My husband and I are semi-retired farmers. We currently raise and show Pedigree Hereford Cattle for pleasure after having a life time of raising Pedigree Arabians, Shire Draft Horses and Hereford Cattle in Canada for a living.

My dream dog was the Rough Collie having been around them on Canadian farms in the 50's. We called them back then The Scotch Collie. Of course now in later life, having come to live in Scotland where my generational roots are from, my excitement grew because I thought ( in error) that there would be no better place to acquire my dream dog, then from what I had been told was their original country. What a shock. When I went looking for a quality female pup, little did I know how rare they were, especially in Scotland. After a long search and wait, I got my first girl in 2014, Lynmack Bed of Roses from Linda McCormick, having travelled to Mercyside to pick her up. She is all I ever dreamed of and my constant shadow and although we have two other farm dogs (not Rough Collies), I feel it is imperative to keep this special breed alive.

We were persuaded to show the following spring and although we only did one show, Rosie did well. We realised the time commitment and distance to shows from the North East of Scotland would not fit in to our lifestyle as we show Cattle and cannot do them both at the same time. With this in mind, we are not a show kennel and at this point in time we only have one animal- Rosie.

We have recently travelled to South Lanarkshire and mated Rosie to another male from the Lynmack breeding program. We hope there will be at least one quality female that we can retain. It is our hope to replace our other farm dogs with Rough Collies who we hope to train as working dogs. (the farm dogs are very old but very healthy). We dream of adding to the Rough Collie population in an area of the country where there are very few. Seems to me like education and promotion is greatly needed in our Aberdeenshire area. My husband Andrew and I may show in the future, but we firmly believe these terrific animals are so much more than that. So time is against us now as we are up in years but as long as we are able we hope to increase our kennel lineup. We hope the name Cowlair will do the Rough Collie proud. Every great dream has a small beginning.


Lynmack Bed of Roses at Cowlair
DOB 20.5.2014
Lynmack Thunderstruck x Rosschell Precious Lace at Lynmack


Puppies due from a mating with

Update - Born January 22, 2017
4 females and 3 males - all puppies have been reserved

Our dear Rosie is a wonderful mom and is doing really well with them all.

Marie Bayliss

Strichen, Fraserburgh,
Aberdeenshire, AB43 6SE

Telephone: 01771-637948
mobile: 07462-799749