Sire: Demelewis Winter Moon Over Corydon x    Dam:   Corydon La Fayvorita Avec Karafaye ShCM   
  MDR + / +     CEA – Clear         Hips – 3 / 4 = 7

National Working and Pastoral Breeds     13 July 2013      Judge Miranda Blake    RCC
JD 1st Karafaye Black Quillan, the biggest thrill I get when judging is to find something exciting, & I got goosebumps as soon as I saw this young tri.  What a beautiful head! If you want to feel a flat skull, see a correct “slight but perceptible” stop, ask Mrs Quince if you can go over her dog.  Top this off with a perfectly set & shaped dark eye & alert ears giving a sweet yet masculine expression & you begin to understand my reaction.  He was in excellent Bl/B shiny correct textured coat, immaculately presented, his hind action had very firm hocks for such a young dog, & he kept his topline as he powered effortlessly round the ring on the hottest day of the year.  I would like a touch more neck, but his body has not finished yet.  This was his first championship show & what a day! RCC

Midland Counties Championship Show      24th October 2013     Judge  Felix Cosme
J -  1st Karafaye Black Quillan Most attractive Tri colour. Excellent head with good ear set. Front and rear angulation and is well muscled, so as to be expected moved with a correct gait.

LKA Championship Show    14 December 2013    Judge  Valerie Geddes   RCC
PGD 1st Karafaye Black Quillan beautifully presented tri in excellent condition. Masculine and well filled head with excellent balance overall, well placed, slight perceptible stop and flat, filled skull, dark, obliquely set eyes and excellent ears produced a very desirable expression which says nothing other than “collie”.  Excellent neck and topline, well angulated with good ribbing, good substance through body and bone. Moved out sound and free Res CC.

East Anglian Collie Association Championship Show  3rd August 2014  Judge  John Blake  RCC
LD 1st Karafaye Black Quillan  I felt that this was the best class of the day. 1 Quince’s Karafaye Black Quillan, super young tri dog who was presented in the most immaculate condition. His coat really shown in the bright sunshine that we had for most of the day. He has a lovely head that is well balanced. Nice rounded foreface & lovely ear carriage. His conformation is excellent & this was proved as he really motored round the ring. If his eye shape had been a little better he could have gone to the top today, but he was still good enough to win the RCC & later in the day win the big stakes class. I am sure he has a big future in front of him;

LKA Championship Show 12th December 2015  Judge   Steve Barrett
OD -  2nd Karafaye Black Quillan Tricolour I have admired from ringside, not the overall balance of 1 but still quality, nice classic head with length, well placed eyes and flat scull, would like ears tighter to finish the picture, good underjaw, height to length is correct, just shorter neck makes him look unbalanced, shown in lovely coat and condition, moved well.

Carlisle DCS open show  3/1/16
O  1 & B.O.B. & Group 4. Quince's Karafaye Black Quillan, tri coloured male 3 years old upstanding with plenty of body, bone and muscle well angulated coat in good condition sound mover. 

Northumberland and Durham Collie Club – Open Show 25th January 2016 Judge Maxine Mellish  Best Dog / Best in Show
OD 1st Quince’s Karafaye Black Quillan; 3 year old tri presented in immaculate condition. Superb masculine expression, correctly shaped dark eye, flat skull, ears bang on top and used to advantage, good depth and length of skull, tight lip line, super underjaw. Good arch and length of neck – his profuse coat hides it. Lovely length of back and slight rise over loin, good width and depth of chest, excellent shoulder placement giving a good reach, ribs well sprung, super bend of stifle and powerful hocks giving this boy such soundness. Effortless on the move, held his topline, he was fit, balanced and in tip-top condition. Delighted to award him Best Dog and BEST IN SHOW.

Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show – 20th May 2016 Judge Albert Wight
OD -2nd Quince’s Karafaye Black Quillan, this tri has such a delightful headpiece with really well shaped, dark & so expressive eyes. I liked his length of leg which gives him that degree of elegance not too often seen & which seems to be disappearing fast. Tail very short of furnishing & he tends to fly it a bit. Nonetheless he is a very handsome Collie.

