Breed Notes
23rd September

I have some sad news to start this set of notes, as I have to report the death of both Keith Starkey and Sue Gardner.
Keith had been in hospital for a very short while and was husband to Jan, a staunch supporter of both Rough and Smooth collies. Sorry to say, at the time of writing there is limited information available concerning his funeral.
My second report is a little closer to our breed and concerns Sue Gardner, who along with husband John, held the Steelhurst affix     Sue had not received the best of health for many years, and sadly died, at home surrounded by her family on Monday 19th September.
Sue was very active with her collies, and in her early years produced winners for the home kennel and also for other including Ch Steelhurst Star Addition at Camregan (Gwendale Triple Trouble at Steelhurst ex Steelhurst Double Impact) another Champion which Sue & John campaigned was Ch Alwaycon Bashful Bouncer (Gwendale Triple Trouble at S ex Dunefin Ruby Black Dress of Alwaycon) and bred in Eire by Tommy Conway. He also sired a few winners.  Another influential bitch at Steelhurst was Mirrored Shadow of Jamesfair At Steelhurst, bred by Linda James, she whelped some good winners. Probably one which many may recall would be the spectacular blue merle, Ch Top Gun Du Clos Des Duchesses At Steelhurst, one of our earliest imports from France. He was sired by Narwick Silver Blue De Cathyja out of a daughter of Ch Alwaycon Bashful Bouncer. Nearly every collie kept at Steelhurst or even sold to others, gained a Kennel Club Stud Book number, which in the days we are referring to had show entries of 170-190 per show with much limited qualification requirements, unlike current times.
Based in the Midlands, Sue became a member of the local breed Club, Midland Collie Club and thanks to Chairman, Tracey Goodwin who let me that Sue was a Committee member for several years and rose to hold the position of Secretary from 2010 to 2016 when ill health forced her to cut down on her many activities
At one of the last Ch shows with Sue in charge, I was fortunate to win the BCC, but it was one of the extra specials, in particular that I shall treasure. Donated by Sue and John, it is a large framed picture containing so many of the original cigarette cards and little cards that used to be inside the packets of tea, depicting Collies through the years , along with other beautiful old prints. What neither Sue nor John realized was that one of the cards depicted our own Antoc Tawny Lyric, who in fact was many generations behind my winner on that day. An extra special memory of a generous and loyal lady and our sympathies to her family.

Another busy day for some at Ripon Racecourse, where not only Darlington Dog Show held their show but following on was the Ch show for Northumberland and Durham
Starting at Darlington where Betty Peach (Rosdyke) was centre stage for her 2nd appointment for our breed, the first being back in 2017 where she judged at Three Counties
According to Higham Press there were no dogs marked absent but, having seen the pages, there were a few missing from the original entry of 82
Taking his 1st CC, from Limit was Corydon Pol Roger, a blue, owned and bred by Miranda Blake. He is sired by Corydon Winning Factor out of Corydon Blue Fizz and he was born in 2019 and the start of quite a good day for Corydon. In the past Darlington appears to be a “lucky” show for this kennel as they have won CC, BOB and G1 back in 2016 with C. Ringleader, their C. Trump The Lot won CC’s in both 2019 and 2021 and another today.
Taking the RDCC by winning Open was Ch Ladnar Mustriharder whose details we all know following his recent good wins for Dave & Sue Randall. Jan Williams won VD with Essenjay Dark Moon Rising, Tiganlea Remember The Days, owned by Samantha Edwards won MP and Amalunaque Arcturis Wind at Tiganlea won Puppy for John & Caroline. Jo White and Phreelancer Phederal Agent at Mejola won Junior, and then changed dogs to return with her blue, Camanna Chasing Clouds Over Mejola to win PG.
Bitches were headed by Paris Venise du Bois Des Amazones for Corisian owned by Pat/Jo and Emma Brooker. This is her 2nd CC, having won her 1st earlier in the year at Manchester from June Fort. Sired by Int Ch More Than A Feeling de Clos De Sea-wind out of I Love Paris du Bois des Amazones and was born in, bred by F Veyrunes in January 2019 and she won Open.
Standing 2nd in Open was Miranda and Rayawna Ring of Roses for Corydon, sired by Ch Corydon The Ringleader out of Rayawna Nightingale (who is by Corydon The Persuader out of a daughter of Dawn’s Ch Tiganlea Best of Times at Rayawna) and bred by Dawn Muir, who I think also celebrated a special birthday on the day! Well done as she took back to Corydon the RBCC.
Veteran went to Aniesh Forever Blue with Whatacoo for Ann Cook; Marion Radford-House won MP with Chelborn’s Betting List. Josh Blackburn handled his and Duna Jones, Erjon Embroidered In Blue to win Puppy. Mae Melvin and Joan Jopson took Junior with Lillyway Lemon Sparkle at Nithview and Sophie Wray-Ramsden and Takhisis Lady of Illusions won PG. Tiganlea Twinkling Saphire at Rannaleroch won Limit for Jeremy Barron and the late Carron Jenkins.
In the final challenge BOB went to the bitch, Paris Venise du Bois Des Amazones for Corisian, Best Puppy to Amalunaque Arcturis Wind at Tiganlea and Best Veteran to Essenjay Dark Moon Rising who owners Jan & Steve Williams contacted me to let me know that although they stayed for the group, did not feature. It is appreciated. However, both our BOB, Paris and BPIB, Arty had concerns about appearing in their respective groups as the show for N&D was still in progress and they both withdrew. However, on reflection maybe due to the timing of our Pastoral Group, it may have been possible for Paris to compete under well respectived Moa Persson but neither party wished to take the chance of missing their classes at N&D to appear in a group.
Darlington also offer  some good stakes classes, including their RCC stakes and just too add to a great day for Miranda, I see she and her bitch gained a placing in the Reserve BOB stakes – well done as I think it may well have included some prize money too.

