title in 1966 (the last time England won the World Cup Football). Although campaigned by mum, due to my studies, the bug had bit and I became more interested in shows and the Collies. She won 4 CC’s and was the first collie to win the old “Working Group” at Bath in 1968 following it’s the split of the Non Sporting Group into Working and Utility.

The kennel produced many Champions including, Ch Vicar of Bray, Crufts BOB 1972 , Ch Antoc April Love, winner of Crufts in 1974 and Reserve in the Working Group to Ch Burtonwood Bossy Boots, the St Bernard who eventually went on to take BIS. In those days, there were no G1-4 placings.

She was our first “Pup of the Year” qualifier organised by the Daily Express newspaper and a silver salver  sits in pride of place in our lounge. Her sire was the magnificent tricolour, Ch Antoc Midnight Cowboy whose record as a Veteran Stakes finalist for 3 consecutive years will be hard to beat.

Ch Antoc Midnight Cowboy
Ch Antoc Vicar of Bray
Ch Antoc April Love

To include all our winners would be time consuming as their achievements have been listed else where but I would like to mention a few. The males Antoc Vicar of Bray, Ch Haymaker, Ch The Boyfriend and Ch Midnight Cowboy. In bitches there was Ch Ravensbeck Moonlight, Ch Dream-maker, who was bred by Anna Lamb, now Anna Harman, with whom I co-own the latest Cardigan Corgi to win a CC, along with many Rcc’s – but I digress

A shaded sable bitch, Ch Ravensbeck Sea Jade, sired by Ch Cowboy, followed. I was given her by mum as she and mum just did not hit it off and “Cleo” as she was called made it very clear there was only one person, me, to whom she would react. Born in 1973, she took her time to gain her crown, winning CC’s nearly on an annual basis. Her crowning CC was at Southern Counties when it was held at Hickstead one the same day as mum was judging Shetland Sheepdogs and I well recall being unable to let her know the news although all the Sheltie exhibitors knew, it was not until she finished her appointment that we could celebrate

The kennel at that time had produced Champions in both colours an in both sexes including the sable, Ch Antoc Academy Award and his dual CC winning daughter Antoc Albertine. Another son of his, Antoc Face The Music went to Australia and although used sparingly at stud, did have some influence on a few kennels there.

Pictures of both Academy Award and Face The Music where used on the revised book, The Collie, originally written by the late Margaret Osborne during the 1950’s and updated by mother. Sadly, no longer in print, this book is a history of the breed and can still be obtained through selected sources.

Champion Antoc Academy Award
Antoc Face the Music

Whilst at a show, emerging from a cloud of chalk, was a blue merle dog and I recall being smitten with not only the dog but his colour and from that moment my one desire was to produce blue merles and if possible a blue merle Champion.

Although Mum had often awarded CC’s to blue merles, there was no way she would tolerate having a blue merle litter at Antoc.

I set out to change this!

Having acquired a tricolour daughter of Ch Cowboy, I looked around for a suitable male to breed her to. Every dog I suggested was met with a comment or two and I was told that it was hard enough to breed a good dog, let alone a good coloured blue as well!

I was with mum when she awarded a CC to a blue dog, Ch Rubec Mist n Blue at Aberhill, sired by Ch Danvis Ladyvale Blue Mist (the dog I had seen in a cloud of chalk) out of a daughter of Ch Cowboy. When she came into season, off I went and the rest is my history of the blue merle line at Antoc.

In this first litter, was Int Ch Antoc Gary Glitter, who went to Finland, and is behind one of the top blue merle bitch winners of recent times, Int Ch & Ch Black Gary La Dame Chere at Ingledene.

Antoc Midnight Blue
Ch. Rubec Mist'n Blue of Aberhill x Black In Fashion at Antoc
Int Ch. Antoc Gary Glitter
Ch. Rubec Mist'n Blue of Aberhill x Black In Fashion at Antoc

Remaining at home was the blue bitch, Antoc Midnight Blue, my first blue merle.
Not a happy show girl, she did win a RCC and then retired to breed me Antoc Forgive and Forget amongst others including Antoc Blue Aster, who was the dam of the first Antoc Blue Champion. Owned by Carol and Mike Morgan (Baiodora) he was Ch Antoc Starmaster at Baiodora.