East Anglian Collie Association – 31 July 2016 Championship Show    DCC / BOB / BIS
OD  1st Quince’s KARAFAYE BLACK QUILLAN haven't seen this dog look so well as he was today, standing like he owned the world in a new, glossy black jacket. It has taken awhile for maturity to bring out the best in him and now he will, I'm sure, reap the reward. Excellent quality and type all through. Head balanced, masculine, yet light with a smooth finish to muzzle and skull, dark, well placed eyes and good ears present a very pleasing expression. Excellent neck and topline with good angulation, well made body with good ribbing and chest. Attentive to handler and showing interest in proceedings he moved with soundness, grace and style, covering the ground with ease and keeping a well carried tail. Could not be denied his first CC and in full agreement with co-Judge, BOB, going on to BIS under Judge Mrs L Newman.   -  Dog Judge - Val Geddes
BIS - Quince’s Karafaye Black Quillan - A very handsome and mature male who came and conquered, he captured the ring with his presence, his coat gleaming in the sun and
standing four square, he was not to be overlooked. A clean and well moulded head of excellent balance, slight but perceptible stop, flat skull, pleasant eye and neat ears which
he used well. Adequate neck, front angulation and spring of rib, very fit and in superb condition, correct body proportions, well angulated rear and strong hindquarters, moved
so effortlessly and true from all angles keeping his topline intact and showing off the overall balance of a well constructed dog. He was very well handled and his coat was
immaculately clean and groomed to perfection.   -   BIS Judge Lene Newman

Darlington Championship Show  17th September 2016   Judge  Frank Kane

OD Best class of the day for depth of quality – 2nd Karafaye Black Quillan, 4 years tri, I preferred the head of this dog for stop & cleanness through the skull. He moves very well. Could have a little more definition over the croup & this just shows in his outline on the move. Pressed for RCC.

Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland 5th November 2016 Judge Mr D Houston

Open - 1 Quince’s Karafaye Black Quillan, 4 year old tri. Nice dark almond shaped eye & correct ear carriage creating a handsome expression. His coat black as coal with rich tan markings & lovely white collar with good reach of neck. Moved round the ring with ease with plenty of drive & well deserved winner on the day. Best Dog & RBOB.

Penrith   DCS open show 18/12/16      Eddie Webster
O 1 Quince's Karafaye Black Quillan, 4 year old male of good type, lovely head and eye, soundly constructed throughout, beautifully presented coat, moved out well but did not much up to the bitch.

Carlisle DCS open show  15.1.17  Tim Hutchings

O  1 & BOB Quince's Karafaye Black Quillan handsome dog with an excellent temperament. Very well angulated in front and behind. Head of good overall proportion with typical expression. Very good eye and well used ears. Presents a typical outline. Moved very well, especially in profile.     

East Anglian Collie Association Collie of the Year 2016 -  8 January 2017  Judges Pat Hutchinson and Mick Taylor

Semi-finalist through to the last 3 dogs and 4 bitches.

British Collie Club Rough Collie of the Year 2016 – 28 January 2017 Judges Liz Dunhill, Brenda Cooney and Audrey White

Males 2nd – Awarded Runner up Best Male

Birmingham National CH  6 May 2017  Judge Stuart Mallard

OD –  2nd Quince Karafaye Black Quillan, lovely make and shape to this tri lad, preferred head and general presence of winner, well muscled with useful hindquarters and a clean mover, well presented

Lancashire and Cheshire Collie Club CH   13 May 2017  Judge Mr G Hyde  OD – 3rd

Scottish Kennel Club CH 21 May 2017   Judge Fern Sargeant

OD -1st  Karafaye Black Quillan. Striking Tri colour very masculine, strongly built with head & body well balanced. Good arch of neck, length of back and tail, breadth of chest, spring of rib and angulations. Well moulded head, nicely tipped ears set on well arched neck. Strong parallel limbs, well muscled up and plenty of bone. Showed well and moved out particularly well with strength and drive.

Three Counties CH  8 June 2017  Judge Mrs E Peach  DCC

OD – 1st  Quince’s Karafaye Black Quillan, loved this charmer who so well constructed, with super head design & the most enquiring outlook, ears set on well & were used throughout the class. Ample neck, correct angulation front & rear. Good feet, super body condition & showed of his virtues to advantage Pleased to award him the CC, his second I am told. Best wishes for the next one.

