……..fulfilling the dream

My first encounter with Roughs was when I was 5 years old, it was an instant love affair.  I grew up with a variety of different dogs but longed for the day I would own a beautiful Rough Collie.  Eventually my dream came to fruition, I took on a rescue.  She was probably the most intelligent dog I have ever owned.  She was very soon joined by a Tri bundle of fluff that my ever enduring husband presented me with Christmas 1992 Atendus Wotz Going To Try (Coco Chanel). She was everything I believed a Rough should be.

In 2007 having moved to West Wales to a guesthouse that had been converted from a farm I now had plenty of space, 18 acres and more free time, so I felt I was ready for another puppy and maybe have a try at breeding.  I went back to the Atendus kennel and Gill Unstead .  Fortune was on my side as she had a blue litter with one bitch she was happy to let go on breeding terms. 

Home came Atendus April Maid Is Serenlas (Nina Ricci). Little did I know how she would change my life.

In 2010 I felt Nina and I were both ready for puppies.

Gill gave me a choice of stud dogs but there was only one that had that WOW factor for me and that was Ingledene Mr Majestic (Harley).  Together they gave me a beautiful litter.  I wanted a show dog and decided to keep  Serenlas Mayd To Walk In Sunshine (Issey Miyake) .   Together we learnt about the showring.

When deciding on an affix it was important to me that it represent Nina as she is my foundation bitch and  for me that once in a lifetime dog.  So my daughter came up with Serenlas which means blue star in Welsh. It’s perfect, she is my blue star.

Since Issey was born I have had an amazing time. Back into 2007 I was extremely naïve, and I still have a huge amount to learn but feel very lucky to have met people who are prepared to help, advise and share their knowledge.  To them I am extremely grateful.

To me a Rough Collie should be beauty inside and out and that should show in movement, presence, intelligence, attitude and aptitude.


Atendus April Maid is Serenlas
Serenlas Mayd to Walk in Sunshine
Serenlas Obsession
Serenlas Keeping Faith


Atendus April Maid is Serenlas - 'Nina Ricci'
Atendus Made Step by Step x Twenty four Seven to Atendus
DOB 01/04/2007

Nina gets 1st in Post Graduate at Bath - Judge Albert Wight.

Serenlas Mayd to Walk in Sunshine - 'Issey Miyake'
Ingledene Mr Majestic x Atendus April Maid is Serenlas
DOB 14/09/2010

Issey at 19 months 1st time she qualified for Crufts

Issey at 2 years and 9 months

Serenlas Obsession - 'Inca'
DOB 11/10/13
Ch Ir Ch Ingledene Late Nite Legend JW x Serenlas Mayd to Walk in Sunshine

Photo taken at 10 months
Inca took 1st place in the Proplan Minor puppy bitch stakes at Bath Championship Show May 2014. Thank you to Judge Mr B Brampton

Photo below right taken aged 2.5 years

Serenlas Keeping Faith - 'Faith' - 1CC
Sire Ch Ir Ch Ingledene Late Nite Legend JW x Dam Serenlas Mayd to Walk in Sunshine
D.O.B 26/12/14

Faith left at 9 months. A long awaited Tri girl to go forward with, and below at four years
Faith took RBPIS at her very first Championship show. Thank you to judge Angela Harvey

Faith ends her puppy career by taking BPIB at LKA Championship Show under Judge Steve Barrett
'11 month tricolour beautifully presented, head handles really well, with nice underjaw, neat ears used constantly, liked the length in head and that’s what won her B.P.I.B. more my type. Good neck and shoulders, nice length height ratio, well let down behind, with good angulation moved soundly coming and going and in profile with level topline. '

BCC - L & P Ch Show - November 2018 - Judge Mrs Angela Harvey
My star of the day and how lovely to see the sheer astonishment turn to joy when I handed her owner the big green card! No exaggerations on this tricolour bitch whose inky black coat shone like a mirror. She reminds me of some of the bitches from the 1970-80’s 'golden' era of Collies! Absolutely classic head. The Collie is not or should not be a square dog. It is or should be rectangular, and the head should be in proportion to that body shape, so the head is required to have length. The whole 'picture' should portray dignity. I was looking for this lovely length of head in my winners, and found it in several, including this one. She just oozes impassive dignity, taking life calmly, unflustered by the life passing by her, she is owning the ground! One cannot show impassive dignity to the enst degree without having harmony, balance and character. Her ultra flat skull merges harmoniously into her well filled muzzle, just the right amount of stop too and absolutely no flare or prominent cheek bones, all finished by a well formed chin with tight lip-line. Together these outstanding head qualities blend into the perfect well blunted clean wedge, just what the breed standard asks for. However it doesn't stop there. The breed standard also says ABSOLUTE SOUNDNESS IS ESSENTIAL and I take the words of the standard with great seriousness. I do not focus on one aspect. Movement outlines every inch of a dog’s construction and especially when viewed in profile and even more so during the second journey around the ring. I want my CC winner to move like a sheepdog, thus showing it has perfect annatomical formation!  When moving at speed the Collie (like all sheepdogs) should begin to single track. Single tracking is the most economic (energy saving) form of movement, think of trying to run yourself without merging one foot in front of the other. A dog cannot successfully single track if the rib cage is too wide and round. No matter how much I moved this collie, she obliged by putting in a faultless performance, and when her speed went up a notch, she began to single track whilst maintaining a perfectly level top line, now that is proof of good construction!  Bitch CC and on the decision of the referee BOS RBIS BOSIS Huge congratulations to her breeder/owner.

Serenlas Heaven In Blu - 'Eden'
Sire Multi Int Ch & Uk Ch One Extraordinary Blu Di Cambiano x Dam Serenlas Keeping Faith
DOB 10/05/18
Eden at 9 months. Eventually after a 7 year wait we have this lovely blue girl


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