Now to Northumberland and Durham, Secretary Claire Reid kindly sent me a marked catalogue of this which commenced after the judging at Darlington, but again it was an exceptionally long day but I doubt any of the major winners noticed!
Here we had Jo Hodges (Jopium) judging dogs and another first time judge in Anita Fox (Alanita) who judged bitches. The entry was similar to the morning show with 91 including 1 NFC
Jo last judged the breed at Paignton in 2019 and is one of our more regular ladies often taking centre stage.
Her choice, to great applause was Elliott, now to be known as Ch Camanna Codename, adding yet another Ch to those numerous champions at Camanna previously, including, I think, possibly 5 Ch Tri males, although Elliott is a shaded sable, born in October 2017. He is sired by Erjon Excelebration out of Beldones Oh La La at Camanna. I had the pleasure of awarding his first CC, at CCW in 2019, quickly followed by a 2nd from Marie Magill (Beltra) at Border Union the same year. He collected a few more Rcc’s when shows resumed and finally his 3rd and crown today.
Taking back home, yet another RCC was Morag & Jim McCarte’s Roughrigg Rag’n’Bone Man,(this time they managed to get to the correct racecourse!) If memory serves me well, and thanks to Morag for confirming, this is his 5th reserve CC, all won this year! Just in case you have forgotten, he is a sable, sired by Lynmack Walk All Over You at Roughrigg out of Beldones Fun n Games at Roughrigg.
Other class winners in males were: Tony & Daphne Iley with Beldones Harry Styles at Ileyda who won MP, John & Caroline repeated their Darlington win with their tri boy in Puppy, Junior went to Robin Blaikie and Kourika You’ll Do For Me, Yearling was won by Jo White and her Phreelancer Phederal Agent at Mejola whilst Novice was won by Tiganlea Top-Notch also owned by John & Caroline Tipper .Lynda Boyle won Graduate with Monsolana Aspire to Inspire Over Barrenclough (Imp Rus); Another Barrenclough, this was Barrenclough Diamond Dawn at Myjacks and Eileen Pullin took PG and Limit was a win for Culbrae Red Again for Lynda Watt.
BPD went to John and Caroline with Arty, BVD to Cariadhaf Crazy Dream and Stacy Steven.
Now to the ladies, judged by Anita Fox (Alanita). Winning the first class, MP was Beldones Clementine, owned by Elspeth Rose; Charlene Turner won Puppy with their latest import, Santin Dream du Clos de Sea-Wind, Junior was won by Lillyway Lemon Sparkle at Nithview. Yearling was another win for Charlene, this time with their homebred Paulara Keep The Faith. Novice went Lynda Watt and her Roughrigg Ray of Sunshine Over Culbrae.  Uffspring Ultravox won Graduate for Elspeth Rose. Daphne Iley handled the blue, Call Me A Dreamer in Blue for Ileyda Della Verde Scozia. Jo Brooker won Limit with Paris Venise du Bois des Amazones for Corisian JW and Gillyflower Della Buca Delle Fata handled by Rob Shipp. Veteran was won by Ann Cook and her blue, Aniesh Forever Blue with Whatacoo.
Now to the CC, and taking her 3rd and with it here title was Paris handled by Jo Brooker, with a 7th RCC, all to different bitches, was Gillyflower for Rob and Margaret Shipp, BPB was between the two puppy winners but sorry to report, I do not know who won and BVB to Ann and her blue
Best In Show, judged by Terri Brand (Ronansprey) resulted in Paris taking all before her, RBIS to Camanna Codename who was also BOSIS; BPIS again went to John & Caroline and Arty with Ann Cook taking BVIS.
I understand grateful thanks, on behalf of the Committee of N&D, are offered to all who donated to the tremendous Raffle prizes available on the day and to all who helped out.  There will always be issues with running a Breed Club Ch show along with, or after Breed judging at a General Ch show, but I am sure many of these can be sorted out on review. Finally, it would appear that we, as a breed, are not as welcoming to newer exhibitors as we could be and comments made ringside, in earshot of fellow exhibitors should a) firstly not be made and b) if they are made please make sure you are not overheard. Thank you

Carole Smedley