National Working and Pastoral CH  15 July 2017  Judge Steve Barrett  OD – 4th

Leeds CH   22 July 2017   Judge Ros MacDonald   OD -3rd

East Anglian Collie Association CH   6th August 2017  Judge Brian House

OD – 2nd A class full of quality dogs.  A cracking Tri absolutely super shape presented in prime condition. Shown to perfection. Lovely head pattern not quite the sweetness of eye of winner. Movement was superb, hope he doesn’t have to wait to long to get his title.

East Anglian Collie Association CH   6th August 2017  - Barbara Blake Memorial Stakes - Winner.   Judge Stella Clark

Quince's Karafaye Black Quillan - What a stunning masculine tricolour dog. He ticked all my boxes as everything I like to see in a male Rough Collie was there. Most beautiful head, flat skull, correct stop, well rounded muzzle and good underjaw. Presented to perfection and shown in gleaming coat of good texture. Good front, well sprung ribs, deep chest, good hind angulation, strong hocks and well padded feet that enabled him to power round the ring with little effort. 

Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland -  Champ –          4th Nov 2017        Judge Heather Brotherton (Alauna)    Best Dog
Open Dog 1st – Karafaye Black Quillan – 5 year old dog I have admired from the ringside for many years he is a good sized masculine dog with a beautiful outline, has a beautifully balanced head, a dark eye of the correct shape, giving the desired expression, a nicely rounded muzzle, well used ears.  He is so well constructed he is a joy to go over, his body is so well toned and muscled, he has a super length of back, good depth of chest, good shoulder placement, a good reach of neck, well sprung ribs, slight rise over the loin, a good turn of stifle, well let down hocks and good feet which enabled him to move with drive whilst holding his top line as he moved effortlessly around the ring, his gleaming black coat was groomed to perfection and he was handled to perfection. Best Dog.

Working and Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales Champ –             April 2018      Judge Lene Newman
2nd Open - Quince’s Karafaye Black Quillan Tricolour in stunning condition and presented to perfection, clean well balanced head, good moulding of foreface and a pleasant expression, excellent ears, a little lacking in neck, strong body of good length and excellent substance, a little narrow in forechest, moves freely and effortlessly from all angles as his construction would suggest, jet black coat which was gleaming with health and vitality.

National Dog Show – Champ          May 2018             Judge Nick Smith 
Open Dog 2nd  - Quinces Karafaye Black Quillan -  6yrs old Tri, presented in excellent condition.  Not the flashiest of dogs, buy not much to dislike about him at all.  Nice head pattern of good length, well filled muzzle, nice under-jaw and good lip line.  Flat in back scull.  Well placed ears which he uses well.  Adequate amount of neck leading to body of good shape and balance.  Ample bone and nice feet.  Shown in excellent hard condition which showed in his movement which was steady and correct.

Scottish Collie Club – Champ               May 2018            Judge Kevin Young         DCC
1st Open - Quince Karafaye Black Quillan. Beautiful Tri male that really appealed to me.  So typical in head and expression to the breed standard. Lovely front and rear angulations to give front reaching and rear driving actions whilst maintaining a firm top line and good tail carriage.  Well deserved winning this class and CC I believe made him up on the day. DCC

EAST ANGLIAN COLLIE ASSOCIATION – August 2018  (CH) Judge Natalja Skalin
1st Champion Dog – CH Karafaye Black Quillan – 6yrs old Tri colour dog of excellent type.  Good bone and substance. Clean masculine head and good foreface.  Beautiful dark eyes and mild expression. Enough long neck and good topline.  Strong chest. Enough angulation in front. Well angulated behind. Balanced movement. Excellent Coat & Colour.

2nd Open Quince's Ch Karafaye BLack Quillan. 6 yr old tri. Another quality male, lovely head and expression, super mouth and underjaw, so well put together, stands on the best of legs and feet, would like more positive rear movement.

Open (3,1) 1 Quince's Ch Karafaye Black Quillan. I gave this lad his first RCC as a junior, and was so delighted that he attained his title last year. He is a splendid dog in so many ways, lovely masculine but not coarse head, great ears and foreface, correct stop and flat skull. Super size and substance, fabulous jet black coat, gleamingly presented. He moved freely round the ring. The CC winner just had the better front angulation and a slightly darker and more oblique shaped eye. But I was so pleased to award him the Reserve CC. A super day for this clever breeder! Congratulations! 

