Although I grew up with Shetland Sheepdogs I always wanted a Rough Collie. For several years what with working commitments and living in rented accommodation it wasn't possible to have a pet of any kind. Things happened and as luck would have it my brother, whilst looking for a Shetland Sheepdog breeder, came across Mr & Mrs Unsworth [Dorndek Rough Collies] in Astley, Manchester, who had for sale 2 Rough Collie Blue Merle's, one male and one female. He bought the male and they told me about the bitch they had. That was it, once I saw her I knew she was mine. That was 11 years ago and Connie came home with us.

The love of the breed began......

Dorndek Delta at Dawn - 'Connie'
Dorndek Dusky Del x Karava Kimberly at Dorndek

It was a very special day when I brought home Connie, she was 10 weeks old and she was my first Blue Merle bitch.  We have never looked back since, from the moment I saw her we got the Collie bug and we still have, once you’ve got it, it stays with you for life!!..  Connie Onnie and Conniefour were her nicknames and she turned out to be just a delightful animal she immediately became one of the family. To me I am sure she was part human, as with many dogs she began to understand words but as she she got older she began to understand when we spelt out a word letter by letter [eg. W.A.L.K.] rather than saying the whole word, she could have got a job at MI5!!  She was extremely intelligent, had the most super temperament, an excellent companion, a very loving dog, so unique and so very very special. She never complained (I know she can’t speak) but she never cried or whinged, she took everything in her stride, she was so amazing with young children, I could go on and on about her, praising her abilities/kindness/how affectionate she was, lets just say she was one in a million.   She had a tough little life, she was a fighter and never gave in whatever problems/illnesses she had but sadly in August 2010, after undergoing another operation her heart finally stopped beating and she died in her sleep. She broke my heart. Connie was one of a kind and I will never ever forget her, she has left a very big hole in my life but I am so grateful for the time we shared together, she was my baby and I will treasure our memories forever, they were unforgettable. I still have tears in my eyes when I think of her to this day...

Soroko Bonnie Lass - 'Maisie'
Lynaire The Blacksmith x Soroko Satin Shimmer
After a year or so, I thought Connie needed a playmate so in 2004 my quest for a Tricolour bitch began. After some searching I found the Soroko kennels in Edinburgh and I brought home Maisie. Maisie Daisy Do (her nickname) is just like a big Teddy Bear, big brown eyes, loves having big bear hugs, she is the boss out of my girls and keeps everyone inline, including me and Tom!! Maisie loves to play with the ball and the frisbee, she just loves life in general, she is a very happy girl and is a pure delight to have around.  She has a beautiful nature, very loving and is an adorable little girl...well she's not so little any more but don’t tell Maisie, she still thinks she is a puppy..She also loves to eat ice-cream, Vanilla is her favourite...

Tiganlea Look Who's Talking - 'Hattie'
Tiganlea Double Top x Tiganlea Pillow Talk
Knowing the breed came in three colours, in 2005, I decided I needed a Sable and White bitch so I bought Hattie, (her nicknames are Tats,Tattie Mouse and Mousy).  She came from the Tiganlea Kennels.  She loves to do agility, she is very soft and she to has a lovely nature. She loves to play with a ball on a rope and loves any soft squeeky toy. She has the most amazing coloured coat, a lovely shaded sable. My pack was complete with 3 or so I thought.....

Tiganlea Past Time For Aldredelie - 'Georgie'
Tiganlea Thrilling x Tiganlea This Time
In 2007, I decided as 3 was an odd number I needed to add another to make it 4.. So I bought another Tricolour bitch, Tom called her Georgie. (Her nickname is Rina) She loves nothing more than to have a conversation with you (well I know she can't speak) but she makes a lot of noise like she is talking.  She likes to join in your conversation when you are on the phone so we put the phone to her ear and she talks into the phone...Are we mad or what?... She just loves to run and chase rabbits/squirrels, she is a very fit dog and she has in the past produced some amazing puppies, she was a great mum, very gentle and kind.

Cara Moi Chroi to Aldredelie - 'Rosie'
Saheltra Snog in the Fog x Lynaire Misty Morn

After losing Connie, I wanted another Blue Merle bitch, these are rare I know and really hard to find but after a long wait and out of the blue (forgive the pun) Michelle Davies, from the Rosschell Kennel contacted me, she had a blue bitch for sale, I jumped at the chance and brought home Rosie.  Her nicknames are Rosy Posy Pudding and Pie, Pud, Posy  She is just ace, very loving, adorable, very very affectionate and has an amazing temperament. A lovely looking dog, she has the most amazing coat, a very nicely marked Blue Merle. She loves nothing more than to do nose dives on the sofa’s and if you will let her she will kiss you to death. Everyone who comes to visit us just fall in love with Posy and they all want to take her home with them...You will too..She has produced some fantastic puppies, they all inherited her sound temperament and good looks!! Her blues have been really nicely marked in the past, her tri-colours are all super soft and all jet black in colour.


Aldredelie 's Angel Dust - 'Peggy'
Ch Prince of Sunlight Zorion x Tiganlea Past Time for Aldredelie
'Aldredelie Le Paris Bleu' - Wallis
Lynaire She's a Devil x Cara Moi Chroi to Aldredelie
Peggy is a home bred girl, her nicknames are Peggy Pooper, Pegs  or Pooper (its not because she poops a lot, I have no idea why I call her this to honest) she doesn’t mind, she loves it nonetheless, although she just loves to run, she is like my shadow, follows me everywhere, she is so affectionate, very loyal, a great companion and very obedient. She had her first litter September 2014 and has took to motherhood no problem, she has always in the past adored being around new puppies and she has been such a perfect mum to her puppies.
Wallis, she is Posy’s daughter and as she was the only Blue bitch in Posy’s first litter, I just had to keep her.  She has one pure blue eye and was a very pretty puppy. Wallis just loves everyone and everything, I am so pleased with her, she is just a pleasure to have around the place. She loves to chase rabbits/squirrels in the woods, always on a mission to get one for her breakfast…

I decided, after lots of reading and speaking to other breeders that I would like to start breeding for myself so I applied to the Kennel Club and was given my first choice of Affix "Aldredelie". So in 2008 Aldredelie Rough Collies was born and I haven't looked back since. I just love it.

All my girls live in the house with us and we are all one big happy family (Most of the time!) They are walked in the woods every day come rain/hail/snow/ or shine and all are perfect (sometimes!!) family pets.  We take them on holiday with us and they just love it, we all just the best time ever. I just love being around Collies, they are the only breed for me.

I love bringing new puppies into the world and I love rearing them. All my puppies are home reared by me, they are raised in our home, they are showered with lots of love and attention, they get used to all the usual household noises and are well socialized with other dogs.  I like to believe I give them the best start in life…

Typical Aldredelie puppies......


Karen Gaffey
Telephone: 07980 254799
Alderley Edge, Cheshire

Breeders Licence Ref: CE/DB11/29062022