The story of Riverside Song Collies

The way it began…..hmmmmm…..the idea and love for this marvelous breed started long long time ago, when I fell in love, not with a Lassie (as most people did), but with a Bessie hihi. Bessie was my best friend’s Collie girl, the most clever dog I ever met until then. She was the one that made me dream only and only of a Collie. All other breeds paled in front of a Collie. And I knew back then that this was a love that would last a lifetime. And so it was!

I only managed to have my first Collie when I was 16 years old, as my parents weren’t doggie-persons. But as I am a real strong-head, I managed somehow to convince them that they should get me a dog. Oh, the day my boy, Eros, came into my life was, I think, the best one ever! I learned everything that could be learned together with my darling boy! And even if he wasn’t himself a show-man, the show bug caught me instantly, from the very first show we attended! I could never live without shows anymore. My dear boy left me alone suddenly and unexpected when he died, without any previous sign, of a heart attack at only 8 years of age. I was a wreck and I couldn’t get over his death. 6 years had to pass until I was finally able again to have another Collie.

During all these 6 years I have read everything I could read about the Rough Collie, documented myself and got an idea of what I wanted to have from this breed. When I was sure where my heart was leading me to, I finally went on. I purchased my first bitches with the clear idea to start breeding. I think I was and still am very selective. I only go for the best lines and pedigrees I am convinced I can work with. My personal belief is that breeders should not close eyes to any big faults a dog has, no matter how wonderful qualities it also brings with. To me, a dog is complete only if overall appearance, type, movement AND character are there. And not only these make me decide for a Collie or other, but its pedigree has also got to be a very strong one, combining only the best lines possible, the ones you can always track far behind, not just sit and wonder who this and that dog might have been and if I introduce it to my bloodlines, what would it bring?? Many want to have everything in a dog without asking themselves first, ok, how can I get this? Not every dog that is a Champion is also an asset to the breed and sometimes, not even the most beautiful Collie can produce progeny at same level. One has always got to realize that “perfection” can only be reached with small “imperfections”.

Well, what else can I say… I am happy I have managed to know some wonderful friends – breeders and owners of this breed – with whom Collie discussions seem never to end, give us all strength and power to go further and also the strong feeling that we are not alone into this!

And how else to present our Collies better than in picture?! Below, just a few of the most representative “Riverside Song” Collies born here… Some belonging to us, some living with others:

Riverside Song Big Boss Man
Shasam Sex Bomb x Nyitramenti Viscountess

Romanian Junior Ch, Romanian Ch, Multi - JCAC, CAC, CACIB, BOB winner, HD-A, CEA/Kat/PRA free

Riverside Song Kisses Of Fire
Mertrisa All You Need Is Love x Riverside Song Dainty Little Moonbeams

Co-owned with our dear friends Val and Derek Brown

Show Results:
London Collie Open Show 21/10/12 - Judge Pat Brooker 1st minor puppy
L & P Championship Show 18/11/12 Judge Janet James 1st minor puppy
Collie Assocation Open show 23/3/13 Judge Linda James 1st junior

Riverside Song American Trilogy
Shasam Sex Bomb x Angie’s Angels Amazing Amazon

Romanian Junior Ch, Romanian Ch, Multi CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG winner

Riverside Song Follow That Dream
Riverside Song Big Boss Man x Riverside Song American Trilogy
Riverside Song Follow That Dream together with her mum Riverside Song American Trilogy
Romanian Junior Ch, Multi CAC, CACIB, BOB winner, Central East European Cup Junior Winner

Riverside Song Kiss Me Quick
Mertrisa All You Need Is Love x Riverside Song Dainty Little Moonbeams
Romanian Junior Ch, 2nd place in junior class at the World Dog Show 2013 in a strong competition of 30 junior bitches

Riverside Song Hawaiian Sunset
Mertrisa All You Need Is Love x Riverside Song Bohemian Rhapsody


Olivia Cruscov

Telephone: 0040.747.017.387