OD (10, 2) 1 Quince’s Ch Karafaye Black Quillan. Excellent tri with a lovely head, melting expression, good bone, moved with extension and drive, very well presented, a worthy champion. BIVB

Champion Dog  (2) 1 Quince’s Ch. Karafaye Black Quillan. 8 yrs. tri, wearing his age well. Good head with lovely, kind expression. Well presented coat of good colour and texture. Mature, with good depth of chest and spring of rib, good body proportions, still with plenty of muscle tone allowing free easy movement. His tail is correctly set, but he was enjoying his day so much he was carrying it a little high in the challenge. RCC/BVIB.

SCOTTISH KENNEL CLUB - AUGUST – 2019 Judge (CH) Sigurd Wilburg  
Veteran 2 Quince ‘S Ch Karafaye Black Quillan. Another first-class dog of excellent type which is in excellent condition for age. He is well constructed with a good topline and he moved we. I did, however, preferred the neck and presence of the winner. 



Sire - Corydon Winds of Victory x Dam – Corydon La Fayvorita Avec Karafaye Sh CM
DOB : 10.04.15 MDR = +/+ - Clinically Eye Clear

LKA Championship Show 12th December 2015  Judge Steve Barrett
MPB – 1st Karafaye Black Beauty  Aptly named 8 months old, lovely eye and expression and moulded foreface with slight stop, neat ears, good underjaw, neck and front pleasing outline, jet black coat that shone and rich tanning, moved well.

Carlisle DCS open show  3/1/16
G 1 Quince's Karafaye Black Beauty, 8 months old tri coloured female very promising sound throughout nicely balanced head and sweet expression.

Northumberland and Durham Collie Club – Open Show 25th January 2016 Judge Maxine Mellish  BPIS
PB 1st Quince’s Karafaye Black Beauty; 9 month old tri presented in immaculate condition. Fabulous head and expression, flat skull, ears right on top and used non-stop. Tight lip line, super underjaw, very nicely balanced head with well-filled rounded muzzle. Super length and arch of neck, good length of back and loin, Good deep chest, excellent shoulder placement for one so young. Ample bone and substance, very pleasing overall make and shape. Covered the ground easily, very sound on the move. Confident and showed non-stop. Delighted to award her BEST PUPPY BITCH & BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.

Crufts  12th March 2016  Judge Rough Collie Bitches - Mr G Francis
PB 3rd Karafaye Black Beauty Tri balanced head with ears right on top, good reach of neck leading into straight front, nice bone, good spring of rib with a good overall body shape, in nice condition, moved well.

Yorkshire Collie Club Ch Show - September 2016 - Judge Mr Nick Smith
Quinces Karafaye Black Beauty What a beauty this 14 mth tri is. Completely balanced throughout, with plenty of substance to do a day’s work. Clean head of good length, expressive eyes and well placed ears. Good neck and excelling in angulations front and rear. Nice amount of bone and good tight feet. Shown in gleaming hard condition with a jet black coat. Her movement was excellent with plenty of drive from behind. Still just a fraction high on the rear, but this was minor to the rest of her qualities. Was in my consideration for top honours and I can see her having a bright future.

Darlington Championship Show  17th September 2016   Judge  Frank Kane
JB – 2nd Karafaye Black Beauty, 17 months tri, another good mover from this exhibitor. Good head marred by her eye which could be a shade darker. I’d prefer a little more definition through croup, full of quality, correct balance, good coat & colour.

Penrith   DCS open show 18/12/16      Eddie Webster
G 1 Quince's Karafaye Black Beauty, 20 month tri bitch of very good quality, very pleasing in outline, lovely head with eyes of good colour and shape giving gentle expression, ears set well, good length of neck and well placed shoulders, firm topline, very good rear angulation, good bone and feet, deep in chest and nicely ribbed, shown in dense well presented coat, moved well with good reach and drive. BOB.

Carlisle DCS open show  15.1.17  Tim Hutchings
G  1 Quince's Karafaye Black Beauty pleasing head and expression, good overall balance, complementary angles both ends. Showed extremely well and covered the ground well on the move.

