Gerian Sunfrosting
Ch Beldones Black Illusion x Be First Arctic Light at Gerian (Imp Ukr)

BPIB Leeds Ch Show - July 2017
Very sadly lost this young lady 9th February 2021


Gerian Sunribbons
I Am Fantastic du Bois des Amazones for Corisian x Gerian Suncaress



Imperial Des Beldones at Gerian (Imp Fra) - Duke'
Ch Fr Viking Des Marcages Du Prince x Dolce VIta Des Beldones
DOB 17/3/2013
Crufts 2015 - 1st Yearling Dog - Judges critique
McEntee’s Imperial Des Beldones At Gerian. This super class was headed by this 23mth old s/w. This dog excels for breed type, shape and outline. Well balanced head, correct eye size shape and placement, neat well used ears giving sweet expression and good underjaw. Good reach of neck and shoulder angulation, good depth of chest and spring of rib. Well developed quarters enabling him to move with drive. Kept his outline standing and moving. A quality dog who must have a big future.



Gerian Sunpoppet
Beldones The Real Deal x Gerian Sunpassion



Gerian Sunconnection - 'Spike'
I am Fantastic Du Bois Des Amazones for Corisian x Gerian Suncaress
Above April 2017 - BPIS - Northumberland and Durham CC Ch Show


Beleg The Elf Of The Wood
Multi Ch. More and More Della Buca Delle Fate x Multi Ch. Kassiopea Queen Of The Sky Dei Gherardini

Best Baby at ENE France 2017
Above September 2017 - aged 10 months


Impules des Beldones - 'Mia'
Int Ch Viking Des Marecages Du Prince x Dolcevita Des Beldones


Gerian Sunpassion - 'Sienna'
Int.Fr Ch Robbie Williams From Samhaven x Gerian Suncherish
Chantique Sugarbabe for Gerian - 'Shannon'
Fahrenheit Adsolute of Lowlands Green Valley x Chantique Simply Dreamy



Gerian Sundiamond - 'Simba'
Int Fr.Ch. Samhaven Robbie Williams from x Gerian Suncherish

Gerian Black Stockings
Gerian Hello Handsome x Amalie Black Sensation for Gerian
Gerian Hello Handsome
Emryks Lots O'Love to Aaronwell x Gerian Latest Crystal

Gerian Scarlet O'Hara
Gerian Latest Flame x Ch. Gerian Sunkissed
Gerian Sunpure
Gerian Sunset x Ch Gerian Sunsilk

Gerian Sunsparkle
Ch. Harper's Field Xeltic Lord of the Dance at Gerian x Ch Gerian Sunsilk
Gerian Sunblush
Gerian Sunset x Gerian Black Stockings


Gerian Sunbonnet
Gerian Sunset x Ch Gerian Sunsilk
Gerian Sunburnt
Gerian Sunset x Gerian Black Stockings
Gerian Latest Flame
Brettonpark Latest Love at Pelido x Gerian Love at First Sight

Gerian Sunlover
Amalie Exotic Lover x Keikosands Sundream from Gerian
Gerian Sunset
Geosan Flashback at Mallicot x Ch Gerian Sunshine

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