Introducing Maddies offspring Kizzie for 2019

Tudorlyn A Kind Of Magic - 'Kizzie'
Ladnar Moondust x Sassari Snow Shimmer For Tudorlyn JW
D.O.B 19.6.18
Photo 11 months
Crufts qualified - 6 Best Puppy awards 1 Best Of Breed 2 x PPG3 PPG2 PPG1



Sassari Snow Shimmer for Tudorlyn JW - 'Maddie'- 1RCC
CH. Beldones Black Illusion x CH. Sassari Moon Shimmer
DOB 17.6.2015
Photos courtesy of Tracey Jackson

At just 8 months Maddie won BB, BPB, RES BOB, BOSIB, BPIB, RESBIS, BOS, BPIS at London & Provincial Collie Club February 2016.
A big thank you to the judge Anne Smith (Tentola)  for a wonderful day.

Chelmsford & District Open Show Best Puppy & PPG2 - Judge Mrs M Lambert.
Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain Best Puppy Bitch Best Puppy in Breed & Best Puppy in Show - Thank you to judges Miss D Moores (Manordeifi) and Mrs L Salt
Clacton Limited Show Best Puppy Judge Gina Stillwell PPG1 Group Judge Pat Hutchinson
Wickford. & Basildon Show Best Puppy & RBOB Judge Shelley Skinner PPG2 Group Judge Mrs Cheryl Pierpoint
Southern Counties Champ Show BPB & B PIB Judge Ralf Campbell (Norway)

Photos Linda Carlyon

London Collie Championship Show June 2016 – 1st Puppy, 1st Junior – Judge Stephen Clark (Derbypark)

East Anglian Collie Association July 2016 Maddie won the Res Bitch CC under judge Mr Brian Hull (Lizmark )thank you for such a wonderful win.

Judges critique 1st Philpins Sassari Snow Shimmer for Tudorlyn b/m . Only a junior so still has a bit of maturing to do but for me exactly the type of rough collie bitch that I was looking for.  A lovely clean head, with rounded foreface, correct stop, "not too little not too much" flat skull giving the correct balance of head with planes  parallel as they should be, well placed ears which when used gave a lovely expression, lovely reach of neck & shoulder angulation, good topline & well bent stifle, moved well. Good coat & colour. Gave a lovely balanced picture when standing in profile. In my opinion one that should get to the very top in the future was pleased to award her RCC.

East Anglian Collie Association April 2017 Res Best Bitch Judge John Carter (Montzella)

The British Collie Club June 2017 Best Bitch & Best of Breed Thank you to the Judge Tina May (Maqueeba)

East Anglian Collie Association Collie of the Year 2017 Adult of the Year Winner & Reserve Runner Up judges Marianne Benton Oakestelle & Britt-Marie Young
Crufts 2018 2nd Graduate Bitch  Judge Mr B House 

East Anglian Collie Contest 2018 Adult of the Year Runner Up Judges Brian Hull ( Lizmark) and Kevin Young.


Tudorlyn Fairy Dust - 'Honey'
Sire: Ch. Samhaven Just In Time x  Dam: Tudorlyn Star Quality


Photos taken December 2014 at 10 months

3 Best Puppy PPG1 PPG3 PPG4 British Collie open show Dec 2014 Res Best Puppy in Breed. Judge Mrs M Mclaughlin.

Photo June 2015 at 15 months
Photo October 2015 at 20 months

Res BOB Norfolk & Norwich Show & Res BOB Newmarket Show 2015, and

1st Junior Bitch Southern Counties, and 2nd Junior Bitch Windsor 2015

Tudorlyn Star Quality - 'Suzie'
Sire: Ch. Samhaven Dextox x Dam: Tudorlyn Tiger Lily

T Star Quality Suzie 4 Best Puppy 1 Res BOB PPG3 PPG4
Photo above June 2015 at 3 years
Res BOB at Isle of Ely Show, Res BOB Herts & Essex  Show & Res BOB Wickford & Basildon Show 2015


Tudorlyn Little Princess   ShCM - 'Rosie' - 1CC
Sire: Ch. Samhaven Detox x Dam: Little Caramel Jem at Tudorlyn
DOB 19.5.10


Windsor July 2011 was awarded the Bitch CC Judge Mrs Jan Starkey
EACA Puppy of the Year Contest Jan 2012 Res runners up in puppy Judges Marilyn Clark & Jane Liley
Jan 2013 Res Best Adult & Res Best Overall Judges Jeff Duffield & Jim Peach
Jan 2014 Res Best Adult Judges Pat Lister & Betty Peach.

East of England Ch Show 1st Limit Bitch and Res Best Bitch Judge Mrs A Flint

London Collie Champ show June 2016 1st Limit Bitch Judge Steven Clark

Southern Counties June 2016 1st Limit Bitch Judge Ralf Campbell ( Norway ) Critique LB
1st Tudorlyn Little Princess, soundly built s/w of pleasing overall conformation. Nice head planes, flat skull & a modicum of stop. Neat ears. Dark expressive eyes. True front, strong backline but could be a tad shorter.Correctly carried tail. Nicely bent hindquarters . On the move she had a free flowing gait.

Birmingham Sept 2016 2nd Open Judge Joy Walker Yorkshire Collie Champ show Sept 2016 2nd Mid Limit Judge Nick Smith (Tentola)

East Anglian Collie Association Veteran of the Year 2017 Judges Marianne Benton Oakestelle & Britt- Marie Young

Tudorlyn Tiger Lily - 'Poppy'
Sire: Carriswillow Riot at Samhaven x Dam: Tudorlyn Dolly Mixture

3 Best Puppy PPG2 PPG4 EACA Collie Contest 2009 Res Best Puppy. Judges Eidith Pryor & Rodney Oldham.

Tudorlyn Golden Caramel Gem - 'Daisy'
Sire: Samhaven Made In Devon x  Dam: Little Caramel Jem at Tudorlyn

Tudorlyn Dolly Mixture - 'Annie'
Sire: Clairone Lonely Dreamer with Pelido x  Dam: Tudorlyn Country Girl

Tudorlyn Country Girl - 'Abby'
Sire: Maqueeba Italian Dream at Tudorlyn x Dam: Tudorlyn Tender Love

Little Caramel Jem at Tudorlyn - 'Milli'
Sire: Maqueeba Italian Dream at Tudorlyn x  Dam: Jaywyn Jacquenetta
DOB 15.7.02

Best Veteran in Show
2011 London & Provincial Collie Club Judges Jane Liley, Verna Hills & Bill Goddard
2013 Barking Open Show Judges Anne Smith & Nick Smith
2014 Romford Open Show Judge Val Geddes
2014 EACA Open Show Judge Verna Hills
2014 Clacton Limited Show Judge Mr S Bardwell
2014 London & Provincial Champ Show Judges Fern Sargeant, Rod Slater & Lisa Pettitt

At Crufts 2015, Milli  won 5th place in Veteran Bitch at 12 3/4 years, thank you to judge Brenda Cooney.


Linda and Sidney Philpin

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