East Anglian Collie Association CH   6th August 2017  Judge Stella Clark

Graduate Bitch...
1st Quince's Karafaye Black Beauty - another lovely bitch to be pipped at the post. Most beautiful head and expression, neat ears. Lovely neck and good lay back of shoulder. Good front. Deep chest, well sprung ribs. Liked everything about her, she was gleaming with health and vitality and am sure she will always do well.

National Dog Show – Champ        May 2018               Judge Nick Smith              Bitch CC & BOB
PGB 1st: QUINCE Mrs L Karafaye Black Beauty.  My star of the day. I first judged her as a junior and she was close that day, but just lacked the maturity. But today she had everything I was looking for. She is not the flashiest, but she is so correct. Her head is clean and well balanced, just enough stop and correct eye placement. Flat in back skull and perfectly placed ears, which she used non stop, to give that true collie expression. She has enough neck set correctly into perfect front angles. Ribs well sprung and of good length. Strong in loin and perfectly constructed hind quarters, which are so well muscled. Her coat is jet black, of correct texture and enhances her shape. Her movement from all angles is excellent, but she has fantastic drive from the rear. There was no doubt that in the challenge, watching her flow round the ring that she was the one to send through to the group. CC & BOB.

CARLISLE & DCS - August 2018  (Open) Judge Ray Wilkinson 
1st  & B.O.B. Quince's Karafaye Black Beauty. 3 year old tri coloured bitch sound well balanced nice temperament sweet expression well placed ears body of good length with firm back, deep chested with well sprung ribs, nice action in movement.

WELSH KENNEL CLUB – August 2018 (CH) Judge Val Geddes
Limit – 2nd  Quince Karafaye Black Beauty 3yr tri in excellent coat and condition who showed very well. Very sweet, feminine head with good fill and balance, neat ears and well placed eyes with good expression. Very good neck and topline, though longer in loin, nicely angulated and let down and with excellent substance, moved out sound and free.

Open – 2nd  Quince’s Karafaye Black Beauty 3 yr old tri, she too excelled in breed type, typical head with dark eye and good bite, so well put together, correct topline and croup, she held her shape well on the move, excellent coat texture and presentation. My Res Best Bitch

PENRITH & DCS Dec 2018 (Open) Judge Helen Burke
Open (3,1) 1 Quince's Karafaye Black Beauty - Stylish bitch  with correct wedge shaped head.  Well carried ears.  Correct eye colour.  Well arched neck leading to  good shoulders. Good depth of chest. Enough bone, strong well muscled hind  quarters.  Well carried tail, Excellent coat moved well. BOB 

LB (17, 3) 1 Quince’s Karafaye Black Beauty. Lovely balanced head on a well arched neck, gave this tri a super outline, moved so well, very well presented

CARLISLE & DCS  July 2019 (Open)  Judge Peter Matfin (Ashlantie)
Open (4) 1 Quince. Karafaye Black Beauty. A 4 yr old bitch of excellent qualities, she had a lovely feminine head correct eye and ear set, nice reach of neck, good shoulders, correct top line, her hind quarters well muscled at the thighs and her hocks well let down, sound throughout, her movement was true to the breed, I was 100% pleased with the overall picture. BOB & Group 1. 

EAST ANGLIAN COLLIE ASSOCIATION August 2019  (CH) Judge Maxine Mellish
MID LB (7:1) 1 Quince’s Karafaye Black Beauty. Quality 4 year old tri bitch, whom I last judged as a puppy. She’s matured into a lovely girl, with a nicely balanced head, good ear set, flat skull, super under jaw, blunt wedge and nicely rounded muzzle. I would have preferred a darker eye colour, however, the placement and shape were just right, giving a feminine expression. Good crest and length of neck, back and loin. Superb, firm topline which she held on the move. Correct shoulder angles, upper arm, depth and spring of rib. Good bone and substance, but light on the move. Presented immaculately; luxurious glossy black coat, gleaming whites and rich tan markings.

SCOTTISH KENNEL CLUB  - August – 2019 Judge (CH) Sigurd Wilburg   RCC
Limit -  1st Quince’s Karafaye Black Beauty. Here was the bitch challenger which was immaculately presented. She had a nice head and she kept telling me that she was there to win. Her neck was aristocratic, and she had an excellent front. She was well constructed with strong quarters. I was amazed about what happened when I asked Black Beauty to move. It was as if she changed gear, lifted herself up and pulled out all stops. I could hardly believe it when I saw her dancing around the ring as a ballerina. That’s how she won the RCC.