Ch Antoc Starmaster at Baiodora
Cathanbrae Berni Blue at Baiodora x Antoc Blue Aster

Another winner was the blue bitch, Antoc Forgive and Forget, a daughter of Midnight Blue who produced Fin Ch Antoc Pardon Me, foundation bitch for the Iroken kennel in Finland and with selective breeding have been quite successful with a planned litter due in 2013 there is every possibility of returning some of these lines to the UK

Fin Ch Antoc Pardon Me
Alenzone's Challenge in Black at Tameila x Antoc Forgive and Forget

Now, I wanted to breed a blue merle Ch bitch. Ch Antoc Crystal Rainbow was born in 1994 and the highlight of her show career was winning Reserve in the old Working Group at SWKA in 1997 and the highest accolade, BOB at Crufts in 1999. This was the first year that the old Working Group was split into Working and Pastoral and she was the first collie to represent the breed at Crufts in the new Pastoral Group and was short listed under the great, late Terry Thorn.

Ch Antoc Crystal Rainbow
Rickwood Alfie x Antoc Forgive and Forget

Crystal was a daughter of Antoc Forgive and Forget and only had one litter before being spayed due to an infection following a mating. In this litter, was another blue bitch. Antoc Frosted Sky, who produced Ch Antoc Dark Moon Rising for Louise Rae, and from another, Antoc Diamond in The Sky. Both these bitches took Reserve CC’s and held KCSB No’s.

Antoc Diamond In The Sky, also won a RCC and then produced the blue bitch Antoc Diamond Days JW. This bitch was our second representative in the “Pup of The Year Competition” this time sponsored by Dog World. We competed at the Whitbread Brewery in London one very cold January morning and have many memories, including a personalised bench name to remind us of the day.

Antoc Diamond Days
Wicani Alfa Romay'o at Rickwood x Antoc Diamond in the Sky

In a Breeders Stakes, at Southern Counties, the same year as Daisy qualified for the POTY, I was fortunate enough to win the Pastoral Breeders Stakes with 4 generations of home bred blue merle bitches which is yet another first for the breed that has yet to be beaten.

The Breeders competition was inaugurated at Birmingham National and the first ever Pastoral Group winners were our 4 Cardigan Welsh Corgis.

Antoc Diamonds Days JW had only 2 litters in the first were 2 pups, both bitches. One was a blue, Antoc Dolly Daydream, the other a tri bitch, Antoc Mayd. And in her 2nd litter, one blue male, who is Antoc Ice N Fire.

Antoc Dolly Daydream won only 1 CC before her very untimely death. This was due to her being MDR-1 affected. This incident depressed me and very nearly stopped me from continuing in the breed. In my haste to get her treated at the vets, I did not tell them that she was a -/- (double negative) and she was treated with extra strong drugs. Had I told them, perhaps she would be with me today. I only have myself to blame and am now working hard to ensure that no one else goes through that tragedy.

Antoc Dolly Daydream

She died, leaving a litter of 6 week old pups, but no blue merle bitches, and it was some time before I could bring myself to think about breeding again.

A close friend, Gill Browne, had a sister to Antoc Dolly Daydream, and one day, whilst on a visit she suggested I look at a litter of pups. In there was a blue bitch. I can’t thank Gill enough for allowing me to own her jointly and she is Atendus Quickstep to Antoc.

Atendus Quick Step to Antoc

So the blue merle story may well continue.

I was approved to award KC Challenge Certificates for the first time in 1987 at Southern Counties and now award them in Rough and Smooth Collies, Cardigan and Pembroke Corgis.

I have judged many times abroad and have had the honour of judging Dogs, at Crufts in 2005, where I found my winners in Ch Karava Kempez and his half brother Ch Karava Blue Kappello.
In 2014, I have accepted to judge the Smooth Collies at Crufts, an appointment I am looking forward to and in 2016, have also been invited to judge Welsh Corgi Cardigan also at Crufts. When these appointments are completed, between us, Mother and I will have judged at Crufts on 8 different occasions. Also we have been fortunate to have won CC’s there on more than half a dozen occasions.

Crufts 2005
Ch Karava Kempez and his half brother Ch Karava Blue Kappello

I spend some of my free time serving on the KC Breed Standards & Stud Book Committee, where I am the Pastoral Group Representative. I also serve on a General Championship Show Committee and am a KC Accredited Trainer for the KC Training Board, giving Seminars on the Requirements of a Dog Show Judge.

When time permits, I like nothing more than researching the history of the Collie and at present am looking out the window at a litter of 6 week old sable and white collie pups, one of whom may be a star for the future!

Carole Smedley
14th June 2013


Brook Cottage , Ripley
Christchurch , Dorset ,
BH23 8EU
Tel/Fax: 01425 672424  
e-mail: ca.antoc@btinternet.com


Published with kind permission of Carole Smedley