Lancashire and Cheshire Collie Club – Open.      October 2017        Judge Paula Wilson (Valleyhaven)
1st Veteran Bitch, Best Bitch, Best of Breed, Best Veteran in Show, Reserve Best in Show.
Corydon La Fayvorita Avec Karafaye Sh CM  -  8 yr shaded sable I loved this girl the minute she came into the ring she stood alone in her class but this didn’t this detract at all from her quality, she stood with great dignity and beauty really filling the eye, lovely classic head with perceptible stop, dark almond eye well placed and ears used well and to her advantage adding to her lovely expression, well arched neck of good length into well angulated shoulder with strong straight legs and neat tight feet, good brisket and spring and depth of rib, length of back with well bent stifle and short strong hocks, she is so well balanced in every way, she moved out strong and true belying her age and keeping a level topline. Excellent presentation her in great condition, I was so pleased to award her top honours in the breed and to see her go RBiS.


East Anglian Collie Association  CH  18 April 2021  Judge Anne Smith (Tentola)
Yearling Bitch (8)  3rd Quinces  - Thistlewing Celtic Soul for Karafaye

East Anglian Collie Association  Open  18 April 2021  Judge Penny Forster Cooper (Sheltysham)
Yearling Bitch (5) 2nd – Thistlewing Celtic Soul for Karafaye – Another very nice youngster. Good head and expression. Good shoulders and depth of chest. Hindquarters ok but movement a little unsettled.

East Anglian Collie Association  CH  18 April 2021  Judge Mike Taylor
The Barbara Blake Memorial Stakes
Winner - Quinces - Thistlewing Celtic Soul for Karafaye – Well balanced all through with attractive feminine head, nice eye, well set and carried ears. Noticeable arch to neck, straight front, good shoulder angulation.  Well ribbed for age, nicely coated, good on the move.

East of England CH     11 July 2021     Judge Nick Smith (Tentola)
Yearling Bitch (4,1)  1st  - Quinces - Thistlewing Celtic Soul for Karafaye.  She left her clothes at home but did not detract from the quality she has. Clean head, well placed eyes giving desirable expression.  Perfectly set and used ears and flat in back skull.  Good reach of neck and body that is firm and well angulated.  Moved freely round the ring.  She still needs to mature but should have a bright future.

Blackpool CH    22 August 2021  Judge Sue Hawkins (Brilyn)
Yearling Bitch (5,1)  1st - Quinces  - Thistlewing Celtic Soul for Karafaye.  This young lady was lacking coat today but this only served to enhance her wonderful outline. Long arched neck and level topline leading down to long tail. Good body with strong legs and feet allowing her to move with drive. Her head is clean with correct slight stop and a great expression.  I look forward to seeing her when back in coat.

Scottish Kennel Club   2 October 2021  Judge Mrs S Bird  (show 1)
Graduate Bitch (6) 1st - Quinces  - Thistlewing Celtic Soul for Karafaye
Another bitch, not hugely coated so couldn’t hide her lovely overall shape, feminine blunt wedge shaped head with slightly obliquely set almond eyes, small Neat ears with nice width between, moderately arched neck leading into well placed shoulders, ribs well sprung and good depth of chest back firm, slight rise over the loin with well muscled and angulated hindquarters, hocks firm, steady easy movement with good ground covering gait.

Scottish Kennel Club   2 October 2021   Judge Mr G J Gray  (show 2)
Graduate Bitch (6)  2nd -  Quinces  - Thistlewing Celtic Soul for Karafaye sable & white.  Lovely head and expression, nice open eye of almond shape, she was well balanced throughout albeit a shade steep in the upper arm which didn’t afford her the forward reach of the winner.  Well balanced, good height to length proportions, strong hindquarters, sound both ways. Steady gait.

Collie Association CH Show 28th November 2021 Judge Tracey Wilkinson RCC
GB (11/4) Quince’s Thistlewing Celtic Soul For Karafaye I really liked this honest bitch balanced head nice eye and expression when she used her ears. I liked Her size and balanced shape. Well arched neck and moved well, was delighted to award the RCC.